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Bullying - Keaton Jones


First off, have you heard of Keaton Jones? If not, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz1xzBYppW8. Then continue to read this and it will mean more to you. 667 more words


Success: Is it happenstance or deliberate?

When my co-founder and I decided that we would be joining the wonderful world of startups in Paris, the first thing I did was run out and buy eight books on how to do exactly that.   952 more words

Harry Potter's Final Scene Destroyed Me

(Apologies for the slightly-clickbait title.)

Through the last month of two, I watched the entire Harry Potter franchise for the first time with my brother. Only  736 more words

Unimportant Things



Well it has been a long 15 days. 15 days since my last blog post. Whose fault is that? Mine and clearly mine alone. I had assignments creep up on me slowly and as of today have 10 of them due over the next 15.5 weeks. 444 more words


Final: The Shining

No adaptation of King’s is more well known than The Shining (1980). No other adaptation of any author is more famous for being so unfaithful to the source material either. 423 more words

Opinion Pieces

Magical Realism: The Green Mile

One trope that sometimes escapes people’s list when they think about King stories is Magical Realism. Magical Realism in literature and film refers to stories where magic exists in the established real world. 390 more words

Opinion Pieces

Coming of Age: Stand By Me

One of King’s heavily used themes in his novels is coming of age or a loss of innocence. Many of his tales feature young children who (through some sort of adventure or trauma) grow as people and become more like the adults they are going to become rather than the kids that they are. 264 more words

Opinion Pieces