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Sunday Sonnet

The air made hazy by her every passing

Goddess of the rainbow’s ephemeral arc

Butterflies in purple eloquent, dashing

Reflected against sky, becoming and stark… 101 more words


The Opposite of Love

Hate is not the opposite of love– indifference is.

Love and hate have attachment as their common denominator.

Indifference is when the subject at hand means nothing whatsoever. 28 more words


Love, Tea Gardens, and Converse Sneakers

As out of place as a river bass in a teacup. That’s what I was. From my mint green nails to my blue Converse sneakers. 380 more words


First Five Fragments for Friday - Word Play Prompts

This week, I’m thinking about opposites or near-opposites. See what you can come up with.

1. Expansion/contraction

2. Reincarnation/damnation

3. Deadly tornado/nourishing rain

4. Losing your mind/gaining insight… 15 more words

First Five Fragments For Friday

The Similarities of Flying and Falling

“Fly! Fly!” we all say, as if we knew

Up from down

Sky from the ground

The difference between love

And loving

And lovers

And the tumbling

From all it.


Teaching Kids Opposites

Creative Wednesdays

Teach children opposites to help them understand that not everything is the same. Go to the library and borrow the children’s books about opposites, sing the opposite songs, and play the opposite games for preschoolers we have listed below. 197 more words

Children's Books