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Dear BDE, why are only the 2A’s throwing parties?

By Miko Lepistö

The students on our campus have been divided into the chosen, and the rejected. We are living in the wake of stressful association interviews, and many, yours truly included, have joined the ranks of the BDP – bureau des perdants. 680 more words


Why Harvey Weinstein is just history repeating itself

*Trigger warning for violent sexual assault, this post includes some difficult but -I think-very necessary subject matter. 

As decades of alleged abuse by one of Hollywoods most powerful men slowly unravel in front of the world, we’ve been understandably shocked… but not surprised. 1,106 more words


How I Got To 500 Posts

The other day I received a notification from WordPress telling me that I had posted my 500th post. The notification came without bells, whistles, or cake. 1,294 more words


Against the grain

I haven’t always been an independent thinker. There was a period of time that I allowed my friends, family, and personal involvement in activities decide how I processed information. 290 more words


Dikotomi Pribumi dan Nonpribumi

Belum 24 jam sejak beliau dilantik, jagat media sosial sudah gusar dengan pemakaian istilah pribumi (dan juga kolonialisme) dalam pidato politik beliau yang pertama.

Apakah pribumi? 1,947 more words


have I missed out: a response

My first week in Toronto, I was slapped with the startling realization that I am not normal. To be fair, this was not news to me but it was like coming face to face with it all over again. 1,553 more words