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Feminist Fridays: Can Women Ever Really Win?

Today the French High Court ruled that the ‘burkini ban’ as it has been dubbed is illegal. After images of a woman being forced to undress on a beach in France made headlines around the world, it lead me to think about whether a woman can ever really win in terms of what they wear. 359 more words


Let us pause for a "song."

Wrote it ages ago.. really cheesy in places (I really need to change the final two lines  they make me cringe:)) but it has potential so I am posting it… mostly just to change up the blog a bit. 310 more words



The lot of a not quite smart animal just bright enough to pick the least hazardous path toward the future, oppression builds as societies age and politicians wrestle to gain power and control. 400 more words

Life Lessons

Observations in my travels: Medellin Colombia

For what cannot be bought, there is feeling

at times the feeling of leaving the body

to touch the vulnerable fragment of iridescence

At times the feeling of incompetent… 304 more words

ID CARD - Mahmoud Darwish Poem

ID Card

Mahmoud Darwish

Write it down! I’m an Arab
My card number is 50000
My children number eight
And after this summer, a ninth on his way. 339 more words


Star spangled lies

Oppression is a form of slavery, stopping people like Noam Chomsky from speaking their mind, banning books like The Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller or Howl by Allen Ginsberg. 214 more words



Do not oppress foreigners, widows, orphans or poor people. Do not plan evil in your heart against a brother.

Do not oppress foreigners

Exodus 22:21… 494 more words

For Christians