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A Journey Through Contemporary Gaming (It's a pun)

 I just finished playing the game “Journey”, and let me say that I was fairly impressed. Now, I didn’t think that the gameplay itself was groundbreaking, and it was short by today’s standards (this doesn’t bother me), but I think that this is the perfect game to show what is wrong with games today. 518 more words

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Bioshock Infinite: My love and frustration.

Let me just say that I love Bioshock. When I first stepped foot into Rapture I was blown away, and when I returned in Bioshock 2, while not as strong as a game, I still found myself deeply fulfilled with the experience. 768 more words

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Mario RPG and the Nostalgia Machine

The other day I found myself with a bit of time on my hands and decided to play a console game. Since I haven’t bought any of the new gen systems yet (to be perfectly honest, none of them have a game library that appeals to me so far), I skimmed through my Playstation 3 games for something to pop in and have fun. 779 more words

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gentrifying my writing

When I first started writing every single one of my heroines had curly blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and peaches & cream skin. Her love interests’ were usual older, protective types with dark hair, icy blue eyes, and they were suspiciously toned and muscular for sixteen year olds. 802 more words

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Hang In There, There's Always A Storm Before The Rainbow

The Government’s Marriage Equality Survey is deeply insulting, not only because of the tidal wave of hatred it has unleashed against people who already suffer prejudice and discrimination, but because the process itself is inherently homophobic. 605 more words

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Opinion: The Nintendo 64 Experience

It was 1996 the Nintendo 64 was about to launch.  I prayed every night that I would get one to play with all my friends.  Soon after the N64 launched I got strep throat and had to get my tonsils out.   285 more words

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Why Gin is just the tonic.

On National Gin and Tonic Day, I thought it only right to pay homage to the refreshing elixir so many of us love to enjoy. 834 more words