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Progressed and Opressed

Disclaimer- This post mentions towards the oppressed actions one takes in the name of religion and humanity. If you’re offended, because of the truth, you need to start asking questions.

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Ode to this moment

Sometimes the subway, at night, when you’re a little buzzed, is the best therapy you need. To be able to parse the relationships in your life, and wonder how you let something slide. 180 more words

Poetry And Prose

How Responsible Am I?: Addressing Our Ignorance With The Help Of Singer

A Personal Note

I believe that I am truly blessed with the ability to rationalize and feel empathy. For me, awareness of what I can do to create a positive impact as just one individual pertains some type of responsibility as a capable human being on this earth. 2,422 more words


How Institutional Racism is Hindering American prosperity

We often turn to institutions in America as a safety net to carry out some of society’s most important efforts towards ensuring the livelihood of its citizens. 3,022 more words

Street Caste

We have all your heroes
like their legends before
we have all your streets
we know what you are

we ‘ve invested your children
before they are born… 109 more words


How Scary!!

I normally do not share any kind of political views on here. Warning: this is only my opinion.

Our country was founded on differences. People have not always agreed about immigrants since we became a country, yet people were allowed in and eventually became accepted. 118 more words

Road To Wellness

Huddled Masses

What is an introverted empath supposed to say
when people all over the world are
suffering from violent oppression and they can’t
yell loud enough for “the man” to hear? 134 more words