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The Organ Donor Opt-Out System Disrepects the Living & the Dead

Two years ago, I wrote a piece making the ethical/property rights argument against the opt-out organ donation which was to be introduced in Wales. There’s now talk of the same system being introduced in England, so I want to discuss the issue from another angle. 670 more words


Don't Be Afraid To Opt Out

When you opt out of the plans that people have for your life and you opt into Gods good and perfect plan…

1. You cannot expect people who aren’t “there” to understand nor accept it. 520 more words


A Pound of Flesh

The Tories have capitulated to the left, and to the conservative right that seek to slow or force a decline in embryonic science and the promise held by stem cell research in the fight against disease and the prospect of cloned spare organs. 670 more words


Ad industry whines Apple Safari update is against tracking

❝ Six ad industry organizations have crafted an open letter complaining about changes coming to Apple’s Safari browser, claiming that a new feature — “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” — will hurt both them — and the public.

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Quick Thought: Soft opt out organ donation system

One topic which appears for discussion every now and again is the idea of an opt-out system for organ donations. This is a system which is based on the idea that everyone is automatically an organ donor and that you have to opt out of the system, as opposed to a more traditional opting in. 221 more words


Simple Way To Create A Lead Magnet - With Security Sales In Mind

Need Something New To Send to Prospects?

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Interviews Make Great Lead Magnets…This simple video received over 500 likes in just 3 days… 250 more words


Opt-in, Opt-out? A new system for organ donation in Scotland

Guest blog by Findlay Smith The Scottish Government is in the process of bringing forward legislation to introduce a ‘soft opt-out’ scheme for organ donation. Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell stated that the move will be one step of many in a “long term culture change” regarding organ donation. 10 more words