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Voting Third Party-Colorado

I’m all for voting for third party candidates. With candidates who don’t align with our bipartisan system, you’re likely to find a candidate who better fits your views and a candidate who is less likely to crush under the pressure of their party. 950 more words

Brain Stuff

Are We Too Plugged In?

          When I was in elementary school, I was part of two tightly-knit friend groups. There was the group of girly girls, the ones who were in my class at school and dance, and the ones I spent my lunches and recesses with by choice. 1,166 more words


Books to Use as Plates

Happy Fall semester! To kick things off, enjoy a goofy piece from HES’s own Amelia Beckerman and Regina Volpe (everyone’s favorite comedic lit commentary duo) 658 more words


The Bridezilla Trap, Day 375

One of my biggest fears during wedding planning is becoming the dreaded Bridezilla. A Bridezilla is so eloquently defined by the Urban Dictionary as, “one ridiculous spoiled bitch, that thinks she is the center of the universe because ‘her show’ a.k.a her wedding, is 18 months from now.” It is not just an American TV series; Bridezilla behavior is a real life phenomenon that ends engagements, friendships, and divides families. 732 more words


6 of the coolest places to drink and dine in East London

Czech beers, Bloody Marys, live jazz and padrón peppers, East London’s gastronomic scene is more vibrant than ever. Digital Editor, Millie Walton picks some of her favourite spots for drinking and dining in the city’s hottest neighbourhoods… 748 more words


Reflections and Lessons: #NeverForget is the hashtag - but have we?

I write this with a heart that is still so heavy with sadness for those who have lost their loved ones as a result of the terrorist acts on September 11th.   506 more words

Louise Sattler

Creating my bubble

Someone said something to me today that struck a different cord with me.

“You have to live within your bubble, know who you are, and live inside that bubble”.

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