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I Still Can't Get The Happiness Of The Katakuris Out Of My Head

This piece contains some spoilers but nothing that would detract from the overall experience. Just a warning.

Weird and wonderful

A few weeks ago I watched a film called The Happiness of the Katakuris. 573 more words

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“I promise you I actually can play drums” laments Louis, head in hands after yet another take of out-of-time drum tracking. The walls of Ben’s spare room feel as though they are slowly closing in around us as a sideways glance at my phone reveals that we’ve been struggling to record the most basic elements of the one song we’ve written for four hours. 427 more words


Emotionally Conditioned

We had a strange two days at Umuzi, my former place of work made to feel like patrons in our own space. Could we be blamed, where does one even begin?  606 more words

Opinion Pieces

"The Objectively Subjective Objective" — A Reassessment

Four months ago, I spit out a somewhat heavy topic titled “The Objectively Subjective Objective.” With this piece, I tried to elaborate upon the system with which I judge anime and visual media in general. 1,662 more words

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On the peer review process and the experience of publishing my first paper.

I have recently had my first paper accepted for publication, and I thought this would be a good chance to write about the peer review process both for scientists and non-scientists alike. 2,288 more words

Science News

The Far Right's Behavior Toward Women and Sex: Old Anxieties, Modern Settings

In the context of the worldview espoused through right-wing politics, women are definitely not valued to the degree that they ought to be. In the context of the worldview of the far right, the societal value of women amounts to little more than living property–house-bound baby-making objects of desire which need protection, especially from rape by men of other races. 684 more words



Stigma is a problem that needs to be tackled within the world. But especially within nursing.

As a mental health nursing student, I try to fight against the stigma that people living with mental illnesses face every day. 546 more words