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WebLogic 12.2.1 Multi-Tenant by Raul Castillo


As a weblogic administrator the interaction among the application server and the database is often strong. In fact, according to Confio Software (2013) approximately 70% of applications’ performance problems are caused by the dataWith the development of partitions on Weblogic, Oracle has developed an infrastructure that is similar to containers and that takes advantage of the Weblogic server’s capacities such as clustering, transaction management and security [1]. 419 more words


Sigma Octantis - Dissipations

This journey begins with waves crashing into the shore, and its trajectory is straight towards the stars. Synth engines kick in, setting the atmosphere for what will be the soundtrack to the next hour of your life. 498 more words


Suppress Approval Controls from BPM Workspace 12c - Hidden Feature by Antonis Antoniou


I recently came across a very interesting discussion on the Oracle BPM forum which stimulated my interest for investigation; how to suppress the human task custom outcomes from the action bar in the BPM Workspace application in 12c! 201 more words


Flexagon Releases FlexDeploy 3.1 by Dan Goerdt


On the heels of the extremely well received FlexDeploy 3.0 release at Oracle OpenWorld in October 2015, Flexagon today announced FlexDeploy 3.1 is now available. 314 more words


Calling a Service in BPM Composer by Waslley Souza


In the previous post, we created a simple BPM process using BPM Composer.
Now, let’s improve our process including a Service Call to save the employees added. 160 more words


Java Rock Star Adam Bien Impressed by WebLogic 12.2.1 by Reza Rahman


It is not an exaggeration to say Adam Bien is pretty close to a "household name" in the Java world. Adam is a long time Java enthusiast, author of quite a few popular books, Java Community Process (JCP) expert, Oracle ACE Director, official Oracle Java Champion and JavaOne conference Rock Star award winner. 324 more words


BPM Suite 12c: Oracle Adaptive Case Management: Monitoring Case Events by Maarten Smeets


Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is an interesting addition to Oracle BPM Suite which has been introduced in Adaptive Case Management is suitable to model complex work-flows in which there is no set order of activities taking place. 324 more words