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Let's Get Specific by Beth Johnson

From what I have read , being specific really does have its benefits but I believe there are some to , being vague. When someone says something vague , the other person will more or less try to fill in the blanks by providing speculation.  70 more words

Opposites Attract, But Personality Counts!

“Birds of a feather flock together” is an old maxim; it implies that people prefer to be with others who are similar to themselves.

On the other hand, another old saying asserts that “opposites attract”. 261 more words

Human Interest


​He and his innocence.

She and her maturity.

He and his candor.

She and her diplomacy.

He and his simplicity.

She and her sophistication.

He and his ideality. 38 more words


The battle of opposites

It seems that the drama of life take place between two opposites. There is light and there is darkness, there is good and there is evil, there is motivation and there is demotivation, there is inspiration and there is desperation … In my opinion this is one of the most important lessons in our life. 262 more words


Two Lists||One Stop||One Start

Stop saying YES to shit you HATE.
re: learn to say no to this junk

A non-exhaustive list:
Flagrant selfishness
Shame… 181 more words


Ambidextrous Word Play

Word Play

I didn’t use my writing hand, and I found myself trying to write the minor nuances I can think of. They are mostly feelings, emotions, or simply unpleasant and insignificant actions that can damage the individual subtly, especially at a young age. 414 more words