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Inflation, Globalization, and the German Model

A very bothering feature of the European economic debate in these days is the recurring argument that Germans (and Germany as a state) would be against inflation because “of their history”. 564 more words


Nine Muses slay a bit with Hurt Locker

So far the majority consensus has been that this summer of comebacks has been…well…bad.
I personally have not disliked a single comeback yet. But…I have not truly been that impressed. 416 more words

K Pop

30 Day Challenge: Day 4.

Day 4: My Views on Religion.

I must admit, I don’t ‘follow’ a Religion. I never have and I’ve never been taught to follow one!  I was christened as a child and I will Christen my daughter, I think its become more of a tradition that solefully following the Religion. 242 more words



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100th Masterchef Episode Comments

Warning: This will contain spoilers.

I finished watching masterchef and my heart broke when Shelly found out she wasn’t being eliminated. Something about her crying and apologizing to Amanda, after she was convinced she was the one to left, got to me. 136 more words


Waiting on Forever

“The way I see it, you don’t need anyone who doesn’t need you.”

This statement is so cliché, but it is also very true. I mean really.

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The Light of Her Life, on the Effects of Music on Someone’s Life

The experiences in life, translated…

A Life , Accompanied by Music

Growing up, I couldn’t read the music, and I couldn’t sing on pitch, until the year I graduated from elementary school, I was moved by the music I heard.   946 more words

Experiences Of Life