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I spent my Tuesday night sitting amongst a circle of people whom I’ve never met before, but within a few hours created and sparked an instant connection. 616 more words

Opinion Pieces

Track & Field

Finding out that your hard work didn’t pay off is a terrible feeling – especially if you’ve put in the time & effort to allow for success. 651 more words

Physical Therapy

You're not what you have (you're what you give)

You’re not what you have. You’re not what you have to do. You’ll get a better picture of who you are if you think about what you can throw away and ignore. 248 more words

Opinion Pieces

The glory that is Sasquatch

Currently thousands of good-time hungry people are assembling for the weekend that is Sasquatch, and I could not be any more bummed about it. For the first time in 5 years, I, sadly, am not among them. 289 more words


You Are Here

It’s 6:30am, Sunday morning, and I’m exhausted. But I’m sitting in front of the Lake, watching the Sunrise and I’m at peace with everything. 50-50 by The Strokes is echoing from my headphones.  675 more words

Opinion Pieces

P-values are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Roger Peng and Jeffrey Leek of John Hopkins University claim that “ridding science of shoddy statistics will require scrutiny of every step, not merely the last one.” 729 more words



I hope you’re happy.

You have successfully shattered every single piece of sanity that I placed carefully in the assigned positions. Turned every stone and shifted… 671 more words

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