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Shower Laundry

Despite plans to leave five days ago, I’m still here at Stan’s Blanket. All my locations get codenames, not because I’m Special OPS, but because every little piece of information can be made into a total picture. 663 more words


Family and Friends Who Don't Prepare

Kit Perez has been written a short article titled The Dilemma of Family and Friends Who Don’t Prep over at American Partisan about how you might need to react to people asking for food in the event of a severe crisis. 407 more words


Virtual Patching

Virtual Patching is a security policy enforcement layer which prevents and reports the exploitation attempt of a known vulnerability. This layer analyzes the transactions and intercepts attacks in transit, so malicious traffic never reaches web application. 384 more words


Assholes and Infiltrators

There are, in fact, two kinds of people in the world of activism. Assholes and infiltrators. Every single one of us good-intentioned activists is an asshole.

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OpSec: Well Duh!

Talk about “Gray Man,” my five year old Honda Civic looks like a hundred thousand other Honda Civics out there. It is even gray in color, the most popular color in that model run. 485 more words

Being Prepared

OPSEC fail: China and the African Union center

It is becoming more and more common seeing big players doing childish operational security mistakes and this is one of them. The entire failure can be summarized effectively by the following picture. 169 more words


OPSEC fail: Triton ICS malware

This was a pretty nasty OPSEC failure that happened about two months ago. And it all started with one of my favourite threat hunting platforms, VirusTotal. 357 more words