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Česky je článek níže / For czech roll down

I’m a big lover of nature and I spend a lot of time there. When I went to the woods, where I’m going to relax, I was thinking about the relationship between man and nature.  600 more words


Just Live- Book Review

I got this book as an ARC for an honest review. I have never read anything by this author. I got the book just a couple of hours ago. 201 more words


Add lottery to concerns about Oregon's budget

Gee, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to Oregon State finances and PERS (See Oregonian editorial on the next page), now there’s concern about revenue from the Oregon lottery. 12 more words


Go "Ex nihilo" !

Connaitre qui l’ont est vraiment, est ce qu’il y a de plus difficile à faire ; car ceci revient à identifier qui nous sommes, quelles sont nos limites, de quoi nous sommes capable, mais surtout comment parvenir à cela. 1,742 more words


Steve Duin: Forever shackled to a dark, dark night

As soon as Mark Wilson settled, shackled, into his seat, Michael Wu reminded the inmate why he had been summoned Tuesday to the visitors’ center at the Oregon State Correctional Institution. 29 more words

The Oregonian

Trump Times Entry 111 - Then Again, We Have the Democrats

Then Again, We Have the Democrats

February 27, 2017

So, one-hundred-eleven days ago, the Democrats had their collective asses handed to them by a carnival barker named Trump. 240 more words

Wet Dog Productions

A Political Post...Sorry

Demagoguery enters at the moment when, for want of a common denominator, the principle of equality degenerates into the principle of identity……..Antoine de Saint-Exupery… 28 more words