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Laughter Saves Lives

Where is the worth in waiting? I have been locked in stasis, hungry for change (as I’ve come to define waiting), but cannot find all that much to value there. 454 more words


A Tale Of Two Uncles

My Dad had five brothers. By the time I came along the youngest was gone, killed in North Africa during WWII. One brother had moved to Pennsylvania and another lived near the border between Minnesota and Canada, so I had very little contact with them. 1,073 more words

Sci-fi book - Ebola in the Garden of Eden - a book about a government, a people and a solution that goes wrong.

Ebola in the Garden of Eden



I first mapped this novel out in 1996. It was originally called ‘Ebola in Eden’.

At the time Ebola was a virus that had already been around for twenty years. 212 more words


Focal Point

What I thought were low patches of clear sky
were really high scatters of clouds.

Chagall 2015



Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller


Good Morning Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and I am laying here in my bed looking at my computer screen with still groggy eyes.  My door is cracked a little bit and I can hear the music my mother is playing in the kitchen leak through with the light of the hallway.  640 more words


Rock Music - British Beat and Mod-beat from the sixties - a list of the best tracks.

This is a list of my favourite tracks from the sixties Beat Boom of1964. There were some great bands.

This is when Britain ruled the world. 680 more words