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I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human.

— John Trudell



Oppression of analysis.

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Speak for Change - Islam and Oppression

Abandon every person who harms another person.

Oppression means to cause harm to someone who can’t harm you back — To take away other people’s property without right; to beat, abuse, and mistreat them; to slander them, to crush them and take advantage of their weaknesses, to make them cry so much, they complain to Allah about it. 146 more words


Poem: To the White Friends

By Claude McKay

Think ye I am not fiend and savage too?
Think ye I could not arm me with a gun… 112 more words

Poetic justice

Seeing the rubble of what was once a monument to snootiness–I heard the old rich of Varsity Hills Subdivision cried their lungs out while the men of Quezon City’s demolition team snatched the CCTV cameras and hammer to the ground the gate and guard house that used to stand for the oppressiveness of the homeowners’ association–may just be one of the most gratifying feelings I have had in a while. 200 more words


the issue

“The issue is not, “What must I do in order to secure my salvation?” but rather, “What does God require of me in response to the needs of others?” It is not, “How can I be virtuous?” but, “How can I participate in the struggle of the oppressed for a more just world?”” 8 more words