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Yin & Yang

Two opposite,

Yet complimentary energies.

Yin: as cold as night,

Yang: as warm as summer—

Conflicting qualities in nature,

Relying on each other.

Yin shades the mountain-top, 125 more words


Reconciling opposites

I’m trying to reconcile these opposites:
Is it:
God -> Society first -> Individual ——-OR——- Individual -> Society -> God
Is it:
Understanding -> Interpretation ——-OR——- Interpretation -> Understanding… 40 more words


My Sister. My Exact Opposite.

We are sisters. We are friends.

We are somewhat close in age – just two years apart. There were many times people mistook us for twins and we loved that. 482 more words


Reversal - Beyond the clever machine

In psychoanalytic theory, reversal is a Freudian defense mechanism.

A broader idea than turning against the self, reversal takes place when the ego… 460 more words


Writing for liberation exercise: opposites

Often talking about or thinking about opposites has a similar psychological effect to telling people not to think about something (they won’t be able to help thinking about it). 193 more words

Writing Exercise

strange look on his face

I don’t think there’s some kind of awesome moment when you realize who you are. It comes slowly and then all at once and you wake up seemingly outside the bubble that is your life and actually notice what is happening.  155 more words

Who Am I