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Saturday Fun Time Racist Cartoon Contest feat. Pitbull and @DeanEsmay

Cartoon contest!

This morning, on Twitter, “Married MGTOW” and famous angry Tweeter @DeanEsmay asked his followers¬†to draw him some cartoons.

So far, no one has responded to his queries, so I thought I would give him a little signal boost: 184 more words


Hitler-loving dudes named Andrew agree: Roosh V is a-OK! (Even though he's not white.)

So our dear friend Roosh V is getting support in some unexpected places.¬†And by “unexpected” I mean “completely expected, what, are you kidding?” 136 more words


The Halloween Costume of Great Misandry

So on Halloween the dude in the pics above went out dressed as a … well, a Men’s Rights Activist, I guess, or maybe a GamerGater, or Redditor? 96 more words


Red Piller wins the culture war with innovative "panty sniffer" insult

My post about Heartiste and the sour slut grapes the other day inspired the following highly ironic series of Tweets from Mr. H and one of his fans. 189 more words