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we have different

ideas and opinions

on how to raise a

child and its going

to be fun figuring

this out.


My Writings

Goosebumps: Creepy and Good

by Kennya Zaldiva

This is about Goosebumps. It’s my old favorite show, and I’m glad that the new one came. I watch every episode of… 547 more words

RANDOM THOUGHT: Why KPOP are being copied by OPM?

EDITOR’S NOTE: RANDOM THOUGHT is a semi-weekly column where we talk about things that may be random to some, but most certainly make a Big Impact in the Korean Pop Culture scene in the Philippines. 757 more words


Subjectivity in Social Justice

Harrison Phipps
  Opinions Editor

Recently, many have taken up arms in the name of social justice. Judgments on proper, ethical treatment of people are being made left and right; but all of it comes with one great concern:unless there is an objective good, bad, right, and wrong, then absolutely nothing dictates any forms of behavior as being proper. 769 more words

Clichés and Surprises // Undone Review

There will probably be spoilers. You’ve been warned.

I read a Young Adult book for the first time in a while a few days ago. (I also finished it. 598 more words


My experience at a Trump rally

Story by: Connor Curts, staff writer
Photo by: Mackenie Carpenter, Photo Editor

When Donald Trump visited Indiana shortly before the Indiana Primary elections at the beginning of May, I was able to attend one of his rallies which was held in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 267 more words