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Julian Opie: Further expanding my knowledge of artists

Julian Opie is someone I was surprisingly familiar with, the style but not the person, I had seem Opie’s work in many places around the internet, I like the work but being the bad creative I am I didn’t do any research into who made the pieces . 87 more words

Opie and Jim move to 3pm on Sirius XM

First of all, I am baffled at this move as Opie has his own channel. Second, bwahahahaha. I think there has been a steep ratings decline on the show. 160 more words

Reflections 8

Reflections is my series of photographs which were not posted, or posted and not viewed, or from my old deleted Blogger blog. Scooby was not present at the time the photos below were taken. 55 more words


Fun in the tree

Fun outside in the tree pretty well sums it all up for today. Zeke never goes outside under any circumstances, so he is not shown here. 44 more words


Reflections 7

“Reflections” is my series of cat photographs that were never published, or published on posts that were never viewed, and later deleted, or only appeared on my now deleted Blogger blog. 126 more words