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The Hypocrisy With Which We View Sexual Assault

#MeToo, Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken and Roy Moore. The conversation in politics, entertainment and culture has been swirling around sexual assault. In the realm of politics, particularly, the conversation has taken some disturbing turns. 1,386 more words


Is there a growing concern with Movember?

*Originally published in The Cord (Movember should mean more than the beard you grow). Photo by Luke Sazarin

You’ve seen it on social media, commercials, and even on live sporting events – buy a product marketed by big-name corporations, and a portion of your sale will go towards a good cause or charity. 686 more words

365 of 45

Everyone will lay claim to where they were and what they were doing when something monumental happens. In the case of the presidential election last year, I was working nights as a janitor. 3,005 more words


Happy birthday Mass Effect

I know so many people are going to write about Mass Effect, but fuck it. So am I.

I was relatively late to the world of Mass Effect. 587 more words


A nation of tragedy.

On April 20, 1999, the world was shocked when two teenagers walked into their high school with weapons and killed 13 people, and injured more than 20 others. 386 more words


People's Opinions Are Unimportant

Wait, What?

Free speech absolutist decries people having an opinion?

Not at all.

But in the grand scheme of a news report on TV or in a newspaper or online versions of either, including the reaction(s) of some random on social media is not important in the slightest. 121 more words

General Crap

The Worth of Burlesque

When making corporate bookings the words “but you’re only on stage for a short time, is it worth it?” may come out of a client’s mouth. 945 more words