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3 ways to upgrade your health and immune system

I hate getting sick as much as the next person, so I like to do everything I can to ensure I stay free from illness, particularly during those cold winter months. 577 more words


Best Responsive Websites: Mobile Templates to Use Now

Nothing is more important than having a website that is easy to use and navigate on all devices. These best responsive websites will ensure that your site looks good to every user, everywhere. 918 more words


How to control your dreams and shape your reality

Have you ever woken up from a dream and wondered what universe you just came from? How can you disappear from the world for 6-8 hours without realising your gone? 781 more words


Use this morning ritual to boost your happiness

Mastery of the mind is the key to inner and outer freedom, breaking free from the shackles of conditioned thinking should be a goal for everyone. 789 more words


Why it's important to eat a good diet

Food can be your best friend or your greatest enemy – Understanding the types of nutrients your body actually needs will ensure you agree with the former rather the latter. 549 more words


Become a student of life

Ever wondered how the most successful people in this world got to where they are? At what point did they transcend mediocrity? The answers to these questions are very simple – the path to success has been laid out clearly by those already there. 698 more words


How to find your ikigai

Why are you on this earth? What unique impact will you make before you dissolve into the nonphysical? The word “ikigai” is a Japanese concept formulated around such questions – it means “ 726 more words