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Can Paul Kagame revamp the AU?

Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s objective of a self-reliant and integrated continent is likely to remain a distant dream as most of his peers are going their own way, politically and economically.   798 more words


Passing Thoughts #4

The Dark Ages

I had a meeting with a psychologist yesterday – I practice what I preach, regression therapy has been my holy grail for many years. 1,079 more words



Yesterday was the women’s campaign in America. Paris Jackson was there, Scarlet Johansen, other celebrities and more than 1.000 people showed up to empower one another. 55 more words


Review - Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton

This is the second book in a series. I already reviewed the first one, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below. Like the first book this is a fast, exciting read and if you like books in which our world is not as it seems then you will probably like this. 229 more words


Are there things you shouldn't tattoo?

Just a quick post this time, dear readers!
We’ve all seen hilarious and terrible tattoos on the internet and nearly peed ourselves laughing at them. I’ve cried laughing at someof them (Sorry folks!) Some are downright awful, and we simply chuckle and thank our lucky stars that they weren’t inflicted on us! 696 more words

Marching On

To make up for my wishy-washiness last year, I found myself really wanting to observe, and possibly participate in a Women’s March this year… 342 more words


The Fertile Cresent (1)-Iran

The Middle East is a giant chessboard. A chessboard where the great powers of today maneuver their proxies to battle for influence. And at the center of that chessboard is another game of cloak and dagger that still unfolds as we speak. 1,305 more words