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Don't Burn Bridges

I feel like the LDR Community constantly promotes cutting those that don’t agree with our long distance relationships out of our lives. This is really confusing to me for so many reasons. 456 more words

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When someone disagrees with your decision to be in a LDR or disapproves of your relationship it can be difficult to see eye-to-eye with them. Some people will tell you to remove all negativity from your life, stop being friends with the haters, and cut disapproving people out of your life. While I don't condone having negative relations with people, I don't think you should start cutting all of your ties with a person at the first sign of opposition to your LDR. I think it's best to avoid talking to them about the subject to try and maintain a positive relationship with that person. Check out Sarah's insight on the subject here:

The U.K.'s New Opposition Leader Has Snubbed an Invitation to Kneel Before the Queen

U.K. politician and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has declined an opportunity to be personally inducted into the British monarchy’s privy council by the Queen, according to reports, saying through his representatives that he would be unable to attend the swearing-in ceremony on Thursday due to a scheduling conflict. 102 more words

Canada: The Cover-Up and Steal of Another Election. The Harper Corruption of Canada and Opposition Fear to Name It

The Memory Hole of Continuous Proven Fraud  over Nine Years – Canadians are within a few days of stopping or allowing the Harper regime to continue to destroy the democracy and life fabric of Canada. 4,016 more words

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L-ODZ u l-politika b’żewġt uċuħ ta’ Simon Busuttil

Il-politika onesta ta’ Simon Busuttil u l-PN tidher ħafna fil-mod kif jitkellem u jaġixxi l-Partit Nazzjonalista dwar l-ODZ (jiġifieri ż-żona barra mill-linja tal-iżvilupp).

Għamilna ġimgħat b’Simon Busuttil jgħidlna kemm hi għal qalbu l-ODZ. 253 more words

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New poll shows major opposition to trophy hunting in B.C. and Alberta

While it’s no surprise both British Columbians and Albertans are equally averse to trophy hunting, a new poll dispels the myth that only those who live in cities oppose it. 692 more words


Teachers and Parents - Removing Common Core

Teachers’ Opposition To Common Core Increases


It takes a lot to oppose the Common Core State Standards when they are said to offer: 1,268 more words

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The Word Within (4/4)


Joel S Goldsmith

43:A The Word Within (4/4)

We speak of God, we speak of the Christ, little knowing how real these are; how real in power, how real in presence, how real in effect. 2,683 more words