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Cats in boxes

I missed “cat in a box” day, I believe, if that is a thing, but here they are today.

More photos follow:


June Favourites!

Hey Guys!

Happy July! Not much of a summer out there at the moment is it? Hopefully the weather will pick up soon!! (The Rain doesnt stop this little Fella he loves being outdoors #PuppySpam 😍) 679 more words


Lawn care

Lawn care is required, as the weather is beautiful, sunny, and hot. The grass grows quickly. I must get my lawn tractor out to mow it. 34 more words


Reflections 6

Reflections: These are photographs taken within the last few years which either were never posted, or were posted here in the early days on posts that never got viewed–you know what it is like to start out. 104 more words


Elliot Scientific in Yokohama from tomorrow. Visit us at OPIE'16

Elliot Scientific is demonstrating Optical Tweezers and our range of precision positioning systems – from ultra-small slides to the Elliot Gold Series XYZ Flexure Stages – in the… 70 more words



This post is about a couple birthdays. First I must explain the handicap I am up against at the moment. In short, I only have one eye with vision and it is giving me lots of trouble. 183 more words



“Truce” is about Opie and Scooby. When Scooby arrived in October, Opie hated the sight of him. She would not be in the same room with him without walking about growling. 192 more words