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Some 4th of July thoughts from LZ Jerry

I’m an American Infantryman and by definition a Patriot. I’m not White, Black, Red or Yellow, I am Green. I will bleed Red for my country should the need arise. 150 more words


You are allowed to have an opinion. However, know when to use it.

It’s not a secret that every human being is entitled to their own opinion. Standing up for ourselves and letting people know how our mind works and what our thoughts are is a beautiful perk we’ve all been given. 397 more words


Pride as a Punch in the Gut

On a day when the twitterverse and the blogosphere and all other social media outlets are going into meltdown over “gay pride”, I am choosing to write about pride of a different sort. 621 more words


The sad realities of Union offer an interesting gig.

The sad realities of Union offer an interesting gig.

The tides of secession are brought to us again in the form of examination of that once upon a time, reactions to the now and changing present, resentments of the cheeky attempts to end the civil war and declare a loser. 158 more words


Why the Black Church Will Always Matter

A string of fires involving at least three cases of confirmed or possible arson have ravaged six predominantly African-American churches in the South over the last two weeks. 386 more words


Friday Five: Channing Tatum, Kim Kardashian and more!

I get really excited for Fridays. It’s my new Christmas Eve because I’ve got the same childlike anxiousness and I’m annoyingly happy, but there’s no family dysfunction and crying alone in the bathroom. 795 more words