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Two days since I quit practice and I already have patients calling me up to ask why. They want me to look at their test results, to advise them about their therapy plans and so on because they aren’t satisfied with “the new guy”. 50 more words


Littleton Ophthalmologist: What You Should Do Before Eyelid Surgery

As the years pass, your eyesight will not be as good as it was when you were younger. While age does affect the clarity of your vision, there are certain external factors that can also hinder your ability to see clearly. 74 more words


Reality Check

One month ago I woke up unable to see.  My son took me to the emergency room here in Lynchburg;  I later asked him how he found it because this is not an easy city to navigate and I barely remember the trip.  581 more words

Floaters and Flashers in Simple Terms

Several years ago I experienced a sudden spate of floaters and flashers in my eyes.  I was immediately sent to an ophthalmologist who checked my eyes thoroughly, assured me the floaters and flashers were normal signs of (sigh) aging, and explained what they were.  524 more words

I Can See Clearly Now

There have been times when I’ve wanted to write a post about something, but a little voice whispered that it might be best to noodle it around a bit before committing ink to paper (or font to screen, or idea to the webernet or whatever the comparison du jour might be). 1,640 more words



As readers of this blog know by now, I suddenly lost vision in both eyes a few weeks ago due to acute closed-angle glaucoma.  The week before I had been in Colorado hiking the Flatirons near Boulder, exploring Leadvile (today’s Jeopardy “practice” question is…What is the highest incorporated city in the United States?), and seeing the amazing rock formations at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  674 more words

What you need to know about Vision Therapy - Before you pay the big $$$

There are many LD families who have undergone testing with Dr. Neufeld or one of the many other optometrists in Calgary specializing in Vision Th… 627 more words