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Megachurch in Manhattan

By Ruby Samuels

Have you ever wanted to go to a Sunday mass off campus? Feel too awkward to visit a congregation that you aren’t part of and don’t intend to join? 668 more words

Your Argument Will Always be Invalid to Me

Here’s why you will never change my mind about birth control.

Picture this:

You’re sixteen years old, about to enter your junior year of high school. 896 more words


Misinformation and Influence (BBBC 2017-21)

In my lifetime, I cannot remember a time where so much misinformation has existed, and been spread, so far and wide. But then, we haven’t always had social media and the internet so prevalent in our lives. 262 more words


I Cannot Believe I Have To Make This Post In The Year Of Our Lord 2017

This was originally going to be a Facebook post. But, considering the political make-up of my friends and family, given my geography, I decided that was probably really stupid. 832 more words


My Dog Is A Racist

No, really, he is. I absolutely detest walking him these days as he growls aggressively at big, black dogs (and occasionally dark brown ones too). Small dogs seem to be immune – perhaps size really does matter after all – but anyway, I digress. 1,012 more words


"21st century designer"

Learning about being a “21st century designer” intimidates me. I know that I will have to adapt as I learn. But I struggle to see past myself when it comes to making things. 129 more words


I Just Want To Go To London And See My President- Reuben Abatti |FortNews

When 15 million plus Nigerians voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 General elections, their expectation was that he would be available to serve them 24/7/365, and that those who fielded him as their candidate had done their home work to avoid what is curiously becoming the Katsina problem in Nigerian politics. 1,911 more words