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Have I had a breakthrough?

George and Mildred have been with me for two weeks. It’s like I’m living in a whirlwind… everything has been turned upside down and I love them. 402 more words

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Opposite to Emotion Action

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of Opposite to Emotion Action. This is a skill therapists who practice Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) will be altogether familiar with. 732 more words

I 'Dear Man'd The Shit Out Of Him!!

Last Friday I had an awful interaction with someone that really effected me. It was a professional, in a position of trust, tasked to look after my care and ensure that I am on the right path for recovery from BPD. 566 more words

Because it's probably just you

Go on as normal. Don’t make things awkward or uncomfortable because it’s probably just you. Like they always say you over react and you’re too sensitive. 14 more words

Personality Disorders

My Self-Compassionate Day

Yesterday I learned something undesirable. Today I am healing.

I woke up this morning and told myself that I needed to use opposite action to get myself to work. 156 more words

Mental Health

DBT Skills: Opposite Action

In DBT class we discussed opposite action. When we feel an emotion an action comes with it. For some of us that action is destructive and acting on it reinforces a negative behaviour. 270 more words

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Trying to be mature- DBT Skills

It’s been a rough past couple of days.  I’m out of the heightened suicdality and voices but still feeling down and extremely vulnerable.  Me and 20 somethings friend are suppose to go on a road trip to San Diego to check out the school he is thinking about transferring to.   177 more words

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