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After You Cut a Tree Down

Why is the English Language so weird?

After we cut trees down, we cut them up.

Wouldn’t cutting them up, be the opposite of cutting them down? 13 more words


Hi Everyone,

We reviewed prepositions of time used when we want to express a period of time. Here is a chart with use and examples of the prepositions for, during, and while. 461 more words


Life is endless long, your time is just short.
A second feels like hours.
Time is precious and just flies by.
Water as hard as stone. 12 more words


Polarity - Why the universe is perfect (1 min read)

It’s so much easier to maintain a state of blissfulness when you understand the necessity of the eternal balance that is ubiquitous throughout the entire universe. 179 more words


Cee's B&W Challenge: Two different things

Two different things are required in one photo this week for the B&W Challenge; this one does take some thinking about, but offers the opportunity for some creative interpretation. 21 more words

Cee's Black & White Challenge