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A Disservice to Veterans and a Time to Rethink Opioid Distribution

By: Marcus J. Hopkins, Blogger

Data obtained by the Associated Press (AP) from the Federal government indicates that drug theft from Veterans Affairs and other Federal hospitals have jumped nearly tenfold since 2009, with… 943 more words

New drug smuggling schemes challenge police

Illicit drugs have always been a problem in port cities, but experts say the emergence of highly potent synthetic opioids that are fuelling British Columbia’s overdose crisis are slipping through borders in new ways, presenting challenges for law enforcement. 813 more words


17-09 Segment 1: Can Primary Care Doctors End the Opioid Epidemic


Eye transplants have long been attempted unsuccessfully. Doctors are taking what they’ve learned in hand transplants, especially in nerve regeneration, and applying it to eye transplant development. 2,214 more words

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The monster finds you in pain, and promises to help.You feed the monster to relieve your pain.The Monster tricks you into feeling normal, which you begin to crave.Your cravings take control making the Monster stronger.The Monster destroys relationships, ruins careers, and ultimately takes lives. 11 more words


Through All of It

As most of my followers know, I struggled for nearly four decades with addiction. I was able to put down the drink and the pot pipe in 2008, but I held on to one thing. 864 more words


The Best Anti-depressant?

They say that exercise is the best anti-depressant. However, if you are walking or running and trip over a curb and shatter your femur then things can get really depressing and fast. 40 more words


Deadly W-18 found in heroin seized from Surrey

RCMP have confirmed the presence of lethal W-18 in drugs seized in Surrey.

W-18 is a powerful opioid 100 times stronger than fentanyl. It was previously discovered in… 324 more words