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Opinion: Marvin Menzies staying is a good thing, right?

By Albert Luna

Sports Editor

Covering NMSU basketball this past season was a rollercoaster. Many fans can agree the Aggies had a bit of a letdown season after failing to make the NCAA Tournament a record-tying fifth consecutive time. 902 more words


Opinion: VR Should NOT Be the Future of Gaming

Gimmicks can suck. The idea that a designer or developer thinks that they can define an entire product around a single shallow appeal can hurt the visions of artists who want to see their work on the product in question. 1,086 more words

When is Enough...Enough?

“Why didn’t you box out?” “Why didn’t you run faster?” “why can’t you do things right the first time?” These questions are questions that I have heard my entire life. 456 more words

High School

Opinion: Trump flourishing by voters’ anger, Clinton by nostalgia

By Billy Huntsman

Managing Editor

New Mexico has the angriest voters in the country, according to research done by an author and analyst for Yahoo Finance. 646 more words

Local News

Something to watch | Quantico 

If you are bored and need something to watch I would highly recommend QuanticoI started watching the show last Friday night and got so addicted to it that I watched the first 12 episodes in one day. 241 more words


On the bottem rung of society's ladder

There’s been some interesting discussions going on at Violet’s place, feminism, egalitarianism, prostitution, privilege, and leftism. I’m laughing here, but believe it or not, all those subjects tie into one another. 842 more words

The Two-Sided Monster Named "For-Profit Schools"

Hey, friends.
Normally my posts have links to back up my opinion, but this post will be purely from personal experience (which I can possibly call an entire mistake). 1,112 more words