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Sobre las relaciones o un comentario al filme "Te prometo anarquía"

El humano es un ser que necesita compañía, un animal social, un animal que se organiza, que crea relaciones y vive en ciudades, o como diría Aristóteles, un… 855 more words



Sunday is a blissful day.

It is the day when people go to the church, wearing their best outfit, and walk out of house proudly. 205 more words


Cell Review

After a mysterious pulse turns everyone who was on their phones into terrifying, savage not-zombies (there’s a Pokemon Go joke in here somewhere I know it.) John Cusack (Who I swear used to be too good for this sort of thing), Samuel L. 316 more words


Bad Moms Review

So I had half a mind to go and see this with my mother in a bid to make up for the horrific abomination before man and God that was… 421 more words


This Is No Laughing Matter

Maybe it’s time that we admitted that we aren’t terribly good at this democracy malarkey? I mean, as a nation we’ve never been entirely comfortable with it. 503 more words


The Purge: Election Year Review

I would love to purge whichever lunatic intern decided to release this film on the 26th of August over here in the UK, after all, the damn thing was released in the USA on the first of July! 474 more words


Mediacom – A very poorly run company!

If you live in Taney County Missouri, then the chances are pretty good one of your few choice for cable service would be Mediacom. They are the only service around my parts to offer high speed internet service and so hold many of us subscribers in a sort of death grip. 346 more words