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Satanic Oppression

In Judges chapter six there is a story of the children of Israel being oppressed by the Midianites, the Amalekites, and the people of the East which were more than likely various groups of desert nomads who moved from place to place. 963 more words


Why we can't be silent on the Rohingya genocide...

The Rohingya community in Burma have been described as amongst the world’s least wanted & most persecuted minorities. They have been denied Burmese citizenship for decades & are facing some of the worst atrocities by the hands of extremist Buddhists who have been on rampages; burning down schools, villages, market places & mosques. 228 more words


Free Palestine!

67 years ago today on May 15th 1948 approx 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes, thousands massacred, over 4 million acres of land was stolen, hundreds of Palestinian towns & villages destroyed to make way for a country called Israel. 45 more words


A Reality Check to the White, Male Supremacist

I don’t know who planted this silly idea in your head,

This is an ancient thought, that should already be dead,

Neither your gender or race makes you a better human being, 426 more words


Slip of the Sign: Mental Health Stigma Free "Pledges"

After watching sort of public service announcement coordinated by Deaf Women United about Mental Health Stigma Free Pledge, one of the biggest struggles coming out of the Deaf community is one that received only modest notice: Not enough awareness in understanding mental health stigma and that is something we need to start over and be more responsible about it. 487 more words

Can you keep up? Fleeky purple/gray hair or not, speaking on behalf of other people’s identity makes me lose my breath

by Wyatt Kanyer

“To hell with good intentions.”

Ah, yes; what a unifying statement that is, no? Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, personally. 1,388 more words