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New York Giants vs Washington Week 3 Prediction

New York Giants VS Washington

Week 2 Reaction

Another week down and the Giants remain undefeated. Although my week 2 prediction for the final score ended up being way off, I clearly wasn’t the only one that thought the game would be more of a shootout. 205 more words


Movie Review: The Shallows

I love Sharknado. Okay? Let’s just get that out of the way.

The Shallows wasn’t meant to be a B movie therefore we should all judge it fairly. 484 more words


Clash of Champions: Predictions

Clash of Champions is this weekend, 9/25/2016, at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Replacing Night of Champions, it will be the first RAW branded PPV since the recent brand split. 108 more words


As West Africans revert to bushmeat post-ebola, a lasting cure remains solution

As the outbreak of Ebola subsides, West Africans flocking to wild animal meat like squirrel, deer and hedgehogs. https://t.co/P5968D4Wp3 pic.twitter.com/O6cSB7wgTy

— The Associated Press (@AP) …

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Co-Sleeping: To Do Or Not To Do

Co-sleeping is something that lots of parents do from a young age and an older age. It isn’t for everybody – my family included.

Personally I am not at all a fan of co-sleeping as it encourages bad habits when children get older such as dependency on being close to parents in order to sleep meaning the transition into big boy/girl bed can be super challenging. 434 more words

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My Opinion on the LGBT Community

This isn’t really a guide for anything, and it’s not going to particularly help anyone, but I was thinking about this recently, and I wanted to share my opinion to possibly broaden your perspective on this topic. 456 more words


How understanding death can change your life

Last weekend Devin and I were enjoying a favorite show of ours ‘Mountain Men‘. Watching the show is obviously something we like to do, but more than that, we love the commercial breaks. 715 more words