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3- What I saw, Returning to Palestine: Checkpoints

Checkpoints are essential to Israel’s occupation. They are the most efficient way to control and torment Palestinians’ lives on a daily basis. One truth must be clarified about checkpoints. 1,020 more words


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Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Black History

Dancing On Quicksand: My experience as a teenage girl in America

As it stands, I grew up in a household where my opinions and my voice matter, where I was always encouraged and being torn down with hate was something not seen. 527 more words

Emotional Baggage- Day 10

Who wants to pay for extra baggage? I sure don’t. It’s heavy, a hassle, stressful and more to worry about. It keeps you worrying about the past and doesn’t let you enjoy what’s in front of you (present). 490 more words

Living as an older LGBTQ adult in Society: a Look into Just How Little Attention is Devoted to These Individuals and the Effects on Mental Health.

There has been a stigma in our society for far too long surrounding the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community. No one seems to be allowed to speak about those individuals, which has been detrimental for the older LGBTQ adults. 1,795 more words