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Toronto sports fans. There ain't no one quite like us.

TORONTO. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love me some To-ra-na (Don Cherry voice). What’s NOT to love? Great food, one hell of a skyline, legitimately nice people, but the one thing that I absolutely love the most about Toronto is our sports fans. 708 more words


I See Stars

I wish I could see stars right now but sadly the view outside my window is currently rather grey and dull. Such is the peril of living on this northerly windswept isolated isle. 424 more words

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The privilege in learning an oppressed group's native tongue

Language is such an important part of culture. There have been various conversations across the Afrikan continent about how our languages are becoming endangered. The discourse that places development and maintenance of native culture on a spectrum shows that the more “developed” a country gets, the less intact its natives are with their language.* 892 more words

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Quick Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Debut Trailer

I opened my laptop this morning, as I normally do, and logged into Twitter, as I normally do. Upon doing so, I refresh the page so that Twitter doesn’t notify me of “What I Missed” and a single tweet catches my eye. 653 more words


All drug users are the same?

An opinion piece about judging drug users.
-Jorin Schepers- 552 more words

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Put some respek on my hair

What is it about black people’s hair? I’m not referring to our age-old obsession with ‘taming’ it, but rather the lack of boundaries when it comes to other peoples? 966 more words


Drugs Are(n’t) For Everyone

Ever since I was little girl my parents, mostly my mother, have been lecturing me about how bad drugs are and how they will ruin my life if I ever use them. 497 more words

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