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Only 1.4% Of Physicians Are Ready To E-Prescribe Controlled Substances, Report Finds

Originally published on Forbes.com in May 2015.

As deaths involving prescription opioids increase, prescribers look toward other ways to curb patient overdoses. One fairly new solution in the medical community is to prescribe controlled substances electronically, but just how far along is this revolutionary approach, and will it help combat the  734 more words


Medical Marijuana-Painkiller Combo Isn't Always Recipe For Abuse

MONDAY, May 18, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Medical marijuana users don’t appear to increase their risk for drug or alcohol abuse if they also take prescription painkillers, a new study finds. 297 more words

Darque Thoughts

Another cold morning.

6:00am: my alarm began to ring, as it does every morning. With the same, sharp, piercing, repetitive and inordinately offensive tone, just like every other time. 421 more words

Conditioned Addiction.

As expected, today began the same way, in the same robotic, ingrained, Pavlovian way, as every other day: by getting my “fix”. Awaking in the cold sweats I have grown used to, I rolled onto my left side and grabbed my glasses from the bedside cabinet. 193 more words

Opioids Might Harm Hypothetical Babies

Here is why I hate the American media. The CDC released the results of a new study, which found that opiod use and abuse among women was on the rise. 543 more words

Orthopedic Surgeons Largely Contribute To Opioid Epidemic, Study Reveals

Understanding why physicians from various areas of expertise prescribe opioids helps the medical community as a whole combat opioid abuse, misuse and overdose. Even though emergency physicians are not likely to prescribe opioids to discharged patients, doctors from other medical fields are contributing to the opioid epidemic at a higher rate. 75 more words