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Why I Love You

My fierce love,

you radiate strength.

My fierce love,

this day I do think.

That if I were

not to see you again

I would die, 118 more words


Not just hermits

Buddhist tzaddikim?

(Hotoke sennin kami sennin; “A thousand Buddhas, a thousand gods”)


The world may be full of bad people, but there are also many good people as well, including people good enough to be compared to bodhisattvas or benevolent deities. 229 more words


Steven Pinker and optimism

The Breakthrough Dialogue 2017 was held in Sausalito, California, exactly a year ago (and the 2018 Dialogue is happening as we speak). The Breakthrough Institute… 439 more words

Speech Critique

It's The Little Things: On Optimism

The truest sign of optimism is doing crossword puzzles with a pen.

Worth it

Live your life in such a manner that
When it’s the end of your time……..
Your story is worth telling.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018


Awoken dragon

Ignites the furnace within

Chains evaporate

© Paul Nichol. 2018


Be Soft and Committing Suicide By Cigarette

There will come a time when I am collected enough to quote each piece of Vonnegut that I love. When will such a time come, I am as unaware of as you are of your death. 28 more words