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Bullying Countermeasures

I posted this on Facebook and Twitter and it generated comments from people who told their stories of being bullied. Perhaps by posting it here it will help others who are suffering or are looking for ways to help. 79 more words

Sex and the Famine

Recently, I was reading through several books on the ‘Great Famine in Ireland’, or ‘Genocide for those who prefer to think of it that way.  I read about Mayo, Sligo, Galway and West Cork where the men women and children died in their thousands during the ‘Great Famine’ in towns like Skibbereen and Ballinrobe. 2,723 more words


Nugget-49: Oppressing The Oppressed, That's The Saddening Secret To Riches Of Many In Our Society.

This man with me in the image below is Babloo Bhaiya.

He is a carpenter by profession at my college.

But, he isn’t employed by my college. 757 more words


He Speaks........

“A poem about a young man going through phases of pressure and oppression from the masses of society, politicians and leaders of this free world. In the eyes of Vanucci he does not feel free. 267 more words


Revolution to Combat Oppression: Urizen's Tears

In Blake’s “The Song of Los”, several biblical parallels can be drawn, including the reference to Adam and Eve’s conception, fall, and Jesus ‘arrival. At the end of the poem, Urizen, who acts as an allegory for Christianity’s God, weeps at the ending of Los’ song (112). 318 more words

Urizen's Tears (3/21)

Black American Privilege: Myth vs. Fact

By Allie Nichole

So-called “Woke-book” has done it again: sparked an intense debate amongst members of the online black “conscious” community. A young black woman based in the United Kingdom took to Facebook to air her opinion that African Americans have more societal proximity to white people than other black people across the diaspora, which is a privilege. 733 more words


China's Beast Prototype: Punishments begin May 1

Punishment of citizens with bad “social credit” to include bans on plane or train travel for up to one year with state policy, “Once untrustworthy, always restricted”

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