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Red Sox Signing of David Price and its Impact on Baseball

By: Marisa Ingemi

“The Boston Red Sox need an ace.” The narrative had been spoken many times since a year ago when the club lost Jon Lester to the Chicago Cubs, That same narrative continued to be repeated when manager John Farrell stated the team boasted “five aces”, and once again when the pieced-together rotation continued to falter throughout yet another anemic┬áseason of Red Sox baseball. 1,737 more words


Opinion - Public Breastfeeding


I wonder if I will be publicly hung for saying that I am beginning to think some women find “crusades” just to make the news. 237 more words



Not Impossible,
I came, fought and won your hearts,
Still here, but now gone.

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Fantasy vs. Dystopian

Fantasy and dystopian novels fill the shelves of teens everywhere. This begs the question if one is better than the other. Personally I think there is no competition between the two, I can easily say fantasy is better. 319 more words

Saloni Desai

The Future of paper

Paper. Invented by the Han Dynasty in China around 260 BCE, it was a welcome replacement for what came before it, which was mostly inefficient stone tablets, or somewhat efficient, but easily disrupted, clay tablets. 1,115 more words


Awakening the Blog

Or, to borrow a theme from an upcoming movie: Summer’s Wars: The Blog Awakens.

It has been over a year since my last blog post. How time flies! 89 more words


My Approach to Teaching

My goal as an educator is not only to teach the material, but also to find new ways to incorporate technology within the curriculum in my classroom. 742 more words