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The recent hullabaloo over AIB episode is unfortunate and reaffirms the "Indian hypocricy"

Recently organized AIB (All India Bakchod) Knockout Roast has drawn a lot of flack from our so called “moralistic society”. The show was touted to break all the limit of decency and was severely criticized by our politicians and other factions of society. 635 more words


Sobremesa Chronicles

Some of you know that I live in a house as the sole male surrounded by four wonderful ladies. Yet as a man happily subdued, I have been trained to see sexism everywhere I turn. 162 more words


Opposition: Your Selling Point?

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a conference with alumni in the start up world. One of the speakers claimed that opposition to your idea is a good thing. 310 more words

Start Up

600+ election candidates sign frack free promise

More than 600 would-be MPs have so far promised to oppose fracking, according to figures from Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. 171 more words


300+ MPs did not vote on underground waste disposal

A measure to take the siting of underground radioactive waste dumps out of local control came into force today after approval by only 277 of parliament’s 650 MPs. 471 more words


Lithuanian government intensifies persecutions against anti-imperialist activists

From Nacionalistas

On March 19 in various different cities in the country, the Criminal police, on behalf of the politically motivated and pressured Prosecution, has done house searches in the homes of 9 different activists, both separate individuals, as well as members of various movements, all of which expressed and continue to express strict opposition towards NATO membership, US imperialism and the war mongering that is going on today in the region, not to mention a clear stance in favor of independence and national sovereignty, against the dictatorship of Washington and Brussels. 553 more words

The Shady Side of the Law: In Which I Manage to Report Myself to the Fraud Squad!

It is somewhat a relief to be sitting behind my computer screen, and not behind bars this afternoon. Only an hour ago I was staring at the recording device fixed to the… 852 more words

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