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7 Years Ago, Doctors Gave Mom Days To Live. Assisted Suicide Would Have Made That True

By Anita Cameron OCTOBER 20, 2017 Excerpted from The Federalist

I will never forget it. I answered the phone one June morning in 2009. The voice on the phone said, “If you want to see your mother alive, you will come see her in the next few days.” 478 more words

Moral Relativism

‘I don’t feel oppressed’. I thought as I sat on the packed bus, full of rush hour commuters as equally desperate to get home as I was. 536 more words

Pediatrician Calls Transgenderism Downright Abusive

Excerpted from The CONSERVATIVE ZONE

By making transgenderism a political issue, leftist politicians and other talking heads have even more ammunition to portray conservatives as cold-hearted and uncaring.

664 more words
Moral Relativism

A Writer's Duty

A writer’s duty is twofold: “the refusal to lie about what one knows and the resistance against oppression.”  Albert Camus,  his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, 1957. 98 more words

I Am Not Your Negation

I am not your negation,

But you desire mine.

My presence offends you in ways I cannot fathom,

though I certainly feel your anger, rejection and disgust. 107 more words



I’m lying in bed in university with my second bout of freshers flu in a month and wanting to do something with my time. I decided yesterday to start this blog when I came out of an inspiring lecture in Community Psychology. 151 more words


This last week has been difficult for me, as I have witnessed the flood of #metoo posts all over my Facebook feed.  I don’t have words for the intense feelings I felt as I scrolled through page after page of women giving quiet testimony to the ways that we have been objectified, threatened, intimidated, and abused by men. 1,766 more words