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Norma Culta

Sempre buscando o conjunto de palavras,

nunca fui capaz de expressar o que quis.

Pedro Spieker



Chaos, Completeness and Certainty

It this not an interesting progression:

In Physics, from the simple Newtonian equations and Galilean invariance, to the relativistic frame of reference and Heisenberg’s uncertainty. In Philosophy,  from the stable subject to the subject as socially constructed, or a product of language (Lacan). 578 more words


Persecution of the Church

Mother of God:  Soon will come upon you an oppression, which has never been seen before. The Catholic Church will be hated and exterminated by all means. 202 more words


Imagine if your education was taken away

Hands up if you liked school? What’s that? Not many hands? If you didn’t fancy school that much, chances are you’re from a comfortable westernised country where school is taken for granted and hating it is the norm. 312 more words


Privilege is an Excuse

Discrediting legitimate hard work and pandering to those whose ancestors suffered in years past is one million times the monster oppression could ever be.  I am not a victim. 13 more words

Originally posted on Desire.Guru

Sex education in America can be linked to the origin of many personal and social problems. People cannot make informed decisions about their sexual health when they are taught biased and incomplete information at the developmental stage of childhood.

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