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Arabic language program should be offered

By Amanda Bennett – Contributing Writer

Each year Lasell welcomes new students from all around the globe. The college has a total of 146 international students from 36 countries (32 graduate, 114 undergraduate). 317 more words


Take it Easy

So, my one of the last articles was on procrastination and I would like to make one thing clear. Since exams are coming, I’ve noticed everyone is stressed out. 403 more words


29 Things I've Learned

Intending to build on my previous post around this time last year, I’ve been in a reflective mood.  I’m less fearful in a lot of ways, and more uncertain in others.   3,108 more words


Viewpoint: We are not overreacting to the President-elect

On Villanova’s campus, a black female student hit her head when she was pushed to the ground by white male Trump supporters screaming about Trump. Black students on campus are having racial profanities hurled at them, while black students at UPenn have been added to a ‘lynching list.’ 974 more words


Castro v. Cuba: A Response to Zak Vescera

By Mark Narusov

Note: This piece is a response to Zak Vescera’s article entitled “Canada, Castro, and History’s Absolution”[1] published in The Student Press. It is of little value to read a response to something without looking at that something first. 2,400 more words


Tourists in Love With Cali, Colombia's Culture

Santiago de Cali is de second city of Colombia. It was founded in the 1530’s by Sebastian de Belalcazar, a Spanish conqueror.  Cali is a city rich in monuments, parks, and churches. 228 more words


A letter to Trump supporters from a crazy feminist socialist

Hi, it’s me. That girl on Facebook who has been posting Hillary Clinton videos for six months. Do you recognize me? You might know me from my other work, which is to like every article I read on Facebook and clog your Timeline. 828 more words