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"Deputy Leader" sought by Men's Rights party that won literally 0.0007% of the vote in the UK elections

If there are any stray British MRAs reading this blog, have I found an opportunity for you! How would you like to serve under the political whiz-kid who triumphantly led the… 615 more words


Janet Bloomfield attacks alleged feminist "terrorism"; evidently unbothered by comment promising "vengeance" against feminists.

Today, a bit of creepy irony, courtesy of Janet Bloomfield’s JudgyBitch blog.

Yesterday, Bloomfield put up a post (archived here) with the title “Feminists borrowing from terrorists now?” The source of her outrage? 187 more words


"Why did it the main character have to be a girl?" and other tough questions about modern cinema

So the other night I watched Lucy, a highly entertaining movie with an incredibly silly premise: Scarlett Johansson develops superpowers after a drug enables her to use more than the standard 10% of her brain. 409 more words


"Feminists lie about rape because it's a badge of honor," and other insights from the upside-down world of Men's Rights Redditors

You know how, in The Poseidon Adventure, the giant cruise ship gets flipped over by a huge wave and the passengers have to make their way through the upside-down ship to the bottom of the hull, which is now the top, in order to survive? 61 more words


Men's Rights elder Paul Elam to #GamerGaters: Pay attention to MEEEEE!

Pity poor Paul Elam! The Men’s Rights elder has spent, by his estimation, nearly half of his life ranting and raving against the supposed evils of feminism, and for what? 377 more words


The Halloween Costume of Great Misandry

So on Halloween the dude in the pics above went out dressed as a … well, a Men’s Rights Activist, I guess, or maybe a GamerGater, or Redditor? 96 more words


Angry GamerGaters Telling Brianna Wu to Shut Up and Make Games, Not Realizing That's Already Her Job

When women, in conversations online,  point out the ridiculously tiny percentage of video games that feature women as protagonists, they tend to get flooded with responses from indignant gamebros telling them that if they don’t like the games out there, they should… 409 more words