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Where do I Belong?

Where do I Belong?

The feeling of fear

even in supposedly safe spaces


Will I ever be authentic anywhere?

Feeling like a Fake

Forcing my politeness…

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Person of Color
Sometimes I am
So Sick of
the Skin I was Born in
The Oppression
it has Wrought
Upon Me
it takes from me…
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Social Justice v. Gender Politics

In her article, Feminism Should Expand and Emphasize Social Justice Rather than Gender Politics , Jessica Valenti argues that feminism has lost credibility on the issue of equality because it has focused exclusively on gender.  187 more words

"...the time is now !"

In the article, “…the time is now !” the author Beverly Pappa, talks about her attendance at a Flo Kennedy meeting. Flo Kennedy shares her view on oppression. 122 more words

"Beside them, not against them"

In the article, the author Darlene Harvey makes the reader aware that Black Women do not feel oppressed by their counterparts but by white society. 143 more words