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Age of Sigmar

I may be mostly Infinity at heart, but I love all games and try to keep an open mind about what else is coming down the pipe.So, while various other Infinity fans who used to play Fantasy are mainly wailing about how stupid this release and GW are, I welcome it. 617 more words

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Continuing Stories in Animated Shows. Is it Disappearing?

Sorry for going on a bit of a rant for this post, but I feel that this needs to be addressed. A week or so back, I decided to go through my movie collection and re-watch the entire series… 1,011 more words

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Do We REALLY Have Celebrities In Kenya? Let's Be Honest.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a celebrity is a well known person especially in entertainment or sports.


Fame- the state of being known by many people. 563 more words

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Between the Velvet Lies

Hi, my name’s Greg DiPasquale. I play in bands. I’ve been doing it for a while (Seplophile, Herod, Sons of Azrael). You wanna be in a band too? 1,145 more words

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Girls, women, female.

“Women are each other’s worst enemies.”

Oh how I hate this statement.

We women are always being told that other women are out to get out, that it is impossible to have real friendships with other women because “women are each other’s worst enemies.” 1,650 more words

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Emerging Researcher Perspectives: Replication as a Credible Pre-Analysis Plan

Guest post by Raphael Calel, Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

One of the most important tools for enhancing the credibility of research is the pre-analysis plan, or the PAP. 1,025 more words


Hello Social Justice Wankers, stop using the world as your jizz rag. Kthxcheebye.

I’ve been working on writing again… this one’s a rebuttal to an opinion piece I saw on Facebook, although I feel like I can only work on this shit for short periods at a time because the facile logic it expresses gives me mental heartburn. 927 more words

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