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I would not say that this one differs hugely from the other Filipino teleserye because it also has that typical Pinoy style of storytelling, but I can distinguish what made this lovable, for me, other than other dramas I saw. 810 more words


Atik Ra (YouTube OPM)

Atik Ra has been released for several months, by the singer Jacqueline Chang. The song became one of those OPM songs that many Filipinos have loved to listen, sing a long with, made their own versions of and used for performances on different events. 262 more words

"Tao" - Sampaguita

“Tao” / “People”

‘Tulad ng isang ibon / Like a bird
Tao ay lumilipad / People also fly
Pangarap ang tanging nais / Dreams are their only desire… 192 more words

"Ngayon Hanggang Wakas" - Daryl Ong

“Ngayon Hanggang Wakas” / “Now Until the End”

Mm~ Woah~ Mm~

Ang pag-ibig / Love
Kahit ‘di mo hanapin pa / Even if you don’t look for it… 273 more words

"'Pag Pwede Na Ang Puso Mo" - Tim Pavino

“‘Pag Pwede Na Ang Puso Mo” / “When Your Heart is Ready”

Hanggang dito lang ba tayo / Is this our limit
Magkaibigang totoo / True friendship… 302 more words

"Laro" - Autotelic

“Laro” / “Play”

Puso natin ay patintero* sa ulan / Our hearts are playing “patintero” in the rain
Pagsasama natin ay tagu-taguan / Our relationship is hide-and-seek… 316 more words

"Masilayan" - Lunar Lights

“Masilayan” / “To Catch A Glimpse”

Sa paglubog ng ‘yong liwanag / At the setting of your brightness
Ikaw ang laging hinahanap / You are the one [I] always look for… 396 more words