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...Go Outside the Lines

We’re officially in the middle of a television wasteland known as summer reruns. While there are summer series, the ones worthy of your time are a much shorter list. 232 more words


Scatterbrain!: Vulture Delirium

Wait..do you hear that? Look! Vulture Delirium has arrived and it’s swooping across the wild blue yonder, dropping 3 psychotically twisted tales upon the population. … 4,704 more words



IĀ stopped walking on the building, where the clouds were so close to me. Not that I liked clouds. Haley was already there. He told me that his tits were hurting. 360 more words


The Disapointment of Zipporah

Not often, but occasionally, a book is so laughably bad it makes me happy. I’m happy because I know that I could write a better story than this published person, which gives me hope that if I tried, maybe one day I’ll be published. 353 more words


SCOTUS: You Can Be Racist Without Actually Being Racist

It is clear that last week was not a good one for conservatives who believe in judicial restraint. The Supreme Court invented a new right to same sex marriage and managed to interpret a law to mean that opposite of what is actually said. 995 more words

American Politics

Summer Style: Feat. The Sunglass Spot.com

For most of us, the beginning of spring and summer are key times in which we wear our sunglasses to accessorize. But, we don’t all want to spend Ray Ban money on sunglasses we might lose or just lose interest in from season to season. 164 more words


This Isn't The Golden Age of Video Games

Over the past few years I don’t think a week has past where I did not read an article from someone declaring this “The Golden Age of Video Games.” If you think about this idea quickly you may agree. 1,326 more words