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How to Monitor Police Agencies: Part 3

In this third part of our series about using OPRA to monitor police agencies, we will discuss how to ensure that individual officers meet the qualifications for their duty assignments and are properly trained. 302 more words


How to Monitor Police Agencies: Part 2

We recently blogged about how you can use OPRA to gain access to records which shine light on the use of force by police officers. This blog discusses other types of police records that will help you monitor your local police department. 446 more words


How to Monitor Police Agencies: Part 1

Police officers have the ability to arrest and detain suspects, to seize property, and to lawfully use force against people when justified.  Because police officers are given these tremendous powers, we hold them to very high standards—we expect that they will be honest, trustworthy, and follow the law and the Constitution. 736 more words


OPRA and OPMA Bills Amended

At their June 29 meeting, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee amended and released without recommendation, S-1045, which amends the Open Public Meetings Act, and… 2,335 more words

Recent Court Decisions Impacting OPRA

Two recent court decisions have been issued dealing with the Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”).  The first case issued on August 3, 2017, is an Appellate Court decision concerning the ability of the Superior Court to issue civil penalties for the “knowingly and willful” violations of OPRA.  677 more words

NJ Supreme Court Narrows Scope of OPRA Exemption

On July 11, 2017, the NJ Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in North Jersey Media Group, Inc., v. Township of Lyndhurst, et al.  This case attempts to provide clarification to the scope of the ‘criminal investigatory record’ and ‘records of investigations in progress’ exemptions to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).  969 more words