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Impending appointment

I’ve got a check-up appointment at Moorfields on Monday.  These appointments always feel like a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, it’s always good to get my eyes checked and a huge relief to be told that things are as okay as they can be for now.  878 more words

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Are there any other complications to be concerned about?

When it comes to Cataract surgery complications, there can be some that range from minor eye inflammation to destructive vision loss. Thankfully the risk of severe vision loss is quite rare. 192 more words

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90 days of recovery

I had an eye operation last May 6 due to a juvenile cataract. Now, I’m still recovering even though it has been two months already. These past week my right eye is still itchy and reddish at times. 133 more words

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How does an IOL become dislocated?

When the eye surgeon, the ophthalmologist, performs a cataract surgery, they place the intraocular lens inside the “capsular bag.” This capsular bag contains the cloudy natural lens; the cataract of the eye. 233 more words

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Stitched up

This week I once again trekked up to what is rapidly becoming my second home in Surrey for another pressure check at the hospital there.  My mum’s dog was delighted to see me.  791 more words

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Differences Between the Roles of an Optometrist and an Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists and optometrists are health professionals who treat vision problems and prescribe appropriate lenses. Which profession does what, however, and how do we know who to see? 103 more words