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My Lucky Letter to Millennials

Are you one of the lucky ones?

Dear young person,

I want to share something about how lucky you are to be a young, shiny new penny in a world with so much to offer but I can’t, because I don’t believe in luck. 1,216 more words

Life Advice

My Full Circle Moment With Pandora Jewelry and Holiday Gift Guide

My Full Circle Moment With Pandora Jewelry and a Holiday Gift Guide

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If you have been following along with me on Instagram you probably saw my big reveal.   736 more words


The Thing About Oprah's Favorite Things

Last week I got to do something that I never dreamed I would. Sure I did actually dream about it and I even blogged about it last year but I never actually thought I’d experience it. 1,066 more words


My Year of Go!

Last year I wrote about my Year of No. I talked about the time in my life where as a single mother, graduate student and social butterfly I was having a tough time balancing it all. 493 more words

Life Advice

Blonde ambition [OPRAH: Jan 2014]

Carla Calitz loved being a blonde – right up until she didn’t.

In grade 7, I coveted my youngest sister’s flaxen hair – she was the blue-eyed, golden-locked child adored by all her peers (most particularly, the boys), while I was the brown-haired, cow-eyed geek with no social clout whatsoever at school. 285 more words

Mark Boucher: A clear vision [OPRAH: April 2014]

Felled by a career-ending injury, renowned former cricketer Mark Boucher found a new calling. He chats to Carla Calitz about this and his new book.
415 more words

How to be brave [OPRAH: November 2013]

Author and self-confessed “pathological worrier” Polly Morland shares how you can teach yourself to be courageous.

Bravery had always been a mysterious quality that others possessed and she lacked – as a timid soul, she had been more prone to anxiety, relates Polly Morland from her home in Chepstow, UK. 308 more words