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Any woman in tech could be a false-accusing feminist honey trap, addled open source guru warns

I can’t even.

I’ve been tracking misogynistic ridiculousness on this blog for five years, but I’m not sure I ‘ve ever run across anything quite as ridiculous as this. 942 more words


Cassie Jaye tells Vocativ she was stalked by an MRA she interviewed for her Red Pill doc

The story of Cassie Jaye and her Red Pill documentary gets curiouser and curiouser. In an interview with Tracy Clark-Flory of Vocativ she admits that she’s actually a bit scared of the MRAs whose cause she now seems to be championing. 391 more words


Men's Rights Redditors respond to my Urban Dictionary post with closely reasoned, substantive arguments

Well, it seems that some of the good folks on the Men’s Rights subreddit have taken issue with my post this morning congratulating them on their massive victory in brigading their preferred definition of “MRA” into the top spot on Urban Dictionary. 268 more words


Reddit MRA: If we let feminism "win," they'll throw all men in prison and use them for breeding. Then Muslims will take over.

I learn a lot from reading the Men’s Rights subreddit. For example, I learned today that feminism can’t win, because it’s impossible, but that if it… 110 more words


U of Toronto on edge after online commenter urges men to "start firing bullets into these feminists at your nearest Women’s Studies classroom"

The University of Toronto is on edge in the wake of online comments urging a mass shooting of feminists.

Last week, an anonymous online commenter on BlogTO urged men to “rent a gun from a gang and start firing bullets into these feminists at your nearest Women’s Studies classroom.” 266 more words


Women shopping for groceries secretly run the world, MRA suggests in incomprehensible memes

Apparently the Men’s Rightsers of the world think that they can defeat the forces of feminism by overwhelming them with incomprehensible memes.

I found the puzzling meme above on… 218 more words


Men's Rights Activists still angry that they're considered a joke, vow to do nothing to change this

So the fellas on the Men’s Rights subreddit are kicking up a shine about a post one of them found on the internet that treats them like the joke that they are. 451 more words