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Catio Hijinks

Catio hijinks features a rare photo of all four of my cats in the catio in one photograph.  The cats took it upon themselves to set the scene themselves. 47 more words


Opie Fireside Chat

It is me–Opie.  You don’t seem to see me around as much as some of the other cats. I won’t mention any names. In fact, most of you think I am a boy, when I am actually a girl!  226 more words


The Gathering

Hey, I am trying to watch a movie!  What are you all staring at me for?

Below, a rare photo of all four together.  Zeke tried to make a run for it! 17 more words


Use Earth Friendly Shopping Bags

Use earth friendly bags and not disposable plastic bags.  July 12 Tacoma passed a law–no more flimsy plastic bags.  (I’m a little late on this post, but we get there in the end!)  They endanger marine wildlife and clutter the landscape. 99 more words


Are you serious?

Opie asks, “What makes you think I want to play catch with this thing?”  Go play with Scooby!  He thinks he is a dog!


Life in the catio then and now

This post is about life in the catio then and now.

THEN: I rummaged around my external hard drive, and pulled out some old catio pre-digital photographs. 283 more words


Vintage cat food mat / MT Rainier in a hat / Guest cats / Opie / Colouring the Past (cats!)

This post is about an unusual vintage cat food mat, Mt. Rainier, some guest cats, Opie and her new toy from the tooth fairy, and an interesting blog called “Colouring the Past” featuring some cats. 393 more words