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Opium, Peru, & The British Empire Drug Cartel

When most of us think of Peru and drugs we naturally think of Cocaine, and of course I hope that readers of this blog also think of Coca Leaf and say to themselves – “La Coca no es la Cocaine.” It’s probably a fair assumption that few people link Opium and Peru in the same thought, and of course there is not a lot of Poppy production in Peru – unlike Mexico, Cuba and a number of other Latin American countries. 2,842 more words

A Rational Perspective On The Opium Poppy

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Readers of this blog have encountered the remarkable Sir George Birdwood before in my previous post “A Dismal End To The War On Drugs Predicted – in 1885”. 2,068 more words

Of Ragamuffins and Dens: State Legislation, Municipal Enforcement, and Opium Smoking

On May 26, 1888, the Boston Daily Globe reported the death of a young Harvard student named Frank Mills. The front page headline read: “Fatal Opium.” 1,511 more words


I only just read this. When I was a teenager, and really into smoking weed and taking magic mushrooms, I thought the Disney version of this was fuckin’ badass.

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Collecting Opium Paraphernalia

An antique collector has a new book about collecting opium smoking paraphernalia. Collector’s Weekly has an interview with the author:

What drew you to antique opium paraphernalia?
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Opium and Hong Kong

When the British flooded China with opium in the nineteenth century to correct a trade imbalance due to their strong reliance on imported Chinese tea, it was legal to smoke the drug in the UK and it was grown in significant quantities there. 301 more words