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Survivance, Art, and Empire

Going back through my recent blogs, I realize I haven’t been writing much. But then I remembered school work, and the fact that in the past few months I’ve passed my comprehensive exams, applied for three major funding opportunities, taught class, kept my cats and self alive, and excelled in my own coursework. 264 more words

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PPBF - The Rooster Who Would Not be Quiet!

I chose today’s Perfect Picture Book because it’s a delightful folktale that has more than a few parallels to today’s political situation, because it pairs the words and artwork of two American immigrants, and because I’d like to think the fictional village in the story, … 746 more words

Initial Thoughts

//Before I go ahead with the rest of this article, I’d like to highlight that this blog is tracing my thought process from the beginning to an indefinite end. 513 more words

The whites came to this land for a fresh start and to escape the tyranny of their masters, just as the freeman had fled theirs. But the ideals they held up for themselves, they denied others. – The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead

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Here was the true Great Spirit, the divine thread connecting all human endeavor – if you can keep it, it is yours. Your property, slave or continent.

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The streets filled with the thunder of footsteps as we marched down to the capital. Thousands of us had heard the imperial message of our leader, reminding us of the tentative balance that democracy constantly hung in. 747 more words

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