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Karma is preparing a shit stew

I have always had weird luck in my life. I used to dream about going to art school when I was a kid. In grade 9, my mom saw an ad in the newspaper for open auditions to Langley Fine Arts. 376 more words


New York: So Much Love And So Many Feels

I’ve been waking up early a lot these last few days. The heat is so humid that I often wonder if I have been kidnapped, waking up in the wilderness of the jungle. 208 more words


Lifestyles Report...Dead men tell no tales

“Do you have to go alone?” That was the question my mother always asked me when I would tell her that I was going on a road trip by myself. 526 more words


Mass Effect 1

Hello there, and how are you??

As you might be able to tell from the title, I’m back into playing The Mass Effect series, starting of course with Mass Effect (1). 598 more words



in the universe
there exist laws of nature
all else: opinion

Written: 2015
If you’re offended by this, you’ve proven my point.


Stranded on a Desert Island

So a blog I follow recently posed the question: If you’re stranded on a desert island and could have one book, one movie, one TV box set, and could only listen to one band, what would you take with you? 714 more words