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Missed Opportunities: On Turning 30

I was partying so hard with my loved ones that I’m just now getting around to my birthday post, tee hee.

A little more than two weeks ago, I walked into my classroom and saw that it had been decorated with banners. 551 more words


4 Productivity Principals EVERYONE Needs To Know

The world is a busy place, and we are busy people.

But just because we are busy, doesn’t mean we are accomplishing our goals.

There is a… 623 more words

Formulating Life

Mind Blowing

We think we have everything under control. We make our plans and we try our best to stick to the plan as much as possible. We think they are best for our lives but they are frail and feeble when compared to God’s plan for us. 484 more words


As I sit here and wait

Summer is full of possibilities and long days filled with rays of sunshine and happiness. Despite the fact that I have a summer job working for the same company that I’ve worked with for the past six years. 105 more words


Beauty Fades From the Train

You stand tall on the train, suspended by a solitary rusty metal chain which you clutch in your worn-out hands. The other grey commuters sit in silence, eyes staring straight ahead at nothing in particular, seemingly with nothing to look forward to as they are shunted from point A to point B in their black and white lives. 364 more words


Everything happens for a good reason

Once upon a time in a remote village, there lived a young man. He grew vegetables and fruits for his livelihood. One day while wandering across his vegetable garden, he noticed that some of his pumpkins were lying on the ground as the vine holding them could no longer bear them up. 561 more words

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