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The Best Stephen King Film Adaptations

I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s work. He has the innate ability to make a situation, even an impossible situation, feel both familiar and terrifying. 820 more words


Make Or Mar Your Relationship

As a child, after we first learnt how lying works, we lacked the moral understanding of when to refrain from doing it. 675 more words

25 Mostly Pointless but Snappy Comebacks When Debating One of Those Sociopathic People Who Have Lost All Concept of Reality

1. “I’m sorry, was that you trying to form a complete sentence? My bad. At first I thought someone had run over another armadillo out on Route 9.” 616 more words


Focus on small businesses to drive manufacturing: Anand Mahindra

Asserting that domestic manufacturing has not lost its mojo, business leader Anand Mahindra has said “a new round of boom is upon us,” and sought increased public policy focus on small businesses so that they drive this next wave of growth. 20 more words


Soiled Currency

In India, people have the strange habit of writing on money. It becomes irritable as some establishments will not accept a written currency. The ego of such people is strange and eccentric! 38 more words


Tucker Carlson & Greg Gutfeld destroy leftist media

Americans are oftentimes too earnest. We wake up each day, follow our necessary agenda, listen to our local or national news – which is frequently depressing – and go to sleep. 532 more words

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