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Eye Pain - Is It an Emergency? (Part 1 of 2)

There are many causes of eye pain and visual loss. I would like for you to be familiar with the most common causes, know what treatment to use in the field, and know when it’s an emergency. 670 more words


What to Believe...?

After my accident, I was resolutely positive that my injuries were temporary.  Doubt never even entered into the picture, and in spite of any pain or discomfort, it always felt as if I were walking in sunshine, without a cloud in the sky. 920 more words

Head Injury

Foreign Object in the Eye? Consult an Ophthalmologist

Any substance like wood chip, dust particle, insect, tiny piece of wood that gets into the eye qualifies to be an alien substance. These substances are normally found on the surface of the eye or under the eyelid. 474 more words

Keeping My EYE on the Prize!

Amanda Davidson – Phoenix Phantomz, Women’s Semi-Pro Tackle Football

I had my sight set on winning a championship, I didn’t foresee what would happen if I lost my vision, literally… Here I am coming off an all-star season and working towards topping that season this year with a new coaching staff in place and load of new talent on the roster, we were in great position to claim the IWFL tittle.  622 more words

Elite 1

Differences Between an Optometrist, an Ophthalmologist and an Optician

Finding an eye doctor you would trust your sight to is an important decision to make. However, your decision would, first and foremost, depend on the kind of eye care that you need. 95 more words

I See Freedom Around The Corner

I want to start off my post by wishing all the amazing mothers out there a

Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

Being a mother is a very difficult 24/7 job that hands out no paychecks, but it’s one of the most precious jobs that we have in our society. 1,005 more words


With the rise of modern equipment and newer innovations in the mobile and computer world, eye care was left struggling to keep up ten years ago. 601 more words