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In Defence of Football

Recently, a friend texted me lamenting the fact that people seem to dislike football. In Britain, the hatred of football is a position you often see taken up by people who feel the urge to differentiate themselves from “the masses”. 967 more words


First name Greatest. Last name Ever.#JesusChrist

— 🇺🇸CharlieKae🇵🇭 (@CharlieKae17) January 17, 2019



A real difference between conservatives and liberals (Jan. 16)

As I have traveled across Allegheny County, I have witnessed and spoken to persons of all persuasions, particularly Black people. These persons are voters and too many non-voters overwhelmingly vilify politicians. 506 more words


Violent crime is down 23 percent since 80, may be all-time low—So what? (Jan. 16)

BDP had a song about police harassment. The refrain went: You were put here to protect us, but who protects us from you? Every time I see the phrase—fact check—I re-arrange that refrain and think: You’re supposed to check the facts for us, but who checks the facts for you? 610 more words


Opinion: Can Sears Be Revived After Eddie Lampert Won Auction Bid, Saving Sears From Liquidation?

Can Sears be revived after Chairman Eddie Lampert won $5.2 billion auction bid to save Sears from liquidation?

When thinking of Sears I got nothing to be excited about! 750 more words


Israel is deepening ties with Muslim-majority states in Africa. nearly half a century after a string of African nations cut all diplomatic ties over the 1967 war.

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How to lose a real man in (less than) 10 days:

1. He buys #gillette
2. He goes full Vegan
3. He looks like starter-kit Justin Bieber…

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