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I Only Have Eyes for Tacos

I was told I needed to have a specific eye test done that was performed in the Hospital’s Ophthalmology clinic last wednesday. My experiences so far at this clinic have been hilarious, but unconventional at best. 1,330 more words


You are not a mistake

I have been putting off going to the eye doctor for some time now. I hate doctors and I generally don’t have time to go. My lunch break has become an oasis to catch up on doctor visits and it messes with my attempt to take a break with my coffee and latest good read in that oh so cliché sort of way. 620 more words


Increasing Your Conversion Rate

It has become increasingly clear that we need to become more proactive in generating new sources of revenue either through increases in numbers of patients, increases in the sales of upgraded services and/or managing all aspects of our practices efficiently. 1,003 more words


Med Fool

I was at my opthamologist’s office the other day and he said that I might be a good candidate for Lasik surgery. I said that sounded expensive and he said, “Well, your HMO would probably cover it.” That really ticked me off and I told him, “Look, doc … first off, I went to college so you don’t have to spell, and secondly, you should watch yourself ‘cuz I don’t think that’s a very politically correct term.”


Optometrists and How They Work with an Opthamologist in Indianapolis

An opthamologist in Indiana, as well as in other parts of the country, who run their own practice will likely benefit from hiring the services of a trained optometrist. 97 more words

THU 8/14/2014


My stye is getting bigger and my eye feels more heavy and swollen… I have finally decided to go see a opthamologist tomorrow. 

Also, I changed my theme.  21 more words


A Typical Eye Exam

It’s about time we covered this topic, don’t you think?  Just so you know all of my eye exams go pretty much the same way so this story really could be any one of them, but this one was particularly memorable.  886 more words