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Africans Found Butchered Organs Removed In Egypt*

Africans Found Butchered Organs Removed In Egypt*

A very disturbing video posted on Kalsan TV, YouTube and Facebook shows the patched-up remains of 9 Somalis found on an Alexandria coastal stretch. 186 more words


US Christian among first victims of Russia's anti-evangelism law

The first known victims of Russia’s new anti-evangelism laws have been convicted and fined, according to the Forum 18 news service.

Two individuals, one a US citizen and one Ghanaian, have been heavily fined. 208 more words


Reflections and a Reblog - "Why Are You So Different?"

Why Are You So Different?
Posted on November 6, 2013
Carol A. Hand

Years ago, I accepted a position at a university as an assistant professor. 1,140 more words

Critical Thinking

Generalization and Oppression

I’d like to clear the air about something that shouldn’t even be an issue: transgender and gender noncomformists using bathrooms.

The most common and irrational argument I see is: they are just perverts who want to spy on women and children. 277 more words


Amazon Sells Guide Books on How To Make Sex Slaves

Amazon is an amazing website.  You can usually find whatever you want or need and quickly purchase items to be dropped off at your doorstep.  They have thousands of books available to buy for your tablets or to own as a paperback or hardcover copy. 392 more words



Please forgive me, Mr. Kaepernick, but I find it hard to understand how a group of people who are allowed to openly protest, disrupt with near impunity, obtain special status in nearly every institution, have the freedom to speak whenever and wherever, and are allowed to openly dinigrate other groups as a whole can rightfully claim to be oppressed by their government and/or police forces who protect their said rights. 12 more words

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