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Are YOU In the Know? Galactic Civilizations III has an Opt-In Patch Available Now

So what is Galactic Civilizations III?

It’s a 4X–“eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate”–strategy title set in the vast, inky expanse of space. Human-kind has finally mastered star travel, opening up the universe to colonization, exploration, and conquest. 395 more words


Push (Notifications) Real Good

Health Applications all contain a common goal: wanting to improve the users’ quality of life. However, society has a short attention span and applications are often forgotten about and deleted before even having the chance to affect the user. 586 more words


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Opt-In Training Courses

The Rural Area Training Program

Teagasc and DAFM have developed a new web portal called Opt-In which highlights employment related skills development and personal development opportunities. 38 more words

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Cookie Nightmare

Do you know how many cookies are placed on your computer? Does it matter?

The EU directive from 2011 had companies scrambling to find good ways of notifying visitors about the cookies being placed on their computer and giving opt-out measures. 682 more words


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Finally, it’s 28.08.16 and today, we are glad to present to you makeadreamng.com!!!

A little bit of history, it all started about this time last year when we felt the need for a platform which supports the Nigerian Dream and tells the true Nigerian success story. 202 more words


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…so if you want to continue receiving It Is What It Is in your inbox every week, then you’ll need to opt-in to my NEW email list for my NEW… 95 more words