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CDC announcement curbs women’s alcohol usage

Iona Shearer discusses women’s bodily autonomy and medical bureaucracy. 

The Centre for Disease Control’s (CDCs) recent announcement that sexually active females of childbearing age should not drink alcohol unless they are taking birth control has caused an impressionable disturbance to women’s bodily autonomy. 512 more words


One Isolates You One Unites You

Seeing Life from only One Perspective Limits You. Seeing Life from All Perspectives Expands You.



Venting: Trudeau is stalling Energy East pipeline like Obama dealt with Keystone

What bugs you? What makes you happy? Tell us about it.

Prime Minister Trudeau is stalling the Energy East pipeline with similar excuses to the ones that President Obama used to stall and finally kill the Keystone pipeline. 399 more words

Local News

Battle Royale: Star Wars - Round 2

With Episode II rightfully flattened last week, we move on to round 2 with Episode I still standing on top of the hill!

For details of how this king of the hill battle works, please check the previous post… 1,080 more words


Dumbass Sues McDonalds

Chris Howe is clearly a dumbass.

Chris Howe and his apparently similarly dimwitted attorney are suing McDonalds because they claim the cheese in the Mozzarella Cheese sticks isn’t real cheese… 283 more words


Did you just body shame yourself?

Isn’t it interesting how a simple term such as “body image” holds so much power over us as individuals?

Blame it on the media; blame it on society, but we all have a certain image in our head as to how our body should look like. 729 more words


Just A Thought

Those who complain of never having enough time, fail to use the time they do have wisely

Prepare yourself for the life you want to live and live the life you have prepared… 10 more words