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Even though it may seem and look impossible, there is always a way and somehow, things always manage to work out.

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's back on meds we go...

Remember how I weaned off my anti-depressants? And how it was “mostly great?”

Yeah, that didn’t last long.

The ratio of good days:bad days ended up tipping too far to the “bad” side of the spectrum and everything in my life began to suffer. 192 more words

A reminder...

​Are you ever browsing on Facebook or online and suddenly you feel the weight of the world? Actually feel it. You see these images and headlines and suddenly its screaming out of the screen at you. 246 more words

My Surreal Sixties Book - Reality Dreams - Chapter 8 - Discovering sex

Here we are – we aren’t really into the surreal parts yet. There’s a lot of strangeness to come. This is Messny discovering sex.

8. 722 more words


My Surreal Sixties book - Chapter 7 - The wretch is broken.

The pathetic wretch was broken and reinvented.


Messny lay awake at night and cried. He prayed to a capricious god that he did not believe in but his most heartfelt prayers were never answered. 741 more words


My Surreal Sixties book - Chapter 6 - Pathos and despair.

This is the pathetic chapter! It had to happen.


Their love affair grew in intensity. ‘I love you’ they whispered with every twitch of their muscles. 603 more words


My Surreal Sixties book - Chapter 5 - Messny Krapbutt's first love.

Well I started Messny as a sperm, followed him through as a foetus and birth. Now he’s experiencing his first love. Ten years old and smitten. 1,473 more words