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I'm Sorry, You Apologized for WHAT?? A Brief Look at Our Over-Apologizing Culture

I can’t tell you how it started. I can tell you that once I noticed it, it was everywhere, and impossible to ignore. Not to mention, a little upsetting. 539 more words


Christmas: Christianity or commercialism?

Rocking around the marketing plea.

As we enter the month of December, it is important to elicit the variance of cultural and religious holidays that have continued to influence our social sphere throughout the decades. 695 more words


In the Spirit of Giving

          After you’ve dispatched the United Parcel Service to deliver the fluffy bunnies and huggable bears to your grandkids, completed or crossed out most of the items on your To Do list, and allowed yourself a sigh of relief, you finally will have some time to give a gift of yourself. 380 more words


A Joker Origin Film Is Not a Good Idea

For almost 80 years, the famous comic book villain, Joker, has been shown in many different varieties  through many sorts of medium such as comic books, film, television, and video games; all portrayed in a different way by the artists and actors. 738 more words


I am Not Stupid Just Because I am Not 18 Yet

As a 17 year-old college freshman struggling to find my place at my university, I decided to take to the internet to read the experiences and reflections of previous college freshman. 319 more words


AOL -- How a Former Sharecropper in an SUV Helped Drive Doug Jones to Victory in Alabama's Black Belt

This story introduces us to Perman Hardy, a resident of Lowndes County, Alabama, who on Tuesday made a significant contribution getting Alabamians in her community out to vote. 20 more words


E.L James - Darker

Firstly, is anyone still phased about these novels? A few years ago when the book was released and the hype around the narrative and theme of the story was so popular we all seemed to ignore the poor writing style, I was actually interested in the story. 553 more words