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Brazilian Days (180): June 29

Brazilian Days 180

June 29




Dia da Telefonista (Operator).
Dia do Papa (Pope).
Dia do Pescador (Fisherman).


1920 The notorious bandit Lampião joins the Cangaço gang with the intention to seek revenge for his murdered father. 450 more words


Building TEMS partnerships at the FBI

My SA/TEMS Operator friends at the FBI.

So many great assets here to enhance our partnerships with the FBI.

Trust me, I have first-hand experience – I can tell you they are a GREAT crew to work with!


Operator Fitness

There is much hullabaloo, (I know, I can’t believe I used that word either) these days over being Special Forces Operators and how to keep them fit to fight. 621 more words


Little Write Lies, Vaults Festival 2015

Little Write Lies, The Vaults Festival 2015

Written in rapid response to Yve Blake’s ‘Lie Collector‘, Little Write Lies took place at the Vaults Festival… 100 more words

The Bugs


B-U-G-S. It is bugs. I am living with bugs. They are on the bed, on the sheets and they attack my arm, my leg, even my hair. 118 more words

My Writing

Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART II]

Finally, he voiced and tell me that I was honestly person and say that I really want jobs. So we all ending our interview with thankful. 391 more words

Happy 'Pick on Kimberly Day'

Today must have been Pick on Kimberly Day. It just seemed like everyone was out to be rotten to me. It started shortly after I arrived at work and asked to fill in on a ride. 328 more words