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Here's Why You Should Be an Ass When Writing

Did that title catch your attention?

Okay, I can explain. But first, let me lay the foundation here with an anecdote.

I would like to say first of all that this is by all means a biased account of the scenario, so take everything I say here with a grain of salt. 1,801 more words


More thoughts on 'free will'! "Free will – a smoke screen".

Some follow up questions from Tom, see his previous post on the “opinion pieces” page and Celia’s piece on Julian Baggini posted in “Notes For meetings”. 183 more words

Opinion Pieces

Global Warming Denial: Arguing the Case for the Existence of Human-Caused Global Warming

 The Critical Thinker (Article by Gabriel N. Pelger, Editor-in-Chief)

Today sees the community divided yet again, this time on the issue of global warming.

USIPOLIS (29 June 2015 WET). 1,263 more words



I think one of the best parts about having these few weeks overseas, has to do with the privilege of being alone with my thoughts. When I’m home, I’m downtown and I always up and doing something. 399 more words

Opinion Pieces

A new age of feudalism

Authoritative governments? Check. Wealthy landlords? Check. The rich and powerful dictating law and order? Check.  Any historian will tell you how familiar this sounds but there is just one thing missing from a medieval feudal age society; the peasants. 967 more words

Iain Fenton

Working Mom vs. SAHM

To work or not to work…that is the question for married, working women.

My husband and I are at that point of our marriage where we are thinking about having children, and I’m very excited about that possibility. 345 more words


Hot Girls Wanted

I am fascinated by the porn industry; not the videos per se, more with the people who have chosen to tow that career path. I like to watch interviews of porn actors, to get into their heads. 1,401 more words

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