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Book Review: Cat’s Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut

This novel follows the main character, known simply as John, as he recalls a strange journey he took while writing a simple article for the newspaper. 284 more words


In praise of...Do-over Time Travel Stories

There are two questions that always seem to pop up first when people start to talk about time travel. One is “What if you accidentally kill an ancestor?” The other is, “Would you go back in time and kill Hitler/prevent horrible history thing/etc.?”* I’ve always found that second question more interesting because I love to think about historical what-ifs. 669 more words


Ranking the Bolt Thrower Albums

or: Lonely Are the Glorious. An Ode to a Band Like No Other.

Around the time Those Once Loyal was released, Bolt Thrower had a very active message board on their… 2,427 more words


The Name Game

Recently I found this on social media and I can honestly say I have never related to something more:

I get at least five work emails a day that are addressed to someone with a name that is similar to mine but isn’t spelt quite the same. 524 more words


Charlie's Angels: You Know What, It Was Fun... Kind of.

Watching this new Charlie’s Angels movie has got me to a point where reviving obsolete film franchises feel very routine for Hollywood. Look, I like the first two movies, but they feel very run-of-the-mill. 507 more words

Film Reviews

World Children's Day 2019

A look at some of the challenges that lay ahead of us and some achievements of extraordinary children

World Children’s Day or Universal Children’s Day is celebrated across the globe to spread awareness on improving the welfare of children and celebrating their achievements, who are trailblazers of change. 1,572 more words


Shakespeare and Company - 100

Sylvia. Sylvia Beach and Sylvia Whitman.

Shakespeare. Stratford-upon-Avon. England.

Shakespeare and Company. Paris. France.

Source: Wikipedia

People. Some globally known, others, less. Special people, to whom humanity is silently grateful. 34 more words