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Hell, I fall in love with everyone;

one slow-blurred movement, and I am anybody’s.

A world of pastel wash, across a scurrying blackness,

and words layered upon themselves, 127 more words

Even More Eye

Yesterday’s visit with the cornea surgeon went well.  The “divot” made in my eye is healing well and the doctor removed the bandage contact lens.  There was still a little bit of “rust ring” on my eyeball and this time, the doctor scraped it off with some other instrument (besides the burr) that was much less flinch inducing. 112 more words

More eye

The cornea surgeon, after examining my eye, decided the best treatment would be to numb my eye and use a burr to remove the remaining debris laden cornea tissue.  88 more words

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday afternoon I was raking leaves up in the back yard.

I went to bed that night and everything was fine.

I woke up Wednesday morning and my left eye was extremely irritated.  286 more words

Case of Retrobulbar Neuritis

I am aware that this probably isn’t the best idea of a starter-pack case but Neuro – Ophthalmology has always held a soft spot and I thought I’d start with it. 965 more words


The three O's of eye care - PaulaTheOptician

I want to take a few minutes to explain the three O’s of eyecare.  I talk to so many people who get them confused.  I can not tell you how many times, over the course of my career, I have been called an obstetrician.  1,045 more words

Eyecare Information

Quantifying my eyesight.

I don’t talk about medical appointments much lately. After blogging for almost six years, how many times can I write about going to see the doctor? 363 more words