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Two Faces

Two faces look at each other.
One is leaking one is stone.
Both have teeth and blood,
And both are howling lone.

One has the snout of a hound, 133 more words


Why imperfection makes the art

Every saint or sage will admit that perfection is a comfortable illusion. It is only the striving of maximizing the balance of opposites that can be achieved. 123 more words

Personal Evolution

For camellias and graves

Shade is for camellias and a state of mind
Shade is one of fifty bookworms in their vintage lace
Shade is dappled green & condom wrappers. 160 more words


The balance of all things

To build up
Dismantle first
To expand
Contract first
To attain clarity
Allow confusion
To become civilized
First live in the wild.

The balance of all things… 27 more words


What is the opposite of a kiss?

A kiss connects two people together like pages in a book. The tongues and the smooching sounds are the ink that creates the story. But the feelings and inspiration of these inks are embedded in the water-like taste of shared emotions. 55 more words


Friends, Lovers and Pickles

“All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.”
-Marc Chagall

Istanbulites love their pickles!

Pickles of all colours, shapes and sizes.

21 more words