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The Making Of A Royal. The Marriage.

The making of a Royal. The Marriage.

There were no politicians among the 600 member guest list to witness the legal union of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in Great Britain on 19 may 2018. 334 more words


Dear Non-feminist People.. 

Dear Non-feminist people,

As I will be writing on a highly incendiary topic, I recommend you prepare your mind appropriately. I will not be held responsible for any table-shaking that may/may not take place. 1,240 more words

What Is Subaltern?

The subaltern is defined as, “…someone with a low ranking in a social, political, or other hierarchy” (Vocabulary.com).  Subaltern may identify a race, gender, or socio-economic class because of oppression and social subordination based on social beliefs, policy, or caste system. 365 more words

Tolokonnikova spoke of a recent visit to the city jail at Rikers Island and her horror at the conditions at what she described as a penal colony in the middle of “supposedly progressive” New York.

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The Massacre At Bretton Woods

The Bretton Woods Agreement was a landmark piece of financial legislation passed in the fallout of WWII. Then a new world order was created around the strength of the USD and the short-term gains of a debt-based economy. 1,075 more words