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“…until we restore a sense of common destiny and shared purpose; until we understand that we are only as strong as the weakest among us; that there is more that binds us together than drives us apart; until we see ourselves in one another – until we truly care for all children; not just our own then we will continue to struggle with the problems that plague us.

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Wrestling Tides

A futile endeavor is the wrestling of tides.

I gain the upper hand just to lose it again.

It pushes and pulls me and draws me deep. 113 more words


Dawn Of A New Day

Light shines in a darkened room, with it comes soft sounds of music. A hum sounds out as water is purified. My mind slips into forested trails where birds sing and critters roam. 65 more words


Amazon HQ2: Thoughts + Shortlist

Amazon has whittled the list for its second corporate headquarters down to twenty cities.  The list is heavily weighted towards the East Coast, which makes sense from a geopolitical perspective.    456 more words


Exercising my writing muscles

There are benefits to exercising our writing muscles!

On Friday I worked on a first draft of a 2-page case study proposal for an application to the “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” program in my company’s business incubator division. 485 more words

Personal Story


I look at my past and can not

do less than be grateful.

Not bad for someone who

came to this country with no

money, not knowing the language, 113 more words


Week 157 - Crises, Opportunities and Tequila

…testing…testing…one-two…one-two…is this thing on?

Ah. Great. There you are. Seems to be working.

Greetings one and all from a very sunny and warm Cape Town. Hugh is taking a well-deserved break this week, leaving the roundup in my (barely) capable hands – so, you can expect all the usual features of a Saturday roundup minus the wit and intelligence (although I do hope to retain some level of profanity). 819 more words

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