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Where we stand. Post-Round 3.

It is round 3. The competition sits poised after 3 weeks of competition with an unlikely and unpredictable landscape. As we look at the ladder a few things leap out to the average punter. 696 more words


All the Peace of Westphalia action

Yesterday we had a double dose of Peace of Westphalia tourism – we were in Münster as mentioned yesterday but we also made a stop in Osnabrück. 244 more words


When did text message stop being text?

I remember the days when people had brick phones, The good phones that couldn’t connect to the internet or send images and videos but now in these times with the new phones Android and iphone you can and do so much more than in the past. 254 more words


I Thought Ponyo Was Hentai, What Gives?

By Dorito Man

An excerpt from our latest release, The Fake News Issue!

I work hard. People in my life understand this, So get this. 966 more words


The Thing About Youtubers...

When it comes to the whole youtube thing. I never really understood why people made videos on a platform that constantly censors them and think of it as a full time job and not beeing counter-productive. 769 more words


Why A Batgirl Movie Won't Be Complete Without Oracle

Yesterday, DC Comics and Warner Brothers announced they were adding a Batgirl movie to their upcoming lineup, and that it will be directed by Joss Whedon. 587 more words


720 Accept or Ignore

I am right, You are wrong,

we are telling to each other.

Really speaking no one

is wrong both are right.

Every body is different, 115 more words