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Just a reminder: No one fights harder to save black lives than black women

Last weekend, I found myself watching Chris Rock’s Bigger & Blacker stand-up special. It still makes me laugh to the point of tears.

Rock’s bit about how we as black people “need a new black leader” resonated with me. 1,297 more words


Cenk and Ana Take On Controversial Pastor Manning - YouTube

This is one of those videos that totally had me beside my self.  The “pastor” is so ignorant, dumb, belittling, hateful, and full of contempt…that I was not sure if to laugh at him, to fume in anger, cry in upset, or to pity him.   43 more words



In many ways I am a liberal. My friends, family and classmates often think I am a bit extreme. I tend to vote democrat. I support certain welfare policies. 670 more words


"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.."

Whenever I read this quote I always become rather emotional, and as I begin to write this post, I can feel tears start to well in my eyes. 431 more words


Arts Review: The Amazing World of MC Escher.

My lack of patience with M.C. Escher is a thread which I can trace all the way back to a definite beginning. At the comprehensive school where I was educated (or at least, that’s what they called it), prints of Escher’s work were nowhere to be seen in the peace of the art department. 1,172 more words


GOP Candidates Scramble as First Debate Looms

In less than a week, a massive television audience will tune in to the Fox News Channel to witness 10 out of the 16 declared Republican presidential candidates take the stage in Cleveland for a debate that will be sure to entertain. 481 more words


Don't ask me if I had "the operation" and don't call me "sir"!

Today I was at the charity shop that the lovely (sarcasm) Seetec and Jobcenter had sent me too. I’m on my second Friday out of 4 fridays there, and transphobia and misgendering happend. 315 more words

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