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Searching in vain for a quality win on the 2016 schedule

It’s now 10 days since the last SDSU football game, meaning we’ve gone from basking in our shiny new ranking to panicking about things that are completely our of our control. 963 more words

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Bye week Mountain West Roundup

Our lollipop guild of an athletic conference played more football games this week while the Aztecs chilled with a bye. How’d those knuckleheads do? Idle hands are the devil’s tools and the Mountain West is a dusty lobby in purgatory, so gosh darn it let’s take a fleeting glance at a some sporting results. 599 more words

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How Cardinals rookie Larry Jaster dominated Dodgers

Relying primarily on high fastballs, Larry Jaster got inside the heads of Dodgers batters and kept them from scoring a run against him.

In a remarkable and underrated pitching feat, Jaster, 22, a Cardinals left-hander, made five starts against the 1966 Dodgers and tossed complete-game shutouts against them each time. 895 more words


Billy Southworth and his timely home run for Cardinals

Three months after he was traded by the Giants to the Cardinals, Billy Southworth hit a home run against his former team, providing the winning run in the victory that clinched the first National League pennant for St. 758 more words


Laissez-faire Mountain West Roundup

The dumb teams in our dumb conference played football games again. Did those idiots win or lose? Let’s make snap judgments based solely on the scorelines, free from the crushing yoke of government regulation. 676 more words

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Even Lazier Mountain West Roundup

Hey pals, anything interesting going on in your lives? Nothing? That’s great. While patiently waiting for our recap of the Aztecs-Cal thriller, let’s take a few minutes to check out what happened around the mighty Mountain West this week: 795 more words

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Porsche Challenge & Robot Rising Pages Added

Porsche Challenge page can be found under Classic Games or here as its one of the past games that I used to play when I was younger. 69 more words