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WARNING: This will be a short/choppy blog post.

Every week is a constant routine of waking up, doing work for hours, heading to wherever you go, and sleeping. 317 more words


Recommended Albums - Roy Harper - Stormcock

Andrew came up with the idea that I should have a recommended album section. So here it is. I like the idea. But it is no use me just putting up my own views. 561 more words


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I thought this was appropriate to put out along with the news about the book!

7 quotes that always make me feel stronger and more optimistic

1. First of all it is significant to realize that you take some things in your life as granted but in fact there are other people around you that would feel more than happy if they had your life.   241 more words


5 signs you're a bit of a people pleaser... 

I have always been a people pleaser. I like people to be happy with me. I was a goody two shoes daughter, I was good at school and as I’ve grown up I’ve never grown out of it. 572 more words

I’m young and strong
But kept in a state of mind
I don’t let it dismal my mind
I’ll work my way to greatness
With all my potentials & might… 56 more words


Compliments vs. Insults

Over the years, all of us have experienced various life instances some sweet some bitter.
Our deeds have been similarly rated by the people around us, we get compliments if we do something that is ‘GOOD IN THE EYES OF THE others’ and the same people dont forget to insult us when we do something that is ‘Not so good’ in their eyes. 277 more words



​May be everything doesnt happen for a reason.

May be everything happens for a reason.

May be every reasons dont have to be known.

May be some reasons are good not know. 21 more words