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The Other Side of Blame

by Devina Gunawan

There is a lie that we would tell ourselves to be true. That nothing is our fault. Nothing is our wrong doing. Or, the person we love. 406 more words

Daily Ironic Posts

Tottenham's Very Own Shakespeare Character

(James Bond villain and part time undertaker Dastardly Daniel Levy trains his super high powered binoculars-designed-to-look-like-any-old-reading-glasses on Saido Berahino to see if that really is him playing for Jeremy Peace again.) 585 more words


TV Criticism in the Digital Age Becoming a Matter of Favorites

In the just-published book “Media Criticism in the Digital Age,” Central Michigan U. professor Peter Orlik explores how criticism is evolving. And while he cites “critic as guide” as a still-vital function, for many, “What should I see?” is being replaced by “What did I see?” even as interest in impartial analysis gives way to favoring like-minded voices apt to echo one’s views. 558 more words


Why Hedda Hopper Belonged on the Journalist Blacklist

The best news about Hedda Hopper is that few remember her. Hedda was a journalist (of sorts), who famously wore exotic hats and devoted herself to destroying the careers of anyone she identified as being communist, gay or otherwise reprehensible. 554 more words


I don't want an iPad Pro, I want an OS X tablet

”Reports are circulating that Apple is preparing to unveil a larger, enterprise and power-user focused (and undoubtedly more expensive) iPad called the iPad Pro,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. 253 more words


Field Negro: Land of the free and the home of the gun

*”My dogs getting put down every day out there Mr. B. It’s crazy.”

That’s what a client I visited in one of Philly’s  prisons told me over the weekend. 620 more words


5 Reasons why Wales are better than England

Ah, the international break. The time of the season where Welsh fans rejoice and the vast majority of English football fans bemoan the fact that there’s no Premier League football for the next two weeks. 1,113 more words