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shadow box

I don’t wonder what he is to me. Nor what I am to him. It’s glaringly obvious that I am a fantasy object that he believes would make his life complete, and absolutely wouldn’t. 580 more words


Pratipaksha bhavanam

A friend often suggests “cultivate the opposite” as a way to approach growth or problem-solving. I believe she picked it up from her teacher; like a lot of this kind of wisdom, it actually comes from the Yoga Sutras. 770 more words


Forgetting you was not easy.
It took silence, and screaming;
bubblebaths and cold showers.
Warm milk, and strong whiskey;
strict diets, and devouring.
Sleeping alone, and sleeping around; 45 more words


Its the perfect world, and yet, its not...find out why in 'The Giver'

Did you ever wonder what it would be like in the perfect world? Define ‘perfect’. We are all equals,there is no race, hatred, enemies, crime, war..but for all of that to not exist, there is also none of the opposites, no colour in life, love, religion, culture. 683 more words


Her type...His type <3

She never thought she’d love someone like him!!!

Well, she wanted to be loved…and love… unconditionally… like that love they talk about in movies and novels <3… 70 more words

The Law of Attraction

“I take two steps forward. I take two steps back. We come together ’cause opposites attract. And you know — it ain’t fiction. Just a natural fact. 703 more words


Both The Same

A poem by Chris Hibbard
February 24, 2015

I might go up and you might go down
I might lie still when you want to run around… 157 more words