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When the Days are a Blur

This happened:

Woo hoo!

The rest of the days are a bit of a blur, as Vivian has been up most nights with stomach pain, from what we can tell. 625 more words



As usual I spent this morning at my therapy groups but today was a little slow since one of my counselors didn’t show up.  So since I really don’t like the other counselor because she talks about healthy eating and the other group was specifically meant for addicts only so I spent the majority of the morning on the computer saving music videos to my Youtube account.   201 more words

Taking Isaac to the Ophthalmologist

When Isaac came into my care, I learned that he has been wearing glasses since he was very little.

He was involved in a chemical accident that rendered his hair to turn color permanently and his eyes change to the lovely shade of pink that it is today. 210 more words

St. Michael's Orphanage

Littleton Ophthalmologist: How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Talk to your doctor about the nutritious food you can eat to promote eye health, and always use protective items like sunglasses, safety goggles, and eye creams with sunblock when they’re needed. 59 more words


Provo Eye Center, B5 Marketing

Spring is Here!

And I love it, the trees are blooming, the foothills are starting to get some color and the Runnin’ Utes are in the sweet 16! 472 more words



I got a new job! I am now, officially,  an Ophthalmic Technician in training. Full-time employment! Finally, predictable hours and paychecks! (So many exclamation marks!) Plus, I get to wear scrubs. 97 more words