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Thanksgiving Day 2015

The Hollow Hallow Tradition of Thanksgiving

By hell, here we are again my friends, family, cohorts, loyal wife, sweet ‘n sexy sister-in-law, Bubba J, Betty-Jo, and lil’ Bubba T — get that finger outta your nose boy — all gathered together for yet another splendid Thanksgiving Day. 298 more words

Animal Rights

Beyond the Colonialists

Oppression of the native populace is one of the core precepts from which colonial rule draws its strength for long term sustenance. The main objective is to exploit resources of the colony while depriving the subjects their rightful access to them. 529 more words


Surah An-Nisa : Chapter 4 (line 90-100) Women

90. Except those who join people with whom you have a treaty, or those who come to you reluctant to fight you or fight their own people. 969 more words


Privilege and the Hierarchy of Oppression

There is little doubt that even in 2015 girls and women all over the world face a disproportionate amount of discrimination, of verbal and physical violence, and a lack of recognition in gender parity. 1,529 more words

Social Commentry

Opinion: Yoga is not culturally insensitive 

Yoga is a low impact, highly rewarding exercise done by countless people across the globe. Any person in the United States has access to do yoga by turning on a TV station with this type of programming, popping in a DVD (or VCR cassette), joining a gym, or by having it as an employee wellness activity at work. 143 more words


How to Slay a Dragon - Shareholder Remedies in Malaysia

Within the corporate sphere, there is an ever-present tension between majority rule, where the majority shareholders are allowed to dominate the decision-making process, and that of protection of minority shareholders. 1,130 more words

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