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Pairing off for nap-time on Wordless Wednesday

The cats pair off for nap-time–girls together, and boys together in different rooms.  Peace reigns–except the big wound Opie inflicted on Scooby’s nose!  He cannot seem to keep it out of Opie’s business.  98 more words


We're in Yokohama next week: visit us at OPIE'17

Elliot Scientific is demonstrating Optical Tweezers and our range of precision positioning systems – from ultra-small slides to the Elliot Gold Series XYZ Flexure Stages – at… 66 more words


Happy Birthday Opie (7)!

Happy birthday Opie! You are 7 years old now! How the time flies! I remember when you were just a tiny little thing. Here are some things about Opie people may not know or may have overlooked! 147 more words


Cats around the house

So, what are we doing today? I think I got a case of “cat block”. I have not been testing out new foods or toys on the cats. 237 more words


The Real King of Isabelle Avenue

We moved to Isabelle Avenue sometime in 1964. It was Pops and Mom and Max and me. Max was just a baby and my memories of that time are faint – images of Grandma and Grandpa’s house just down the street, some older girls knocking on our door asking if they could use Max as their pretend baby doll while they played house, and me meeting my very first friend. 1,306 more words

Isabelle Avenue

Snow (the third day)

Yesterday was the third day of the snow storm. I documented the cats’ activity and post it for you all today. Thousands are STILL without power, because many falling trees knocked down the power lines. 120 more words