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How To Enjoy And Have An Unforgettable Music Concert

Concerts are something special. Whether we’re a regular concert goer or someone who occasionally enjoys live music, there’s always something memorable about each performance that we attend, see and feel. 1,998 more words


Crash Bandicoot Difficulty Is Shining A Light On The Ugly Side of Videogame Journalism

WhatCulture Gaming recently released a video entitled “Vicarious Visions Admit They Botched The Crash N.Sane Trilogy”. Let’s talk about that.

A hype train is easy to catch, no matter how fast it’s raging past you. 1,215 more words


The KarJen Fashion Empire

I hate to admit it but I’ve fallen into the Kardashian’s trap. It started off innocently, watching their show whilst eating breakfast in the morning if I had nowhere to rush off to and now I’ve found myself invested in their external businesses, purely because of what I’ve seen on the show. 1,064 more words


UZ Chancellor AU donation could have paid fees for 2000 students

Press Release|Zinasu Information Department| University of Zimbabwe

President Mugabe’s 1 million dollar donation to the African Union which sent tongues wagging this week could have paid school fees for at least 2 000 students, the Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) has claimed. 338 more words


Top 10 Companies for Internship in Zimbabwe?

Staff Blogger | Africa University

After reading @prowl_magazine’s #TopTenTuesday (yes we love to read magazines other than our own) we have curated their twitter story here. 350 more words


Everyone still secretly hopes for a 'Mortal Soul' comeback

This bears a lot of significance for us who haven’t watched mortal soul live. I watched them on their last performance in 2015. David Mburu of Last Years Tragedy was starting to the right side of me, while Mortal soul did their tuning. 821 more words


Opinion: Super teams are not ruining the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has clearly seen an increase in “super teams.” Super teams consist of highly successful athletes joining forces to win championships. The ever popular super teams have not only raised ratings of the NBA finals, but ruined the competition in the series’ before. 436 more words