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To Understand 

I see words your eyes speak.

They look far into my soul.

I feel strength in hands of the weak.

They know all that I hold.


4 Reasons I'm not impressed by "Broken Together" by Casting Crowns

“Broken Together” is one of the most popular songs on Casting Crown’s 2015 album “Thrive.” Even in an album ranking medium to low among popular critics, this song has become a stand out. 1,360 more words

Christian Living

Why Every Patriot Should Oppose The Confederate Flag

For those red blooded Americans that say the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism, fine. (Not really but for argument’s sake…) But, how can you call yourself a patriot and wave a flag that represents division of these great United States? 83 more words


Princess Pippa

I’m a lover of all animals, especially anything small and fluffy. Growing up my family had dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish, guinea pigs, a rabbit and a chinchilla. 270 more words


How to Establish Mental Freedom

As the 4th of July approaches here in the United States we celebrate our freedom and independence as a country. Yet, all of us know that this Holiday means so much more then that. 358 more words


The Disapointment of Zipporah

Not often, but occasionally, a book is so laughably bad it makes me happy. I’m happy because I know that I could write a better story than this published person, which gives me hope that if I tried, maybe one day I’ll be published. 353 more words