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An Open Letter to the Varsity Lacrosse Coach Who Said I Wasn't Good Enough for Her Team

For the sake of privacy, I will not be stating my coach’s name or anyone else’s names. I will use ‘(Name)’ instead.

To give y’all some background info, I have been playing Lacrosse for 5 years (since 7th grade). 859 more words



On this Memorial Day weekend 2016, a time when we honor those who sacrificed so that we might run free, we take note that Memorial Day observations are  683 more words


No sin mis palomitas (III)

Que soy una friki ya os lo dije, así que no puede sorprenderos que hoy os hable de El Capitán America: Civil War. Es una de las últimas pelis que he ido a ver al cine (no os voy a decir cual iré a ver la semana que viene, sorpresa!). 300 more words

Maybe interested in the Independent Broad Left Network in UCU?

Monty Python had it right

….. “Are you the Judean People’s Front?    ###k off – we’re the People’s Front of Judea”

Well we’re the Independent Broad Left Network… 50 more words


Gordzilla in the City: Someone should study the banality of so many studies

According to a new study released last week by doctors at Harvard University, eating in moderation, walking at least five days each week for 40 minutes or more and not forgetting to breathe in and out regularly is the secret to a long and healthy life. 737 more words


The end, surely? (but NOT for the EU!)

I have blogged a few times on ‘End Times Prophecies’ and thought I might have posted my last. Recently, with the EU debate looming, old interpretations about Rome/ Babylon/ Europe/ whatever have surfaced again. 1,136 more words


Letters: Site C protesters, Sarah Cox, transit funding, taxes, school funding, mother/son graduation

B.C. Hydro correct to go after disruptive Site C protesters

Re: Sarah Cox op-ed on Site C protesters.

Yes, citizens have the right to peaceful protest but “protests” often block and disrupt work that is legal and authorized under the rules of the land, causing delay and expense to the proponent. 506 more words