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Autumn is happening, I have proof.

So this happened today. Yup. They are some red leaves, which can only mean one thing: Autumn is here. The fact that it has rained without a pause today is further evidence still. 201 more words

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Leslie Sauer letter to the editor

Time is running out to respond to PennEast application | Letter


To the editor:

PennEast plans to submit its application to FERC in September. Once that is done certification is almost inevitable.

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“If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”

Quite the misleading title, considering I’m no longer a teenager. I feel that 19 is a very important age. 776 more words

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Band Gimmicks- Part Six: Where the Band IS the Gimmick 1.0

by Vick Sacha (and Mike Marlinski)

If we’re going to have a series about gimmicks, I feel the need to take a time out from the bitching to dedicate an article about one of the greatest things to ever come into my life.   691 more words

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If you’re not ready to die tomorrow, you’re not ready to live today.

Sometimes chances appear when you lose all hope. It happens when you realize that all you’re lacking is the courage to admit that the only way is the hardest, scariest, and most painful one. 30 more words

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Where Mario Stands.

Take a long deep breath, inhaling slowly, and release, allowing all of that negativity and tension to escape your body. Repeat. Now, repeat again. There… are we feeling better now, if not a little lightheaded? 1,029 more words


Snide remarks people say to my face about the arts and humanities.

My husband is an electrical engineer. He works for an engineering company and has a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD. He has dedicated his life to research and developing new and creative ways to solve engineering issues. 697 more words

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