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This Week in Social Entrepreneurship: 2017 is the Year

Happy new year, everyone! We trust you all had wonderful celebrations filled with food, fireworks, and tons of laughter.

To kick off this year, we collected a couple of links relevant in our social entrepreneurship world that could be of interest to you. 427 more words


This week in Social Entrepreneurship: News and Events for you!

By now, we trust your holiday celebrations are in full swing. We hope you are all enjoying! Before you get into it again, we listed down some links we hope you find useful. 431 more words


The Social Enterprise Design Challenge is back!


What is this for: new social enterprise concepts from DGR (tax deductible) organisations in Australia

Applications due: January 31, 2017

Crowdfunding: March

Amount: Up to a $15,000 match. 155 more words


This week in Social Entrepreneurship: Upcoming Summits, Available Podcasts, and More!

With just a little over two weeks remaining in 2016, we are back with events, reports, and articles in the world of social entrepreneurship to keep on your radar starting this week. 512 more words


This week in Social Entrepreneurship: Events, Insights, and More!

We are in exciting times as this year comes to a close. While you may be busy planning your year-end activities, we wanted to keep you updated with what’s been happening and what’s to come in the world of social entrepreneurship. 416 more words


Can You Shed Any Light on This?

I received an inquiry today that I’m not sure what to do with. I’d like any feedback, suggestions, and/or advice you might have as to whether you think it’s real or a scam, and if the former, what to do next. 482 more words

This week in Social Entrepreneurship: November 25 2016

The amount of news and information and stories that get published today is pretty overwhelming, even in a niche (albeit one becoming increasingly mainstream) like social entrepreneurship. 640 more words