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"I don't remember agreeing to this."

**WSJ Video**

In this lighthearted (and creepy) look at online privacy, you’ll learn about some new websites.

After you sign in to your FB and Google accounts, click the links below. 60 more words

Online Privacy

Privacy Paradox

**Why We’re So Hypocritical About Online Privacy**

This article describes how people claim to worry about their online privacy, yet most do nothing to protect it. 324 more words

Online Privacy

What your junk mail says about you

**TV News Consumer Segment**

This 2017 video tells how to opt out of one direct mail data broker, Data & Marketing Association.

DMA charges a $2 fee to opt out.  322 more words

Online Privacy


A new way of keeping hearts alive but “asleep” in a box outside the body for a day or more could bring an end to people dying on the heart transplant waiting list. 225 more words

Science Technology

Do People Act on their Intrusive Thoughts?

Do people act on their intrusive thoughts? If no, has this been proven? And are compulsions the opposite of impulses in terms of people acting or not acting on their thoughts? 985 more words


Why We Welcome an 'Opt Out' System for Organ Donation By Kelly Grehan and Lisa Mulholland 

By Kelly Grehan and Lisa Mulholland

Among the hilarity of Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday, was an announcement of a consultation, which if followed up on will literally save the lives of many people in this country – a plan to make the Organ Donor Register opt out, so consent is presumed unless you remove it. 735 more words

Social Commentary

A Pound of Flesh

The Tories have capitulated to the left, and to the conservative right that seek to slow or force a decline in embryonic science and the promise held by stem cell research in the fight against disease and the prospect of cloned spare organs. 670 more words