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Black Existentialism and the Self

It’s 4 am on a Saturday…well Sunday morning now and I’m writing another blog about existence. Feel free to take a shot for each existential crisis and have an Uber ready to the closest infirmary. 829 more words


Sunday Movie Review: Episode 3

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of the week again, where I will give you my (kind of condensed version at times) opinions about the film I’ve watched that week. 292 more words

Netflix faves!

This is the perfect season for Netflix, although to me, every season is. The rain, wind and generally icky weather we’ve been facing makes it the perfect time to snuggle down with a blanket, a hot cuppa and netflix so i thought i’d share what I’ve really enjoyed on Netflix so far this year! 527 more words

12 things you need to know about menswear and fashion

12 things you need to know about menswear“. Indeed. I was looking through the trite articles on offer on a Norwegian fashion news site this afternoon and almost every title was click-bait offering to reveal some number of somethings you desperately need to know to know about making an outfit faux pas, or not making the impression you should be making, or generally avoiding living a meaningless, miserable life. 445 more words


Book: The 5th Wave & The Infinite Sea

Entry #18: 7/2/16

Hey readers. Happy February!

Remember that time I watched the movie, The 5th Wave? Yeap that’s right, now I can announce that I’ve concluded Books 1 and 2 of the trilogy – … 674 more words


Ehrlich is Right on “Safe Spaces”

By Tyler Higgins, Contributor

Recently, Furman played host to Robert “Bob” Ehrlich, a former congressman and governor of Maryland. During his CLP address and a separate interview, Ehrlich tore into what he deemed the “disease of political correctness” sweeping college campuses, most notably the controversies surrounding “safe spaces” at the University of Missouri and Yale University. 549 more words