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Opposites attract,

So did we,

He crossed my path for another we,

He became her’s and she became his,

They cherished every moment for together they laughed with glee!


South Pole to North Pole

                          If we must

part ways as a condition of my youth

then remind me why I started to fall in love with

a man like you, when we first met and I was 8… 290 more words

Spirals and Sharps

Red and green are opposites. They inhabit opposite sides of the page in the composition below. The jagged edge of the blue-tipped green area oppose the gentle curve of the red spiral. 33 more words

Personal Stories


The ways of God and the values of His Kingdom  are so diametrically opposite to the ways of men in this world in this age. They are extremely puzzling and incomprehensible to this world. 918 more words


Does Not Negate

It’s a must
make a choice
be a north pole
or be a south
but not both
that would be
out of this world. 178 more words


Strange Coincidences. What Goes Around Comes Around.

‘Karma will sort you out!’

Have you ever said that to someone? It’s usually uttered (or muttered) just after a bad deed has been done. Have you ever known some strange coincidences to follow afterwards? 635 more words