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The blessing of adversity

In the midst of discouragement, in the rain of despair,

Do we taste hope in issues unfair?

Do we see prosperity and life in death? 45 more words

Personal Evolution

Pythagoras in Trousers

Pythagoras of Samos and of the theorem

may have been one of the first

Greeks to wear trousers instead of skirts.

A universe odd and even, cosmic opposites, 22 more words



Subliminal messaging has gotten a bad rap because of the sexual images found in commercials, signs, or programs like Walt Disney cartoons.

One day, I… 352 more words

Character Building


picture by CGP Grey on flickr

Today everything feels opposite.

Opposite of what, you ask? Opposite of me, of course. I’m the pole against which everything “over there” gets judged (excuse my solipsism, I’m not usually like this—you can ask me). 165 more words


Writing101 - Give and Take

She’s younger.
He’s older.

She’s erudite.
He’s down to earth.

She’s taller.
He’s shorter.

She clutters.
He cleans up.

She’s a talker.
He’s the strong, silent type. 16 more words

What Holds Her Together

She is woven, like glass
Transparent as the sea.
She is hard, like stone
Soft as a threadbare quilt.
Her smile is a cup of tea… 217 more words


#000000 and #FFFFFF

Did you know
that darkness
is just
the absence of light?

Just as
a blank sheet of paper
is absent of every glimpse
of color. 290 more words