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OPINION: A Few Things Still Bug Me About Rizin FF

By: Albert Miller – Since January of this year, I have been extremely critical of the Rizin Fighting Federation (Rizin, Rizin FF). A big part of my problem is how a lot of people, people who make up the MMA economy & global scene alongside me, are putting so much blind faith into Rizin as if it’s a sure thing. 933 more words


Connections & Injustice

Last week, someone (very) close to me entered the rarefied atmosphere of the “privileged.”
Consequently, on Friday, I was invited to an extremely exclusive conference, tickets for which sold at a very high (crazy) price — I didn’t have to buy a ticket of course, my name was left at the door. 589 more words


Crispy Crepe Of Craziness!

When you think crepe, a sweet, fancy, delictable dessert probably comes to mind. But when I think a crepe? I crave banh xeo. What is banh xeo, you may ask? 585 more words

Creative Writing

Will There Ever be Peace Among Religions?

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has given several anti-Muslim orations perpetrating a
widespread belief that the United States is at war against Islam. Canada, too, has had its share of people who have an anti-Muslim sentiment. 1,104 more words


Breaking Up & Breaking Down

So recently I went through my first real breakup… interesting of course because it followed an undefined relationship. He was never my boyfriend, but he certainly is my ex. 1,157 more words


We, the people

I wrote this essay a couple months ago for a scholarship I was applying to, in which I give my two cents about climate change and attempt to propose a potential solution… 1,005 more words


Daily Prompt: Pretend

via Daily Prompt: Pretend

Pretense what a misunderstood term…

Sometimes we are forced to pretend to go through the day.

You pretend the tough-shoe-lace stake your boyfriend cooked is the best you’ve had… 159 more words