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Power Corrupts: The Case for Term Limits

Interestingly enough, a number of members of Congress who supported the 1995 term limit proposals remain in office today.

Term limits may prove useful in disrupting the tendency to think in partisan lockstep, a phenomenon that results in the curious reality that nearly all Congressional Democrats should be convinced that climate change is the greatest peril facing the world while nearly all Republicans dismiss its risks.

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The Question Every Couple Should Ask Each Other - Before They Get Married

2017 marks the official start of my wedding year and with this fresh start, I find myself pondering what marriage really means to me. The events to come in the year ahead will probably make me think about the meaning of marriage often. 847 more words


is blogging narcissistic??

Like, it’s mostly sharing your thoughts, without much conversation or discussion afterwards to clarify them. Is it self-absorbed of me to go on about myself, my life, my relationships, my unintelligible thoughts,  128 more words


Top 5 Games of 2016 

Yes it’s one of those. Sue me. Hey the news cycle is full of these right now. So why should I be different? With all the celebrity demise occurring as of late I figured I would rather close the year with the greatest accomplishments of pixelated puppetry. 379 more words


0% Sale

During this time of year, the world goes a little mad. This madness has only increased in recent years as materialism increases. I am of course talking about the Boxing Day sales. 481 more words


The Year of the Meme

Christmas being round the corner is for most people, a sign that they should chalk up new resolutions to fulfill or ignore in the coming year, all the while planning and attending dinners or parties; rushing past the last few days of the year in a daze. 914 more words


(Update)My Experience Playing Mutant Roadkill on Android

My Mutant Roadkill playthrough.My experience playing this game.

.I also did a review of this game but i didn’t feel it was good enough.So i decided to play the game a little longer and just like any driving game(or endless runner).I regretted it.The first time was easy but now with a new suv. 613 more words