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Is there anything more American than opportunity? “You can do it!”, have you heard? “Seize the chance! Pull yourself up!”

Everybody has a chance, right? If you’re down, just work hard and an opportunity will present itself in time. 539 more words


Temporary Beginnings

There’s something boastful and transient about the endless ways possible to greet the day. To embrace the sun in it’s first impressions of light before the apex of an elaborate afternoon invades the temporality of such a timid scene. 159 more words

Where Can You Find The American Dream In Philly?

Could you find it in the bright blue and orange Air Maxes of a young boy as he walks down the street lined with abandoned row homes? 733 more words


What are opportunities? Do we create them, discover them or get given them? In some ways it’s all three.

We create opportunities by pursing our hopes, goals and dreams. 395 more words


A powerful asset that America has in abundance is opportunity. In Kyrgyzstan, not so much.

It starts with being born. In America (with some embarrassing exceptions), mothers receive good prenatal health care, and children tend to be born healthy. 700 more words


How Can I love "that person?"

I am sure you have heard this  statement: how can I love “that person;” look at how they are or what they have done! Yet when we read Titus 3 we see that we too were once foolish, darkened in our understanding, deceived, enslaved to worldly passions, hateful and hating. 287 more words

Thought I Was Done

I had missed what was on the other side,
had never flipped it over, a small thing really
when one’s life is scribed on page two

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