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Santa Vs. Satan: Halloween’s Fate

Black cats and witches. Jack O’ lanterns and creepy ghouls. Timeless tradition of trick-ortreating. These are the icons of Halloween, which define the entire month of October. 283 more words


Dancing in the unreal world

‘She is not a perfect woman.’ ‘He is not a wonderful man.’ ‘I am not good enough for you.’

Come on guys! If you are not happy with your girlfriend or boyfriend, why are you still stay with them? 347 more words


A New Edict of Milan in America

Tolerance needs to begin with us and we need to start by recognizing that baseless, absurd conclusions with the intent to invoke emotional responses from its target audience is the reason why intolerance begins to take shape in the first place.   430 more words


Creativity, Soul, & Music: Song Number Two.

Happy March, everyone!

I am completely shocked it’s March already. How did this happen? I’m also a little sad, but a little excited as well. Excited because it’s getting closer to when I can start grad school and move, sad because winter is coming to an end. 375 more words


Vice's new documentary shows there might be a little less creativity in journalism

This week Vice, known for their unique documentaries, long-form features and topical news, released a new video titled ‘The Real Don Draper.’

The video is a classic Vice film, with others in the same series looking at true stories similar to Breaking Bad or The Wolf of Wall Street. 232 more words


Going Greek, PT 2

In my last post, I expounded on some theory about why people go Greek. I said I’d explain some universal truths about going Greek, and here they are: 1,959 more words


Home is such a relative concept.

At different points in life, home can be where you were born, where you were raised, where you are living now. 450 more words