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Say hello to my little friend 

Dear journal and readers,

I haven’t abandoned you, it’s just that these last few weeks have been incredibly busy. What happened during this time? Well, I’ve been working for an average of ten/eleven hours a day, I took a short break from work and went to Oporto for four days and my birthday happened. 763 more words

Thanksgiving Wines: New World Sparkler, Pinot Noir & Port

We started our Thanksgiving feast with this Brut Rosé bubbly from Graham Beck. I loved its salmon hue and fruity notes together with a nice perlage, structure and length. 448 more words


A Gluttonous Sandwich - The Francisinha

Every dish has a story. The francisinha is no different. Legend says that there was a Portuguese man that moved to France. He was a womanizer, so he loved to roam around living a life of debauchery. 298 more words


Porto harbor

I have Portugal in mind as a possible honeymoon destination – Lisbon and Porto at least. And this view is a reason why I should go for it.


Port Wine in Porto

Oporto? Porto? Is this the right city? Where am I?

A local told me that the Portuguese speak really fast, so when they translated “Oporto”, foreigners only heard “Porto”. 637 more words


Oporto City Hostel

This is Oporto City Hostel. All the interiors have been restored and I was able to create this project with a super low budget. I’m still working on it, which is super cool, as it’s a never ending process, and as I can add new details in a monthly basis. 39 more words