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On the api (victim of injustice) narrative

Much is to be admired in a country that has triumphed over sequential, albeit repetitive, oppressions. This is a country that has banished different conquerors (and is still embroiled in a struggle with one at present), survived the most devastating natural disasters, and lived through the various daily third world realities. 935 more words


Bowl of Courage🇺🇸

When I originally started this blog I used it strictly for cosmetics, even though part of me knew that my writing was for more than just informing people of the latest beauty products and fashion risks but I ignored it. 608 more words


Calling My Sister (or, Women Observed in a Chat Room)

I saw the word
full of light,
inscribed on an empty white page,
roundly formed and concise.
Such a lovely word.
It illuminated my night. 271 more words


An Offensive Take on an Oppressive Government

This past Wednesday, as part of the Capital Hill Lecture series, I was able to listen to Peter Schiff speak. Peter Schiff is the CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., and founder and Chairman of SchiffGold. 883 more words

The Confederate Flag Fiasco, and Why it's a Win For Collectivist Authoritarianism

Ignoring the usual specious messages concerning the Confederate battle flag, let’s look at this another way.

Since ostensibly our government is a representative one, we can make the claim that public property–the government land subsidized by the citizens–is property belonging to the PUBLIC (setting aside for the moment the fact that collectively-owned property is an impossibility, which makes the whole argument about what should or shouldn’t be displayed upon it thus irrelevant). 612 more words


Liberation Lies In The Choice


Feminism, as I have noticed, is interpreted differently person to person. To me, on a high-level, it just means letting females have the same rights as man, which is the right to choose. 320 more words

Women Empowerment

Who is more opressed a Muslim girl in a hijab or a western woman?

I am in no way judging anyone for their appearance. I am only stating my opinion on what I see.

I’ve been programmed to believe that a hijab feels opressive because God commanded women to wear them as well as be modest with their outfit choice. 741 more words