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How Landing Page Monkey Simplifies Your Business

Landing Page Monkey is a game changer.

That sounds like a BOLD statement. But once you put Landing Page Monkey to work for you, I think you’ll agree with that statement. 800 more words


Need Money? Generate Donations Today!

Have you ever just wished it would rain down money for your organization?

One of the biggest challenges of grassroots organizations is coming up with the funds that will take care of the needs, let alone, the wants! 287 more words

Rebooting the PCEHR: Opt-out and a new name are not enough

Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced that “the Abbott Government will deliver a rebooted personalised myHealth Record system for patients and doctors that will trial an opt-out, rather than opt-in, option as part of a $485 million budget rescue package (…).” 251 more words


Opt-in Strategies

After you sign up for a Raindroppers account the first thing you want to do is to get your users to opt-in to your keyword. After all, it doesn’t make sense to send out text messages if you don’t have anyone signed up to receive them! 898 more words

You Have a New SMS Account; Now What?

Congratulations! Your organization is now the proud owner of it’s very own Raindroppers Account, but now what?

You may be considering the power that is now at your fingertips, but realize you have no idea how to start using that power to help your organization grow. 538 more words

Facebook hit with class action lawsuit over facial recognition data

A new class action lawsuit claims Facebook violated its users’ privacy rights in acquiring what it describes as the largest privately held database of facial recognition data in the world. 653 more words


[GET] Finally...A Complete List Building & Email Marketing System From Opt-In to Profits

You’re About to Discover A Complete System That Makes it Super-Easy to Build Instant Profits That Allow You to Finally Create a Real Email Marketing & List Building Business…

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