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U.S. Signals Possible Airstrikes in Somalia

U.S. officials this week requested the geographic coordinates of aid groups working in Somalia, according to a document obtained by The Intercept — a move that could indicate an escalation of military action against the Shabab. 977 more words


Opinion: Tackling prejudices about people with mental illness

Monday marks the beginning of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week. This is an opportune moment to raise awareness of problems faced by people with mental illness. 616 more words


Saudi Reforms and the Future of Mohammed bin Salman

On April 22, as was already customary in the era of King Salman and his son, Prince Mohammed, a series of royal decrees were unexpectedly adopted and immediately published. 1,524 more words


Trump should step down

Russia in American waters and skies. In the election and among trusted people in the administration. What could that mean? Any ideas? No, they’re not there for the burgers, trust me. 234 more words


Will the World Survive Another 100 Days of Donald Trump?

Since it’s easier to imagine Trump spending a weekend in a Bohemian hostel with bearded backpackers than ever admitting to failure, his display of militaristic machismo on the eve of his 100-day milestone may have been a face-saving PR stunt. 1,648 more words


Celestia Help Me! I'm a Brony

Weird things happen when you watch YouTube’s recommended videos. And I blame Weird Al. Back when I used to play World of Warcraft I found this WoW video animation of his ‘Hardware Store’ song. 407 more words


The North Korea Nightmare Continues

The missile tests continue—and will likely accelerate. What should Washington do now?

If North Korea truly desires state of the art nuclear weapons and missiles—something that can deliver an atomic payload to say Los Angeles—than we are indeed in for some tense time ahead. 560 more words