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Junior Doctors Strike: The C*nt Strikes Back!

Well, he’s been and gone and done it. UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (or ‘Germy C*nt’ as I prefer to think of him) has announced he is going to impose the Government’s new contract on junior doctors whether they like it or not. 931 more words

In The News

5 reasons why Royal Enfield Himalayan appears the right entry bike for Himalayan Touring

When Royal Enfield launched the flagship ‘Continental GT’ bike, we asked to ourselves. “Can we get one built for the Himalayas?” Two years later the people working at RE (Royal Enfield) have heard the call. 675 more words


Political Feminism

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” – Madeline Albright, TIME


The Land Of Giants 🌍

I’ve always enjoyed this passage, which is taken from a Paul McKenna Self-help book –

IMAGINE YOU WOKE UP ONE DAY in a land populated almost entirely by g… 330 more words


An enigma called language

Secondary languages and their effect on learning for a student

“Imagine a ten-year-old from USA. If you put him in an engineering college or a medical college there, he will understand something because he can understand the language.” One can clearly find some agitation in the voice of Rafi who is a student of  Symbiosis and for whom English is a second language. 395 more words