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Fragmentation theory

             Broken pieces of a magnet do not fit together, they do not go back together to make the magnet whole again. In fact the broken pieces repel each other where they have broken off. 315 more words


Time. After Time.

Everything can’t be grand. Everything can’t be amazing. Everything can’t be unique. But everything in your life should be special. And all of it should be real. 296 more words



Writing Challenge: July 21, 2017

Prompt: Write a story or poem that ties together two opposites.

Black and White, Light and Dark, Heat and Cold: They are not opposites but rather ends of a spectrum. 91 more words

Writing Challenge


I haven’t been wanting to think it, but I’m feeling like the curve of the endearments is headed back earthward. I might be nearly through. Through making endearments themselves, that is—I think they have an opposite, a shadow, a light, which I’ve been working to discern for a few years, and maybe it will be possible to know what that is once I’ve satisfied myself in finding all the endearments I want to make. 297 more words


Dogs: A Review

Dogs, Emily Gravett, 2010

It’s no secret that I love doggies, so you may not be surprised that I also enjoy reading books in which they are prominently featured. 236 more words

Children's Books

Simplicity and Complexity


“My name for that subject is plectics, derived from the Greek word plektós for “twisted” or “braided,” cognate with–plexus in Latin complexus, originally “braided together,” from which the English word complexity is derived. 587 more words