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Thoughts on BREXIT and possible reasons

When looking back it could be said that 2004 represents a hybridity of emotions depending on who is asked. On one hand the expansionist project undertaken then to bring Eastern Europe in from the cold can be seen as positive for the whole European project and needed. 1,455 more words

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The thankless role of music in film

The saying “a soundtrack works best when you don’t even notice it” is something I often agree with. As part of a larger whole, the soundtrack of a film should complement the experience and works best when it’s not even acknowledged by the viewer. 403 more words


Arlie Hochschild's latest book explores the emotional universe of Trump’s support

Review by Jennie Bristow.

The US election, like the EU referendum in Britain, was replete with the language, imagery and discussion of emotion. The masses have been portrayed as an irrational mob, easily swayed by lies and false promises; broken hearts have been worn on sleeves and paraded on social media; downright nasty insults have been traded on all sides. 2,092 more words

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A Quick Perspective On The Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime So Far (Episodes 1 & 2)

Pokemon has been an integral part of the life over the past 18 years. And in that that time I’ve watched some 800-odd episodes of the franchise as well as dozens of movies and specials. 515 more words


I Dropped Shirobako Out of Cowardice

In late 2014 when Shirobako began airing, I was a thoroughly broken person. I didn’t consciously realize it at the time, but I was running away from responsibility. 436 more words


Comrade Fidel Castro and 26/11:A defiance against iniquitous forces

This article was submitted to Ergo by Neep Saikia, a second-year student at the Gujarat National Law University.

“History remembers those who create History”-John Dewey… 4,203 more words

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Makeup empowers women? I don't buy that.

My sister, 23, wears makeup to work or dates sometimes. She first started learning how to do makeup through youtube videos, and started investing more on makeup products when she turned 20. 1,441 more words