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No Longer Hungry?

Anyway, I left the book on the deck. I never do that. I often put it away the instant I’m done writing. The impulse was to take it with me and do just that. 291 more words


Important message...

A lot of thoughts running amok today and into this night. I need sleep, though, so will end. My wish is best expressed by Lady O. 28 more words

Oprah Winfrey Kills Black People

White people are homeless, too, but only Black lives matter. Oprah has become one of the richest people in the world through advertising and costs of advertising filters down to the product. 313 more words

Misanthropic News

Stop, drop, and appreciate.

I definitely believe that gratitude is extremely important. From the biggest and most amazing blessings, to the tiniest things that make me smile, even for the lessons I’ve been taught by pain, I am grateful. 619 more words

Just ASK

The best way to get what you want is to ask for it.

Asking comes in many shapes and forms. You can ask your spiritual guides (if you believe in those) for help, you can check in with your body (to see what feels right), and you can seek out the help of an expert. 265 more words



It is going to be ok. Get still and make your next right move.