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The Beast Sleeps Now

I challenged the masters

Stood up to their disasters

Both spiritual and natural

The battles became mythical not factual

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The evidence not sound… 69 more words

Europe’s ‘Smart Borders’*

Europe’s ‘Smart Borders’*

Germany could have simply closed down the mosque that has a pro-ISIS reputation instead of incarcerating a Muslim boy under foster care, but to date, Germany has not. 776 more words


"For this is an evil time"

Micah- Chapters 1-3

In the Book of Micah, God’s people are facing judgement for their iniquities. People are oppressed, afflicted with unrest, and looking straight into the face of coming disaster. 292 more words

Book Of Micah

Social Protest Lit.: Karl Marx "Address to President Lincoln"

Taken from the “Address to President Lincoln” drafted by Karl Marx from the International Workingmen’s Association. This piece of an essay is from Book V called “Revolt.” This chapter is summarized as to pertain to “The struggle to abolish injustice; the battle cries of the new army which is gathering for the deliverance of humanity.” 152 more words


Embracing culture

Growing up I was always subjected to this mindset that expressing ones culture was “chunti” or to speak Spanish made you a “paisa”. We are taught to embrace our culture, yet when we do we are victims of discrimination. 441 more words

I Am Woman

By Amari D. Pollard

In honor of Women’s History Month I dedicate this article to all my fellow women out there.

Everyone always likes to talk about how much progress we as a country have made over the past few decades—“there’s no need to be bitter when there is so much distance between where we were then and where we are today.” 433 more words

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