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How many times have you settled with familiar?

“You feel safest when you’re in a familiar place even when familiarity is pain.”

I wrote that to myself at 3am on the day I decided to start writing my pain down to sort through it. 114 more words


Les Zintrépides - Le cirque #03

Les Zintrépides – Le cirque #03

Alain M. Bergeron, Colette Dufresne & Sampar

Éditions Michel Quintin

ISBN : 9782897622657

Les enfants de ma génération (j’ai 30 ans soit dit en passant) ont tous ou presque lus au moins un livre ” dont vous êtes le héros ”. 573 more words


Ads the way to do it

Or not.
The most annoying thing about TV is the adverts.
Programmes seem to be split into fifteen minute segments and just as you’re getting back into the swing of the storyline, bingo, another ad break. 232 more words



As a man, regardless of your believes, religion or ethnicity, they have to be a couple of rules or principles you live by. These principles are what distinguish us from animals and without them we will be nothing but savages.


NEWS: Dean and Castiel Are the Best Damn Part of Supernatural, Period

Alex Maxx over at PopSugar posted the best article EVER. OK, I’m biased, because I adore Destiel. But seriously, this article covers all the reasons why Destiel is the shippiest ship to ever ship and why we all love watching them, from their season 4 beginnings to present. 9 more words

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Trump plays victim despite growing evidence

JOSEPH CANNING | canni001@rangers.uwp.edu

The allegations and investigations directed toward U.S. President Donald Trump and his team have created a mounting tension since he was elected almost exactly a year ago. 433 more words


Wisconsin senate talks new immigration bill

JESSICA DIAZ|diaz0034@rangers.uwp.edu

Senate Bill 275 was introduced by Senator Nass (R-Whitewater), Stroebel (R-Saukville), Craig (R- Town of Vernon) and Vukmir (R-Brookfield) on May 25, 2017. Senate Bill 275 prohibits cities, villages, towns and counties from enacting policies that protect undocumented immigrants. 281 more words