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On the “Brexit Mutineers” – the Polarization of the Fourth Branch

By Zishi Zhang

On November 15, one of the national newspapers of the U.K., the Daily Telegraph, published the front-page headline : “The Brexit Mutineers: Remain-supporting Conservative rebel against May’s move to enshrine in law the date Britain leaves EU.”, with a photo of Members of Parliaments (MPs) below. 695 more words


Loy Norrix Conservative: The Dying Breed

Do you remember the society where a conservative’s opinion was allowed and not written off as racist or sexist? Neither do I.

We have now become a society of sheeple, or blind followers, who choose to believe stories that fit our narratives are more important than actual facts. 418 more words

Loy Norrix

Opinion: Mass shootings in America are a problem

Another month, another mass shooting.

At this point, it seems as if I write the same ledes about the same old boring and repetitive topic in America: mass shootings. 442 more words


“There’s no-one like Krum”: Celebrity Culture in Harry Potter

I was lying in bed the other night, trying to lull myself to sleep by re-watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when I noticed something about Ron in that book/film. 650 more words


The Law Should Try Minors as Adults

In 2014, in Wisconsin, two twelve year old girls, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser stabbed their friend, twelve year old Payton Leutner. The girls were operating under the delusion that they were killing their friend to please the fictional, online, demonic creature, Slenderman. 514 more words


Baseball remains fun after all

By Patrick Colvin – Contributing Writer

Recently, there have been discussions in the baseball community about the sport is slowly becoming boring.  The main complaints discuss how baseball isn’t entertaining enough and the games are too long to watch. 589 more words


Lights Out: A first-person account of the game that wasn't

By Jeff Uveino

Walking into the Reilly Center Wednesday night felt as normal as any other game day.

The students filing in, the teams shooting around and Kodak Black echoing through the loudspeakers–just a typical pregame in the RC. 876 more words