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He Reigns

Don’t be taken by the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Embrace holy cynicism.

Maybe you’ve heard about the rise in murders in Baltimore. The official story is that the police are in serious hot water and demoralized, so they are hesitant to act. 343 more words


U.S. Cyber-attack on Iran Foiled*

U.S. Cyber-attack on Iran Foiled*

Iran has foiled a hacking attack on its Ministry of Petroleum, which originated from the US, head of the Iranian Cyber Police has said. 362 more words


When I tell people I believe in gender equality

When I tell people I believe in gender equality

And they’ll tell me

“The world is imperfect, women should just deal with the male superiority, 335 more words

Bikers, Guns, Islamophobia, & Why America Needs a New Narrative

Tomorrow, over 300 motorcyclists (they like to be called ‘bikers’) plan to gather at a Denny’s, draw some cartoons of Muhammad, and ride to the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix, AZ with their cartoons and guns in the name of “free speech”.  416 more words


Differential Power and Indian Child Welfare: Part Five

Carol A. Hand

This is the final installment of the exam paper on differential power and Indian child welfare. I have shared the essay in installments, with minor edits and illustrations added, in hopes that it might be of interest and stimulate thoughtful dialogue. 2,541 more words