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You and I: we fall

We fall and tumble

Slip with grace- crash with humility

We ride the crashing waves

And hold gaelic winds.

You and I: we’re polars- 9 more words



We can see paradise
We can see poverty.
They live in the same place
paradise and poverty.
They are neighbours.
They are related.
They cannot exist… 180 more words


The World on a String

The length of a string in String Theory is not much. It is to a grain of sand as we are to the known universe i.e. 444 more words



Look at me,
All that happiness,
Look up there,
All those stars
Shining in the night. 44 more words


My Thoughts on My Polar Opposite Best Friend

First off, I want to say that every time I look at our friendship, I see two completely different people who have somehow found comfort in essentially their polar opposite. 751 more words

Best Friends

Up is Down, Down is Up

Up and down are opposites. Up means, among its many definitions, “in or into  a higher level or position.” Down means, among its many definitions, “toward or in a lower physical position.” 145 more words


We live in it a world of compare, a world that will at times take it to far and leave you like “how dare”

A world that will see the good in you but on someone else better, a world that does not know enough and just wants greater…. 227 more words