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San Francisco Jr.

If a city is similar to a living thing, what do you do when they start to turn on you? When strange new outfits made of steel and glass are quietly unveiled? 154 more words

Opposite Day

Signs of life.

A few times a week, I ride one of the infamous tech buses to get to and from work. People are generally quiet and polite to one another. 162 more words

Opposite Day

The places where we're from.

We just returned from a trip to Kansas. A plan initially booked to bid farewell to my ailing grandmother, we unexpectedly found ourselves in the middle of a full-fledged love fest. 197 more words

Opposite Day

The Definitive Prime SpongeBob SquarePants Review and Ranking, pt. 5

Welcome to part 3 of The Definitive Prime SpongeBob SquarePants Review and Ranking. In case you don’t know, over 30 days, we at The Senior will be watching 2 SpongeBob episodes a day from the first three seasons, AKA prime SpongeBob, and reviewing those episodes each day. 1,235 more words

Party of three.

Since moving to San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, we’ve started eating Italian food based on proximity rather than desire. There’s spaghetti around the corner, a delicious plate of eggplant Parmesan closer than the grocery store and pizza never sounds like a bad idea after a long day at work. 303 more words

Opposite Day


A perfectly timed, beautifully executed, single frame that captures the exact feeling I have when our drunk neighbors wake us up at 3:37 AM on Wednesday morning and the party doesn’t stop until roughly around the same time our alarm goes off. Thanks itspeteski

Opposite Day