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Encouragement for May 22, 2017 

​”A word of wisdom a day keeps distractions and foolishness away.”

A person who delivers mess, dirt and confusion to others is nothing but full of negativity, as well as a troublemaker, but a person who delivers good, positive, uplifting and encouraging news to others will try their best to straighten the mess out of all the trouble that the negative person may bring to others. 62 more words


Choices of Energetic Response: Opposition

Opposition energy sits in the Southwest. This is the most misunderstood energy on the wheel. Most people think of opposition as something which is placed opposite or against something else. 285 more words


Next Round Of Syrian Talks To Start In June

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura proposed to hold the next round of the intra-Syrian talks in mid-June. 142 more words

Choices of Energetic Response

No matter which Orende Law of Attraction we experience (repulsion, adhesion, cohesion, or change), we have four choices of energetic response: competition, opposition, conflict, or alignment. 48 more words