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Why China won’t punish North Korea for its rocket launch

By Christopher Green

The North Korean long-range rocket that took off from the country’s northwest coast this morning (7 February) poses a fresh round of searching questions for governments all the way from Beijing to Washington DC. 646 more words


Hands-free driving and texting dumba$$

I’m no saint on the road. I’ve made my own dumb moves and paid the price. But when I saw this I experienced a visceral response. 360 more words


#OOTD- Opinion Of The Day

Wreyn Delos Angeles | February 8, 2016

I wish I could sit peacefully in a coffee shop and not have to hear about people complaining about how slow the WiFi is or how their phone’s battery is about to die. 402 more words

Today's Music

Wreyn Delos Angeles | February 8, 2016

Whenever I visit Spotify and click on albums from way back, there is not one song that I despise the moment I hear it, and when the album I am scrolling through is named “top hits” or “today’s songs”, then my spotify-ing turns into self-torture. 479 more words

MERA Branded Stupid over Rate Hike

By Thula Chisamba

Some angry Malawians based in Mzuzu city, have branded the Malawi Energy Reguratory Authority (MERA) “Stupid” over its decision to hike electricity tariffs in the country. 291 more words

Révoltez-vous ! Choc Révolte-Toi Sciences Po Paris vs. Reims

By Gaëlle Vandeportaele

Picture courtesy of Révolte-Toi Sciences Po Reims

Les événements qui se déroulent au campus s’enchaînent et nous, étudiants, ne savons plus où donner de la tête afin de participer à toutes les conférences, expositions, débats… Hier soir à Reims se déroulait le Choc – Révolte Toi Sciences Po, concours de débat entre l’équipe parisienne et l’équipe rémoise de Révolte Toi Sciences Po. 301 more words



Secrets and shame are so toxic yet so universal. If there were no secrets, half of the worlds stories would have nothing to tell. We live with our secrets, or try to, but they stay there – nagging – no matter how we try to ignore them. 16 more words

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