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"I got up to go to the front to speak. I was not on the agenda."

Petra Kelly who founded the Green Party was MURDERED by her male lover and the funeral is all about POOR HIM?

This is a guy’s blog, if it matters. 211 more words


The Sexual Politics of Meat: Part 2 (Eat rice have faith in women)

The second half of Adams’ The Sexual Politics of Meat provides less of a semiotic reading of flesh and women’s bodies, and more of a historico-literary reading of the history of vegetarianism and its relation to feminism. 611 more words



Not even the night can hide the fright;
Like light it only illumines the blight,
Keeping in heart’s sight the dæmons
Who haunt and taunt beleaguered soul… 81 more words


U.S. Now Taxing Collection of Rainwater*

U.S. Now Taxing Collection of Rainwater*

PARMA Residents wanting to install a rain barrel in their yards will have to pay a steeper fee than what was originally believed. 496 more words


Can't Fix Everything

Some things you can fix. Some parts of my battered Volvo seem like they’ll work until Christ comes back. Other stuff was so poorly engineered that you start having fantasies about pummeling the designers with your bare hands. 372 more words


Pulpit Pharaohs: Let God’s People Go

Lately, I have been hearing pastors complain about how streaming services have led to a decrease in attendance due to the use of technology. They suppose the advent of the internet is the problem, but what they are experiencing are symptoms, not root causes. 688 more words

Strait Up Talk For Adults

Scars on My Soul

My right knee is beginning to look like a roadmap. But scars in the flesh mean next to nothing in the bigger picture. It’s the scars on my soul that still bother me. 246 more words