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“Use your words”. This is what I have been telling you, haven’t I? You think I am kidding. That’s why you avoid taking my advice seriously. 515 more words


Gripp Management- Professionalizing Hockey

Today at Self Pass we proudly present the première launch of GRIPP Sports Management, the movie! Exclusively shown on our website www.self-pass.com.

The story behing GRIPP… 356 more words


Safety Drills Are More Important Now Than Ever

Opinion Editor

Earthquake, fire, and lockdown drills can often seem unnecessary and time consuming– but if an actual disaster strikes, can University High School students confidently say that they’re prepared? 566 more words

Sword And Shield

The Broken School System

Staff Writer

In recent years there has been a revolutionary tide when it comes to restructuring the educational systems, and Finland from the start has been at the forefront of innovation. 775 more words

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Rodrigo Duterte: Why the Renegade State Leader’s Words Matter

Staff Writer

Controversy erupted worldwide over the 2016 Philippines election in which Rodrigo Duterte, a man who The Washington Post dubbed “The Trump of the East,” was elected the new president. 972 more words

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Clinton conquers the Leaning Tower of Trump

By Emily Chicklis
Staff Writer

This past Monday, a determined collection of both policy wonks and lay-citizens gathered before their television sets like a caricature of a family in a 1950s sitcom. 662 more words

Simmons College

The presidential debate stage: not to be confused with an actual stage

By Kaydee Donohoo

Staff Writer

As written by most major media sources, deciding between the two major party candidates has not been between policy, but between their morals. 588 more words