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Sleepy Notes

What is it you wanted to say?
Even Morrissey gets older.
No, you don’t understand.
This thing is serious.
Time happens. Makes
blackout poetry of… 6 more words

Web-site and a call for guided help.

As most of you know my book comes out mid-June. I have begun working on the website – 27brokenfootprints.com. This is what it looks like currently. 37 more words


Favor has no Friends .

Favor Has no Friends

Have you ever been in that position of genuinely “it wasn’t me “, helpless or you simply couldn’t defend yourself no matter how much you scream? 595 more words


in life, we come across choices and big hurdles. But it’s the person who takes the hard path and overcomes the hurdles that is remembered. Be courageous and take the path you want to take, and don’t bother about the others, just as long as you’re taking that Next Step. 366 more words


Lifelong Dream Realized - Book Give-Away

Lifelong Dream Realized

I loved fairy tales as a kid. And I listened to a lot of jumbie stories. Jumbies are very tricky, very bad creatures in Trinidadian lore that will just as soon eat you as look at you. 835 more words