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Pokémon Go, or Pokémon No? ~~ (I know. Such an original title.)

Number #3. Woo!

I know. It’s this. No this isn’t me hopping on the bandwagon of Pokémon Go”‘s success story, like many other blogs and news sites have done by the dozens. 934 more words

Fine wine expert Adam Brett-Smith's investment advice: start drinking

Adam Brett-Smith is managing director at one of the world’s most prestigious wine merchants, Corney & Barrow. The firm has unique and exclusive relationships with the world’s greatest wine producers including Chateau Petrus, Domaine de la Romanee Conti, and Salon champagne. 863 more words


Faithfully Unhappy (single, unhappy, but faithful).

Many would ask “How can you be unhappy if you truly have faith in The Lord?”. In fact many would secretly assume that if a Christian is unhappy with their lot in life, their faith is lacking. 1,721 more words


I'm a bad person...

…for a multitude of reasons! But, for now, we’ll cover the big one that’s been bugging me. With any luck, someone will read this, sympathize, and… well… I’ll save my secret, burning desire for later. 666 more words


Chains- Un.

It weighed there heavy, dark like a cloud,

Rolling about the sky unchained, changing,

Changing me with it. Lament and shame for the toll,

Prices paid, yet no debts accrued. 62 more words


It's just pencils! Or is it?

After much thought and great discussion over on the Erasable Facebook group, I felt compelled to make a blog posting about the issue of Blackwing Volumes and their seemingly white, male-dominated lineup.   693 more words


Racism in America

Edited by: Claudia Kwok

Recent American events surrounding the #BlackLivesMatters movement sparked the critical thinker within me to awaken. If you’re unaware, two seemingly innocent African Americans were recently gunned down by police officers in separate incidents, which have led to an anarchic outrage on social media and in the form of protest in Dallas (and yes, Obama delivered yet another… 436 more words

Bobby Hristova