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Contradictory| Poem.

I’m gasoline, you’re fire
I’m the truth and you’re the liar
We’re opposites forever
But then that’s what keeps us together

I’m water, you’re ice… 224 more words

Female world

Female world

Home of births
Attraction of the male
Life receiving
Life sustaining

Charming magic
Temptation and luminance
Riddle and mystery
Smiling caress

Mother in change… 39 more words


it is said opposites attract (2005)

it is said opposites attract

she is everything

i am nothing

she is the top of the mountain

i am the depths of the sea… 75 more words


Tuesday Thoughts:: Opposites Attract?

Earlier last week, I did a bit of microblogging on my personal Facebook account, and I got so many messages I decided to expand.

This is what I wrote on Facebook… 496 more words


Morning Plea


Father, help me walk in love,

Sowing accord in discord
Knowledge in ignorance
Blessing in curse
Light in darkness
Comfort in distress
Fellowship in fight… 14 more words


William Blake: An Inspiration

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.”

– William Blake –

I began writing this Sunday morning on the attraction of opposing forces when I stumbled into this quote by William Blake. 627 more words

Crack in time and space

Crack in time and space

Our world separates
Day from night
Good from evil
Love from hate
Big from small
Hot from cold
Poor from rich… 42 more words