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NYC Parents: Testing Expert Advises You to Opt Your Child Out of the Pearson Field Test in June

Fred Smith, a veteran testing expert who used to work for the New York City Board of Education, warns parents that Pearson will be administering field tests in the schools in June. 62 more words


John Thompson Explains Why Reformers Hated John Oliver's Brilliant Critique of Standardized Testing

As historian-teacher John Thompson explains, reform spokesmen were really outraged by John Oliver’s brilliant send-up and put down of our nation’s obsession with standardized testing and its primary beneficiary: Pearson. 264 more words


Jon Pelto: Connecticut Trachers Vote to Endorse Opt Out

Jon Pelto reports that the Connecticut Education Association voted to endorse parents’ right to opt out of state testing.

Pelto writes:

“As reported by the CEA Blog, 327 more words

Standardized Testing

"To opt out" - What does it mean?

Example sentences from the web:

  • Passengers shall be entitled to opt out from a security scanner.
  • Like every other country, since the Treaty of Amsterdam Denmark is entitled to…
  • 86 more words

Parents Raise Alarm on Education & Common Core Testing

If you are a parent you have heard of the “Opt-Out Rally Cry” being felt throughout New York state and moving across the country. … 503 more words


Being an Education Reformer Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

If you’ve been the least bit of attention to the growing movement against standardized testing, you’ve probably sought out, seen, or read a summary of John Oliver’s Epic Take Down of both testing policy and the testing industry.  2,249 more words