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You Can Start

I like to think it over and over think,
that’s how I think, I think.
Sometimes I wish I could turn off my brain,
it pains me say. 167 more words


How To Increase Your Happiness

Being happy has some great benefits, physical, mental and social. It helps improve your health, your relationships and your creativity. How do you get your happy on? 350 more words

Beat Down

Beat Down

Beat down,
the ground
that passed me a few hits in
is now
my crown
of comfort that keeps my thoughts in.

If you, 56 more words



On the road to recovery from my recent car accident and the whole time the chiropractor’s working his magic, I keep thinking of that scene in The Dark Knight Rises.

I am the Batman! 😖😑😳😎


Ten reasons to buy my books!

These are the ten reasons why you should immediately buy all my books!

  1. They are fun to read
  2. It would make me very happy
  3. It would vindicate all the tens of thousands of hours I have put into writing them…
  4. 639 more words

Quote 19 - Christopher Hitchins - Earth as a penal colony.

‘My own view is that this planet is used as a penal colony, lunatic asylum and dumping ground by a superior civilisation, to get rid of the undesirable and unfit. 556 more words



Is 17, really any different from being 16? Apart from the now almost impossible workload – I still feel the same. I was told that I would finally grow up and become more mature, that I would see the world in a new light – which my optimism would turn into pessimism as my thoughts would be consumed with grades and universities. 411 more words