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Opinion: Scotty T admits paying for Irish girls abortion

By Chelsea Tyler McNeill

Geordie Shore stars are known for being extremely controversial and sexually provocative. It is also a known fact that the men of… 587 more words


Bob Dylan breaks boundaries of literature

Staff Writer

Bob Dylan has made history by receiving the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, breaking stereotypes about what qualifies as literature. Since the Nobel Prize for Literature was created, Bob Dylan has been the first singer/songwriter to win the award. 606 more words

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This presidential election is creating too much stress

Note: This is the Write to the Point column I wrote for the Oct. 20 issue of the Cheney Free Press.

I’ll be honest, I am a little sick and tired of the election and I am waiting for it to be over. 376 more words


Trump makes a futile attempt to save floundering campaign at Third Presidential Debate

Staff Writer

At 6:00 sharp on October 19, 2016, millions settled in front of televisions, tablets, phones, and computers to watch what could have ended up being one of the most important events in the 2016 election: the third presidential debate. 842 more words

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Masterpiece or vandalism: an exploration of street art

Staff Writer

Street art has been around for thousands of years, with roots that originated over 40,000 years ago with cavemen. It has certainly evolved since then into a form of art that has been widely accepted by a number of artists from all over the world. 1,026 more words

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HIS Version of "Locker Room Talk"

Staff Writer

Friday morning, The Washington Post leaked a videotape of Donald Trump. The tape was of a conversation between Trump and Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush on the set of the telenovela, “The Days of Our Lives.” Throughout the tape, Trump made lewd and misogynistic comments towards women, saying that being famous essentially gives you a free pass to grope and assault women.   685 more words

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Older generations should learn many millennials defy their labels

(Photo Credit: http://www.insperity.com)

By Jason Klaiber @J_Klaibs

When older generations label all millennials as apathetic, coddled or lazy, they should realize not every member of this generation fits their descriptions. 239 more words