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FITNESS GURU [#Photography]

Believe in yourself and you can change your life, surrounding and health.  Sometimes you just have to hang in the longer and work through what is not easy, and then the result may just be a much more stronger and better you. 50 more words


Book Review Wednesday: The Ties Eternal by Cait Spivey

Despite the fact that this four-day work week has left me nothing if not continually confused about what day it is and stressed about being a full day behind (three-day weekends are awesome, aren’t they? 652 more words


19 Disasters and counting

The inevitable collapse of the Duggar tribe has come about in the most ironic way possible. A family that had prided itself on instilling and mandating “family values” (code-word for being anti-gay and pro female servitude) is now embroiled in a downward spiraling controversy involving pedophilia and incest. 1,109 more words


How to get leverage in your life

Guest blog from Winston Marsh

There was an Italian fellow, Senor Vilfredo Pareto, an economist who was around at the end of the nineteenth century and one day he noticed that 20% of the pea pods in his vegetable garden yielded 80% of the peas; then he discovered that around 20% of his countrymen had 80% of the wealth. 148 more words


A bittersweet farewell, from the 2014-2015 Plaid Press staff

By Melody Park and Tessa Weinberg

Another school year has passed, and many emotions confront us upon the completion of our final issue of The Plaid Press. 474 more words


Charitable companies bring awareness and profits

By Julia Fisher and Alfredo Hernandez 

Lack of consumer awareness prevents societal progress.

American consumers are aware that most of their products come from foreign countries, but they do not truly understand the implications of their purchases, which often prolong social issues needing reform. 530 more words