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International green journal reports on six Massachusetts EMF bills, including Smart Meter opt-out bill

From Resurgence and Ecologist
March/April 2018

Concerns over wireless technology mount in America

Lynne Wycherley reports on new moves to counter electro-magnetic pollution.
March/April 2018…

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Self-employment; opt-out or cop-out?


These are numbers produced by our Office of National Statistics. Detailed notes are at the bottom of this article.

We can safely assume that (without Government intervention) the trends have continued and that the 2017 and 2018 numbers will see more of the employed in workplace pensions and less of the self-employed contributing to any formal pension saving vehicle. 541 more words


Teach What Matters

Recently I flew to New York City for film project called, “8 Powerful Voices for Public Education.”  Below is the address I delivered to make the case for teaching skills that will empower students to challenge oppression and solve societal problems–not just prepare them for the next mind-numbing standardized test. 36 more words

Education Reform

Other people's money- other people's lives.

I received this blog/testimony from Darren Jefferson, who many will know for his work in setting up auto-enrolment schemes over the past five years. The title’s my own, the words are his. 455 more words


Testimony in Michigan: “They treated me as if I was a criminal...terrorized me...they cut me off” – what Consumers Energy did to one disabled customer with five doctors' letters who asked to keep her analog meter (VIDEO)

Jaime Chimner testimony to Michigan House Energy Policy Committee
January 16, 2018


Jaime Chimner: I was cut off on September 11 of 2015 because I had 5 doctors’ letters saying that a Smart Meter or digital meter would severely harm me healthwise…And it’s still shut off. 360 more words

Opting-out of Capitalism

I don’t agree with the notion of extractive, rogue, exploitative, degenerative capitalism. You know, advancing wars around the world to reward investors, chasing dividends. Earning a reasonable profit in a manner that is sustainable, generative, and humane, I support.  1,639 more words


Organ Donation - Who Knew There Are Two Types?

Who knew that there are two types of organ donation? There is heart beating organ donation and non heart beating organ donation. I don’t think I need explain this but just in case… 1,044 more words