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It’s disturbing.

Fundamental to the concept of civility is that we recognize the difference between private and secret. That is, we keep from others only what is private — stuff that, best you can tell, does not affect them and is none of their business. 616 more words



Acrylic on Canvas Board 12cmx10cm

The first painting I did after arriving in Afghanistan in 2003.

The city grey in the depths of winter.

The oppression of women symbolized in the men on Buskashi horses, painted in the black associated with the Taliban, towering over a women. 19 more words


Domesticating Jesus

Jesus Christ. Some say he’s a prophet, the Son of God, the messiah. Others like me consider him a loving friend. A great drinking buddy with the personality of a Starbucks barista or a Barnes and Noble bookseller. 722 more words

Short Story - The People's Republic

So, I decided to try and give WordPress a shot for sending out some of my writing. This is a short story I spent a couple days going over. 40 more words

Short Story

Poetry Break: Requiem For The Woman Caged 

This place is black, but easily do I navigate it’s craggy stones and deep crevices.

Feed me frigid water and morsels bland. I will no longer object. 65 more words


How do you Identify yourself?

When so many women get married, it seems they lose their identities. Maybe this is by choice, or maybe it is the nature of the institution, but either way – it’s perpetuating oppression. 278 more words