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Children Of Doom

Doom – Terrible Fate 

We are children of doom. We did not become one right now but we are one since, the day we were born. 838 more words


The Exclusionary Existence of the GRE

Note: This was written a few months ago. I thought it was already on this blog, but I guess I was wrong? Anyway, though I’ve changed my mind about grad school for the time being, I still think that this is a post worth sharing with you all. 808 more words


My manifesto - finding Calcutta

I think for me this has been the most emotive election I have been able to vote in, people who have never engaged in politics before have been vocal on social media platforms, and more young people have taken up the call to register to vote. 829 more words

Struggling with Structure

I’ve always rebelled against structure.

There’s so much of it. We’ve created endless structures that govern our lives. From our beliefs, social norms, traditions, governments, to fashions, taste and just about everything else. 1,121 more words

The Menace Inside Makes Me Young Again

Shadows convene

at the edge of every alley

one foot planted in reality

the other against the wall

smoking cigarettes by the carton

breathing in the toxic waste… 143 more words


The ‘disgusted’ pollen is free.The ‘celebrated’ human is in chains. Period!


Post-Colonial Review: The Book of Negroes

From a post-colonial point of view, Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes is chalk full of oppression, domination, and hegemony. The slave traders think nothing of the lives of the Africans and use them for whatever they want, whether that is farming, cooking, cleaning, or sex. 632 more words