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A Light In The Dark (Part I)

     I have felt for a very long time that the morality of mankind has all but fled from the world. That respect for our fellow man has dwindled to little more than a spark. 1,047 more words


Hardknott's 'Squiddy: Squid Ink Beer' - The Review

This is a beer I was very excited to try. Hardknott is a fantastic brewery – not only do their beers speak for themselves, but they border on the kind of slightly pretentious experimentalism that I’m all about. 520 more words


A life lesson....

Its tough out there, it really is a ‘cut throat’ world for the ‘up and coming’, the ‘apprentices’, the ‘just qualified’, the ‘under graduates’.

Gone are the days where life experience used to count for something, because if it did, I wouldn’t be in this predicament, I have life experience, shit loads of it, because without sounding all Frank Sinatra I really did do it my way. 902 more words

Fall is my Favorite Season

How so?

  1. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold. Spring is the season to sneeze and sneeze. I sound like Goldilocks, but it’s true. The crisp air of autumn is what I look forward to each year.
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The value of remembrance in the wounded memories

The value of remembrance in the wounded memories

I have always found it funny how the same experiences each person brings his own memory and interpreted with a certain sense of “saudade”, this word, saudade, we can translate as nostalgia, no more than listen in a group of friends, their anecdotes and as everyone remembers several details of what it was a great adventure, We are… 214 more words


Ellen just reminded us what happens when white liberal friends get too comfortable

Usually, Ellen DeGeneres can do no wrong in my eyes.

But this week she reminded all of us what happens when your favorite white friend gets a little too comfortable and crosses the line. 1,049 more words


30 Day Manga Challenge Day 7

Day 7: A manga you stopped reading but wished you didn’t

This one is actually an easy one for once. It actually has a show that is airing too, One Punch Man. 231 more words