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Intelligence Part 1: Fact or Fiction?

During a particularly intense video game session, in which I was simultaneously stabbed, shot, blown up and bludgeoned to death to the undeniably fitting chorus of Elton John’s 1973 platform-stomper… 508 more words


More publicity needed for wildlife crime-related subsidy withdrawals

Regular blog readers will know how difficult it is to find out whether farms and shooting estates that have a proven link with wildlife crime have had any of their agricultural subsidies withdrawn as a result of their non-compliance with the subsidy regulations. 464 more words


Kevin McVicker's Comics Corner: issue #9: 'The Walking Dead' - is it really that great?

For this edition of Comics Corner, I’m going to talk about the immensely popular “The Walking Dead.” I’ll be referring to both the comics and the television series as they predominately have the same themes and plots, so in reality although they are different mediums they can be linked in criticism for better or worse. 949 more words


Separating Professional lives and personal lives on Social media

We are living in the technology age where everyone is using a computer, smartphone, tablet and now we have the privilege to be using smart watches as well. 344 more words


Business Card kini mungkin tidak lagi relevan di zaman internet

Biasanya lecturer/professionals keluar berjumpa client dan membawa business card masing-masing. Saya pula, jarang bawa business card semasa conference/meeting dengan orang luar. Sebabnya mcm ni:

1. Saya biasanya dpt phone call/email dari orang luar. 71 more words


Videogames, Parents and Neglect: Why Mainstream Media Needs To Catch Up

If you let your child play inappropriate videogames, you could be reported for neglect. That’s the message coming from the Nantwich Education Partnership according to the BBC… 998 more words


The Monday Debate - Moore, O'Brien and the weighing scales

It came as no surprise that Jospeh O’Brien finally make his debut over hurdles. However, when he rode Egyptian Warrior on Sunday, it came sooner than most people probably expected. 445 more words

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