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A Curious Affliction Among WWII Pilots Led to This Medical Discovery

Harold Ridley was an ophthalmologist treating the eye injuries of British fighter pilots during World War II, when he noticed an odd similarity between those injuries.

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Remote-I: connecting science and sight in remote communities

We can thank high speed internet for many things: the social media revolution, streaming services like Netflix and iView, and a never ending supply of cat videos on YouTube. 565 more words


8 Things Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health

Ophthalmologists look into your body in a way no other doctor can, giving them surprising insights into what’s going on. 1,441 more words


Forced Vacation

First day of summer vacation over here and the kids are enjoying being together.  It’s the honeymoon phase and I hope it lasts and lasts.  They are playing “Amoeba”, each in their sleeping bag, “eating” stuffed animals (followed by the requisite “pooping” of animals out the side zipper, of course), and occasionally “shedding” of the skin to make offerings to the Queen Amoeba.   848 more words



Two days since I quit practice and I already have patients calling me up to ask why. They want me to look at their test results, to advise them about their therapy plans and so on because they aren’t satisfied with “the new guy”. 50 more words


Littleton Ophthalmologist: What You Should Do Before Eyelid Surgery

As the years pass, your eyesight will not be as good as it was when you were younger. While age does affect the clarity of your vision, there are certain external factors that can also hinder your ability to see clearly. 74 more words