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The big payback.

Imagine if all the things you ever wondered about slowly came true.

If you had the power to turn the curious intrigue around what if my this could ever be that into something tangible. 121 more words

Opposite Day

yaD etisoppO

Rani: Hello, OurLLMVs! Today we’ll tell you the story of our opposite day!

Lordelia: You mean our yad etisoppo!

Rani: What?

Lordelia: It’s opposite day backwards! 856 more words


Color study.

Went to a car show on Saturday and took the dog for a hike on Sunday. Not sure if the cars got me thinking about flowers, or if the flowers got me thinking about cars, but I found a few similarities along the way.

Opposite Day

Take inventory.

Breaking up has inspired creative expression since the beginning of mankind. The seemingly endless supply of poetry, music and books dedicated to heartache and misery are persistent reminders that this special form of disappointment can be debilitating. 337 more words

Opposite Day

Second story.

We paid the rent early this month to make a good impression on the new landlord. All the utilities are covered. No one is after me for anything that I can think of. 197 more words

Opposite Day

Nice Shot: Full circle edition

If I weren’t some idiot trying to make the best of life in the middle of the city, I’d be happy to own any one of these Craigslist cars. 77 more words

Opposite Day