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Webinar Digital Extortion: Will you pay the ransom?

27 July 2016

I attended the IBM Security Webinar “Digital Extortion: Will you pay the ransom?” this evening. Limor Kessem talked about the history of and the latest trends in ransomware. 65 more words


Stop Blaming Bernie

(photo – Jack Gruber, USA Today)

As an ardent Bernie Sanders’ supporter, I must take umbrage at the call for Bernie to somehow coerce his supporters into vowing allegiance to Camp Hillary. 339 more words

Mass Consumption

Opinionated Man reblogged this on and commented:

This was well said and I definitely get the struggle with "what to do now." I think many of us have a dim outlook on this nation's next four years. -OM Note: Comments disabled here. Please visit their blog.

You won't be forgotten

It is so hard still to comprehend this. It makes some of us that use social media on a large scale afraid to share ourselves online anymore. 34 more words


Another missed opportunity

DURBAN, South Africa – On my first night here to cover the 26th International AIDS Conference, I had dinner with Phill Wilson, president and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, and three other members of our delegation. 868 more words


Doubling Down on the Dumb

Sigh. So Dalrock really has it out for Mary Kassian and has yet another post called, “Guarding her Equality.” I must say, the more I read of this woman, the more I find myself pleased with what she is saying. 508 more words

It’s all Greek to Me: Alternative Language Offerings at School

 By Harry Wendelken

The Periscope (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

As the years go on, and globalism becomes more and more pervasive in our society, the need to learn a foreign language becomes a vital part of a student’s educational career. 567 more words


Facebook, we have a problem

The world is slowly being split into two. Views are becoming polarized, grey areas are vanishing, and you’re either with ‘em, or against ‘em. This has been happening for a while and became crystallized here in the UK with the Brexit vote. 619 more words