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39% of Students in Montclair, New Jersey, Opt Out of PARCC Tests

The new interim superintendent in Montclair, New Jersey, released the Opt Out numbers: 39% opted out in grades 3-11. That is a stupendous number and a victory for the parents who rejected the PARCC sham. 175 more words


Houston: No Choice for Opt Outs

Very few parents are expected to opt out in Houston. The culture of testing is so deeply ingrained that few question why their children are subjected to weeks of preparation for bubble tests and for a school year dominated by the tests. 495 more words


Facebook's tracking cookies affect even users who opt out, claims EU report


Facebook is continuing to monitor the browsing habits of European users even when they explicitly opt-out of tracking, claims a new report compiled by the Belgian Privacy Commission. 580 more words

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Students in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Lead Opt Out Campaign

A group of high school students in Lake Oswego, Oregon, has launched a campaign to persuade their classmates to refuse the Smarter Balanced tests, which will be given in April and May. 448 more words


BREAKING NEWS: AFT President Randi Weingarten Endorses Opt Out!

This is great news!

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, tweeted and wrote on her Facebook page yesterday that she supports parents who opt out of the PARCC tests. 383 more words


Workers' Comp Besieged: Independent Views of the Problems Workers' Comp is Facing

I had intended to write an article about the recent reports from NPR/ProPublica and OSHA about the serious harm many workers are being subjected to by the workers’ comp system, as well as write about a… 762 more words

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Dozens of NY Teacher Associations Endorse "I Refuse" Resolution

Dozens of teacher associations have endorsed a strong resolution against high-stakes testing.

These groups include:

Amityville Teachers’ Association
Associated Teachers of Huntington
Babylon Teachers’ Association… 789 more words

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