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Change Of Events

In this series we report on a family. Their unlikely change of fortune, one affecting their lives forever. Chain of events leading rags to riches story. 455 more words


The universe on a snowflake

The following is neither art nor science. It is an opinion’s piece, an euphemism for custodial business on weekends.


Fitting the universe on a snowflake… 884 more words

Old News

Chapter 3, Day 63: Growing Up

Today is March 4, 2015 and I feel like I am finally becoming the adult everyone else is in college. I have always been identified with the people of my grade which of course is a year older than me, so it’s not necessarily the mindset change. 207 more words


Campus soap products should be safe for all students

Faith Grimes


A little while back, a friend of mine mentioned to me that she thought she was allergic to the soap on campus. 468 more words


Sports separation by gender should vary

Michelle Kearney


While not particularly of the athletic persuasion, I still find myself fascinated with certain competitions and questions revolving around them. Lately, I have come to think more and more about the separation of the sexes when it comes to many sports. 361 more words


Attend Whittier sporting events and show Poet pride

Danielle Ruacho-Murillo


The second best thing to being an active participant in one of the many Whittier College sports is getting to be a cheerleader and rooting for my team from the stands. 479 more words


Surrounding History

Hey kids,

Last Sunday we went to the movies, one that I had not been to in some time, Broadway Cinema, downtown Salt Lake City. State Street and Broadway to be more precise. 185 more words

Porter Rockwell