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Bridge Collapse Should be a Warning for Local Authorities

The news that a bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy killing 39 people (so far) reminded the blogmaster of the uneasy feeling he experiences while crossing the Charles Duncan O”Neal Bridge in Bridgetown. 87 more words


How to Influence People

Firefly picture source: beautiful_earthy_things

I have recently had a couple trolls on my comments throughout WordPress World. It has me thinking a lot about our actions and their consequences. 346 more words


Imfuruka z’agahinda

Imyaka 25 igiye gushira! Bamwe muri twe twari abana, ubu bashobora kwibuka ibyabaye, abandi tubyumva mu nkuru. Cyakora twese tubona ingaruka zabyo, kuko bamwe twibona turi twenyine, tutagira abo duhamagara ‘papa cyangwa mama’, ni uko tukemera ko ibyo batubwira byabayeho koko: baratwishe! 970 more words

Survivors Welfare

What makes Kombucha more than a fad - Find out

I (Aaron) was having a conversation with Briana the other day and she brought up the idea of fads in diets and drinks. Specifically, we were talking about Kombucha at the time and if it would be around in 5 years or if it has peaked and will be gone by the wayside. 525 more words


Manafort case is about Manafort – not Trump or the Trump campaign

Manafort case is about Manafort – not Trump or the Trump campaign

Closing arguments ended Wednesday in the federal court trial of Paul Manafort on 18 bank and tax fraud charges.