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Jan Resseger: Arne Duncan's Shameful Legacy (LINK ADDED!)

Jan Resseger served for many years as program director for education justice of the United Church of Christ. She is a woman with a strong social conscience, who is devoted to the well-being of all children. 1,033 more words

Education Reform

Don Armstrong: Do Florida Parents Have the Right to Opt Out?

In the previous post, I referred to Din Armstrong of Lee County, Florida, as a hero for his principled stand against Florida’s insane obsession with testing. 695 more words

Standardized Testing

Carol Burris: The Origins of the Opt Out Movement

Carol Burris tells the story of the birth of the opt out movement. Contrary to the take in the mainstream media, parents started opt out, not unions. 61 more words

Standardized Testing

NY Opt Out Leaders Protest Phony Cuomo Commission

The Néw York State Allies for Public Education, representing more than 50 grassroots groups across the state, denounced Governor Cuomo’s commission to review and revise the Common Core standards and tests. 769 more words

Common Core

Governor Cuomo Announces His Commission to Revise Common Core, Without A Single Opt Out Leader

Governor Cuomo announced his commission to revise the Common Core standards and it includes not a single parent leader of the opt out movement. The reason for the commission was to respond to the opt out movement, but no one on the commission speaks for the parents and guardians of the 220,000 students who did not take the test. 148 more words

Common Core

New York Law Targets Schools with High Opt Out Rates

Despite the claims by top officials that parents were free to make the decision to opt out, the new Cuomo law will place struggling schools into receivership… 55 more words

New York

The Education of Jesse Hagopian

Erin Middlewood, writing for The Progressive magazine, flew out to Seattle just before the end of the last school year. She spent an afternoon with me in my classroom and then accompanied me that evening to our Black Student Union senior awards banquet that my students had organized to honor our graduating black leaders. 175 more words

Black Lives Matter