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Processes of Healing

The process of healing can be exhausting!  However, I am really glad that Dave should now be fully on his way to recovery.  We saw the eye doctor this morning after a long night of Dave fighting pain and fever, etc.   243 more words


Kiddiewinks and Appointments

Over the last three years, kiddiewink 2 has seen a different optometrist and ophthalmologist each time. On Tuesday, little man had his three monthly check up and finally he saw the same person as last time. 366 more words

Straining to See... Straining to Write

Those of you that read my last post know that I was trying to have my eyes examined after hitting a pile of rocks with my car, and that I wasn’t going to see one until December. 579 more words

Chronic Pain

Indianapolis Opthamologist Discusses the Stigma of Wearing Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are now more popular than ever. A key feature to achieve ‘The Nerdy Look’, glasses today have become quite the fashion statement. The problem is: even with their resurgence, many who need them are still choosing not to wear them. 89 more words

Different Types of Optical Services

Are you someone who is looking forward to an optical career? If, you are it is important to understand the different services that fall under… 380 more words

Contact Lenses

Part of the Journey

I sent a message to UCSF angel/rheumatologist re: my eyes. Just to see if there was an Opthamologist she’d prefer I see. She says jump, I am GOING to say “how high?” 283 more words

Chronic Illness

I Only Have Eyes for Tacos

I was told I needed to have a specific eye test done that was performed in the Hospital’s Ophthalmology clinic last wednesday. My experiences so far at this clinic have been hilarious, but unconventional at best. 1,330 more words