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How United is the Palmer United Party?

It seems a fair question in light of its short history.  Its website has the add-on tag, “Unifying All Australians.”  Now, that is a curious statement to sit side by side with the party’s name.  207 more words


Good-Fella: How Marouane Fellaini has restarted his Manchester United career

18 months after leaving Merseyside, Marouane Fellaini looks like he has finally settled in his new home, culminating in his display at Liverpool. 1,970 more words

Manchester United

Animal Art

Would you invest one hundred pounds, euro or dollars in a picture painted by an anteater?

I bet that you wouldn’t want to part with that useful amount of cash because in your view it would be a waste of money and a daft investment as there can be. 283 more words


Shame, shame, shame: Getting rid of body stereotypes

By Destiny Mitchell, Executive Editor

“We have decided as a group that fat shaming is essential in creating a society of thin, beautiful women who are ashamed for being ugly,” said “Roosh” author for the notorious website, returnofkings.com – a site for “heterosexual, masculine men” as described by administrators. 998 more words


Talk About a Republic Merely a Diversion

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Stuart pointed out that for all practical purposes, Barbados was already a republic. A Republican form of government stipulates that those run the people’s affairs should be chosen directly or indirectly by the people themselves. 293 more words


e-Voting Is The Way To Go - Paul Nweke

Oya, while we await the result of the presidential election from the real Jega, make una read this lengthy one from moi… 968 more words

2015 Elections