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Pritzker falling in Illinois Dem guv race

By John Ruberry

“Big Daddy! Now what makes him so big? His big heart? His big belly? Or his big money?” Brick Pollitt in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. 633 more words


Who doesn't like a military parade?

Everyone thinks Trump’s military parade is a dumb idea. Well, everyone in the media anyway, and sadly there is a vocal minority in the military that is attempting to lend their voices as well. 525 more words


Nancy {hearts} Antonio

Nancy Pelosi spent eight hours babbling on the House floor the other day, presumably over DACA.

Now, DACA has become the Dems’ favorite issue. How can the mean Republicans – or anyone, for that matter – not love the idea that persons who are breaking the law should leapfrog and be given preference over foreigners who are spending time and treasure in the legal immigration process? 340 more words


Dear Mr Oliver, Don't take Away our Bake Sales

This is, in all honesty, a slightly belated reply to something Jamie Oliver discussed a couple of weeks ago – how our school bake sales are sending the wrong message. 1,073 more words


An Answer to: You can do Better than That

It’s a familiar thing you may have heard, if you do one of those menial service jobs that no one really deems a “real” one. The sort of job you should only be expected to do if you’re a teenager or someone who didn’t bother with their A Levels. 550 more words


Why #MeToo is as heartwarming as it is heart-rending

Last week multiple sources spoke out against Harvey Weinstein, accusing him of sexual assault and harassment. Among the many were the likes of Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevigne, and Kate Beckinsale. 191 more words