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Poll: What Initially Attracts You To A Book By An Unknown Author?

Greetings folks, today I’m giving you the opportunity to help me with some research I’m undertaking for future reference. As a new author, I have a vested interest in knowing what makes a reader decide to purchase and read a book by an author they haven’t heard of. 703 more words


Why Russians are Losing Faith in Donald Trump


When Donald Trump was running for the office of US President, many in Russia viewed him with cautious optimism. Many saw him as a breath of fresh air compared to the shocking level of Russophobia that underscored Barack Obama’s failed presidency, as well as that put forth in Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign. 362 more words


Hey guys, just had a quick question for you guys!

Do you think there exists any object or idea that you might think is typically “Chennai”? 11 more words


Senate Republicans Kill Their Health Care Bill.

From The Huffington Post: News Alert: Senate Republicans just killed their health care bill again — for now.

Senate Republicans Just Killed Their Health Care Bill Again… 961 more words


Timely Warning!: 'Sierraleonean' Advises Nigerians

Timely Warning To Nigerians!

FWD : 👉🏿

“OMAR BANGURA from Sierra Leone has this to tell Nigerians;”

“I don’t think you guys know what you are playing with. 264 more words


Names Of Various Animals In Yoruba Language

Animals and Their Various Yoruba Names

Cobra *** Ọka
Ox , Bull *** Malu
Spit-Snake *Ṣebe
Dog *** Aja
Hedgehog *** Ọya
Pangolin *** Akika…
401 more words

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