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Naloxone advocates have a secret mission.  That is we are trying to increase the numbers of people using illicit opiates…..COME ON PEOPLE….We are not trying to normalize illicit drug use or send a message that opiate addiction is okay.   1,218 more words

Harm Reduction

Chronic Pain

I was half listening to my latest audible book on the way to my first day of orientation at the new job. I say half because it is probably the 3rd time through those last few chapters. 494 more words


March 24, 2015

Dear Sgt Shaft
What programs are available to blinded vets at the VA?

Fairfax, VA

Dear JC
The VA has a nationwide comprehensive blind rehabilitation program.  903 more words

Sgt. Shaft

I am a Health Activist

I have been a Health Activist and/or Advocate for several years now. I have a support group, that is “closed & secret” to help people in the group feel free to get out their thoughts. 563 more words


New IL House Bill Aims to Reduce Prescription Opioid Abuse

There were 339 prescription opioid deaths in IL in 2012! About 80% of the 120 fatal overdoses per day in America are from opioids. The availability of abusable Rx opioids has sent our country into a tailspin. 39 more words

Heroin in Our Global Community

There is a very significant problem, not just in Massachusetts, but throughout the world, with regard to heroin abuse. It’s what I did my thesis on, and now its part of my job to know all about the impact that heroin abuse has in Massachusetts. 812 more words

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