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An undersea volcano erupts six miles off the coast of Tonga yesterday. [Large Version]

More Info: Scientific American

The eruption began Monday after a series of earthquakes near Tonga, a 170-island archipelago between Australia and Tahiti, residents told the Associated Press.

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Clarky Loves Jozi

Yes, Jeremy Clarkson loves it here. Seeing as I have received this about 10 times today people obviously are either loving it or outraged. 27 more words

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And seriously, a Reverend as your presidential candidate. I mean I understand why it is a politically savvy move and all but come on…

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Joburg is Insane

I’m a big fan of reducing drunk driving and even of clamping down on traffic offenders but seriously can the Metro police really make an argument to completely block the M1 on Friday night and the N3 on Saturday night. 210 more words

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Four Bad Bears and Other Stories

Four Bad Bears

Calculated Risk has a very interesting graphical comparison of the current bear market against the market crash of 1929, the 1973 oil crisis and the 2002 tech crash. 298 more words

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Krugman on The Economy, the Bailout and Obama

Paul Krugman, the popular economist du jour has been a busy boy lately. He has been writing a string of columns examining the new Obama bailout plan and exactly why there are some problems with the scope of the proposed actions. 45 more words

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The Anti-Vaccine Crusade

For a while I have been hearing ever more alarming reports that the anti-vaccine movement has been gathering quite a bit of traction in the United States. 544 more words

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