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NX's March Release Shows Nintendo Is Learning From Wii U Blunders

Fans and even industry pros were shocked at the news that Nintendo’s new NX console would not be releasing in time for the 2016 holiday season. 475 more words


Should We Shoot the Three-Legged Dog?

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By S.A. Prince

Have you ever been to the park on a Sunday afternoon, and along comes a three-legged dog? 594 more words

David Tkachuk op-ed: A few words on the Mike Duffy verdict

I was not called to testify at the Mike Duffy trial, though I was subpoenaed by the Crown and made myself available accordingly. As a result, a skewed account of my role in all this was allowed to stand. 713 more words

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How to land the most beautiful woman in the world award

(Image credit: www.laineygossip.com)

Is it your devilishly great looks – you know, the perfectly pouted lips and bodacious curves; the daunting kissable lips, filled with collagen surprise–or is it that perfectly bleached Colgate smile? 556 more words

Hey! It's only a water bill!

Recently, I received my water bill and was confused. (Not an unusual condition for me to be in). This bill came from a small town called Forsyth located in southwest Missouri.( I would assume that it is typical of most water bills in other towns and burgs of similar size). 234 more words

New grading scale: good or bad change?

Last month, it was announced that South Carolina high schools will be switching to a 10-point grading scale next year, instead of the seven-point scale that was used previously. 398 more words


Is Midlands the best choice?

It is around the time of year where seniors get geared up to choose what college they want to go to. While many choose schools like USC, Clemson or Coastal Carolina, Midlands tech has very broad college options for South Carolina students after high school but is it the right choice? 377 more words