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There's a fine line...

These awards and nominations are always a load of rubbish and the people who do deserve them are not bothered about them, however… Nicki Minaj is completely right and I agree with her, only this context does nothing to support it, and Taylor responded very ignorantly (as she seems to do a lot). 134 more words


Harry Potter Movies: A Downhill Slope?

Before the angry comments start to flood in, I would like to at least start by saying that I do not think that the later films in the Harry Potter franchise could be considered bad. 1,441 more words


The Courageous over The Doubter.

What must we follow, the orders of our mind or the calling of our heart? Intellectuals would prefer to follow what their brain is telling them, while compassionate individuals tend to follow the plea of their hearts. 451 more words

Summer Lovin......or Lack Thereof

So here’s a thought….

Every summer, many of us come up with an agenda of all the great things we’ll do; theme parks, tanning by the pool, saving money (or at least the attempt to), and so much more. 177 more words


Playing with wildfire

I met him on a Wednesday. I met him for fun. To pass the time. I met him to see if he was all he made out he was. 267 more words


The Biggest Moments of Orange Is The New Black Season 3

by: Lynda Green

Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black quietly set itself apart from previous seasons. Piper technically is the focus, but seems less important as the story evens out across all the inmates. 805 more words


Slavery in the bible...

Recently, a flutter of passion ignited in ‘Merica, regarding the use of the Confederate flag on government buildings. There have been a handful of shooting where blacks were killed by whites, the whites proclaiming justification because blacks are lessor, should have kept slaves. 1,741 more words