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Lesson While Climbing Up the Ravine

scraps of rusted metal,

tumbled mine buildings,

splinters of fallen trees—

running clear and cold, the creek

makes music of everything 8 more words

Thoughts over lunch

Sometimes I get caught up in this idea of what college is supposed to be like, and what I’m supposed to feel like. There’s this high expectation of needing to have it all: good grades, sorority life, a job, health and fitness, keeping in touch with friends who live elsewhere, going out, and having a solid group of college friends. 306 more words


Standing Back Up

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We get knocked down, either figuratively or as more usual in my case, literally. I am really quite clumsy as those near and dear to my heart will confirm. 381 more words

The T's House

Roy - A poem for Roy Harper


I wrote this one for Roy Harper. It came out while I was sitting watching TV one evening. I had just written my book on Roy and my head was full of it. 603 more words


Reality Dreams - Book 2 - A Surreal Sixties extravaganza of mysticism, social commentary and poems.

This is part 3 of my Reality Dreams book. I started writing this when I was twenty years old back in 1969. They were heady days and still fermenting in my mind. 809 more words


Current Projects - Seven books in the pipeline! Roy Harper, Nick Harper, Sixties, Sci-fi & Poetry.

I have five projects that are in various stages of development.

  1. Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years

I wrote this with Nick over the course of a year or two. 777 more words


Reality Dreams - Book 2 - The introduction.

As if I haven’t got enough on my plate at the moment I have slowly started rewriting/typing up the second book of my first effort – Reality Dreams. 609 more words