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King Solomon, Deep Thoughts?

Funny Wisdom? Would King Solomon approve these modern times proverbs? You decide?

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King Solomon

Learning to live in the 'now'

I was listening to a podcast the other day, specifically the ‘Hey, it’s ok’ podcast by Glamour UK. Glamour’s Editor, Jo Elvin said something that really resonated with me: “One of the hardest things for humans to learn is how to live in the moment”. 341 more words


Jokes and phrases 3


“Todos los periodistas son comunicadores, pero no todos los comunicadores son periodistas” Israelo, 2015.

“No es signo de buena salud el estar bien adaptado a una sociedad profundamente enferma”  1,872 more words


If You Remember Digitised Sprites, You'll Love Retro Camera App Famicam 64

Retro camera apps are taking over the App Store. From vintage snappers to a polaroid renaissance, photographers are taking a break from HD perfection every now and then. 260 more words


Why Designers HATE Papyrus

In a homage to my post about Why Designers HATE Comic Sans, I am going to go and look at another member of the design worlds reviled font’s collection. 338 more words


Kevin reblogged this on Ordinary Average Thoughts and commented:

It took me a while to get beyond mere dislike, but I am now firmly in the I-hate-Papyrus camp. In fact, I dislike it so much that I have disabled it in FontBook (I would have deleted it, but I don't like to mess with system fonts). I will grandfather in anybody who has already made use of Papyrus (I used it for my very first cassette release, back in 1993); anybody who uses it after, say, June 1st—I will judge you… ;) I feel better now. (22 May 2017)

Evolution of the Spirit

What if Darwin and later modifications have been right? That is to say, nothing became something, some of the something was able to become electrically charged, amino acids were formed … and here we are. 871 more words



A tree doesn’t ask for permission to grow.  It just does it.

The same can (and ideally should) be said of doing what needs to be done.   80 more words