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Visual Writing?

Hi Jim,

I’m having trouble writing a few of my characters. I have a picture in my head of how these people should look, but I’m having trouble translating that onto paper. 549 more words


Political Correctness Is Killing Colleges: Emotions or Education?

We’ve heard a lot about the flurry of “snowflakes” on college campuses. But it’s more like a blizzard. 330 more words


Will Trump disappoint Wall Street & America?

There is no doubt that the Republican Party was totally surprised and unprepared by the November election results. Trump’s management style is going to drive his management team, the media, most of the American people and the world nuts. 375 more words


There are No Safe Spaces for Persecuted Christians In This World

Some claim that Christianity is a “religion of the powerful.” But try telling that to persecuted Christians! 352 more words


Why You Matter

The political frenzy surrounding this recent election is not unexpected. Every four years the United States of America comes out of the angry slumber from which it resides in order to rant and rave about this democratic function. 520 more words


So Long DirectTV. Hello Cox or Playstation Vue

I had been a seven-year loyal customer to DirectTV. I enjoyed their service and uptime. I never had an issue with equipment. Yes sometimes I had issues with the receivers seeing one another but as far as picture quality I was always very happy. 540 more words


Day 4: Saved $600 Million and Countless Jobs

Written by Adam

First Monday Trump’s in office and he really started delivering on promises for a better tomorrow. Ended the TPP, Mexico City policy rescinded and a hiring freeze to government employees. 768 more words