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Bare Necessities

I’ve lived a pretty typical middle-class young adult life. I graduated high school, went to college, and now I have a job and am contributing (?) to society. 662 more words

Mental Health

Cosby Accuser caught smuggling heroin into the country.

Aint it kinda funny how this chick just can’t stay out of the news, first it was from being raped and now it’s about her smuggling heroine into the United States. 101 more words


None Like Him - Infinite

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I start this new blog post series after a couple month of hiatus based on a book by Jen Wilkin – None Like Him. 1,451 more words

The Jury Demand Strikes Back: Opinions, July 25, 2017

The First and the Fourteenth Courts of Appeal released memorandum opinions yesterday, on jury demands and, essentially, the unlikelihood of success on appeal where a reporter’s record is not filed. 630 more words

“i am drowning
in your love,
gasping for air.”

Should we still hate Kevin Durant?

Should we still hate Kevin Durant after he’s won a championship with Golden State?In my opinion,we should,and I’ll tell you why.First of all,in the season before KD left for Oakland (2015-16),he was texting with his soon to be teammates of the Warriors behind his OKC Thunder teammates’ backs the whole SEASON.After all of that,his Thunder team gave up a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals to the Warriors.Sure, Russell Westbrook didn’t have his best games,but still his team had a 3-1 lead on a seventy-three win team.After most of the Thunder players left the court after their series loss to the Warriors,analyst Stephen A. 793 more words


Trump and “Friends”

Don’t you think it’s kind of cool that Don Donald has hired Anthony Scaramucci to be his consiglieri in the WH communications office? Good jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, it’s like something right out of the Sopranos. 744 more words