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In cat school drama class, today we have Miss Opie performing as Lady Macbeth in Macbeth. Opie, Zeke, and Marigold reprise their roles as the witches in the opening of Macbeth. 88 more words


Reflections in a golden eye

“Reflections in a golden eye”, which will be shortened next time to “Reflections”, is a new series of picture posts drawn from a large collection of photographs which were not posted for some reason or another.   78 more words


Wordless Wednesday Imax?

On Wordless Wednesday I present my two cats Zeke and Opie at various rotation angles, sharing a cat bed. In the summertime they do not sleep here together, but now I see them together signalling a season change. 7 more words


TV Theme Friday: 'The Andy Griffith Show'

When you start whistling the theme song to this show, it only takes seconds before people know what it is.

Maybe that’s because reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show” have been on TV almost non-stop since the series first started back in 1960. 60 more words


Scooby the cat's first week home

Scooby was standing in his cage looking at me when I came to pick him up. The adoption lady was 15 minutes late arriving, which made me anxious. 792 more words


Foggy October Morning in the Catio

It is a typical foggy October morning here in the Pacific Northwest. I sit at the computer drinking my morning cuppa Joe. I remember when we were complaining about all the sunshine and the extreme heat! 156 more words