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We Need To Talk About "Ghosting"

I’ve been back in the dating game for a while now, and although it’s had it’s ups and downs, for the most part, it’s been quite fun. 857 more words

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Video Games Are Better WITH Stories

I don’t know if I have ever read something that managed to simultaneously be so arrogantly intellectual and completely idiotic.

I’m talking about the article The Atlantic posted yesterday written by Ian Bogost, titled, “ 860 more words

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5 Comic Book Characters that have Come Out

Renee Montoya – Gotham Central #6-10

Although she was technically publically ‘outed’ and we don’t actually see Renee come out to her parents, Montoya coming out to her parents is an important moment of LGBT issues in comic books. 1,153 more words


The "Rape-Clause" Proves How Far We Are From Equality

With the upcoming election looming and the future of the UK somewhat uncertain, it’s not surprising that everyone under the sun has turned to social media to express their social and political views after all most conversations (as sad as it is) take place online now. 485 more words

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Five Rap Battle Matchups For The Culture

Cyphers and battles have always been a big part of the culture but they aren’t quite as important as they were in the ’90s or early 2000s where artists  used to go back and forth (e.g.  1,060 more words


Freedom of Speech

Disclaimer: This piece of writing was used as one my scripts for my video series Leon’s Thoughts

Free Speech is a commodity that should be cherished in any fully functioning society. 1,598 more words

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Opinion: Defense of Science

By Nijah Glenn

Science has always been a field of controversy. From the ancient world in which the beginnings of modern day science began to the Middle Ages to as recent as the autism vaccine controversy, one needn’t look far to know what anyone in the field is aware of. 661 more words