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Quote for the Day : Life is a Shipwreck

“…‎Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget
to sing in the lifeboats…”

— Voltaire


I’m considering today what makes some people so optimistic and resilient despite the most difficult circumstances.

In my life I have had the pleasure of the company of a few very good folks, who despite physical, financial and emotional pain and difficulties remain the most happy, upbeat and positive people. 64 more words

Love Yourself!

And don’t be too harsh to your heart, I know it’s the deceiver. It took you to wrong while making you feel right. It put you into the terrible situations where you might have sacrificed your dignity, worth and most importantly yourself. 139 more words

Random Thoughts

The Power of Positive Positivity

Cheesy. True. Being positive is a habit that may be formed through practice and intention, like everything else. Good and bad habits are formed this way. 114 more words


Look on the Bright Side of the Pizza Buffet.

As I’m stuck at the back of a long line at Ian’s Pizza in Madison WI. I reflect on the importance of maintaining pizza optimism.  It takes consistent practice to look at my little white paper plate as half full. 492 more words


Positive mindset is the lifeblood of the optimists

It is the basis of their perspective towards life

So much to be an optimist with positive mindsets… 54 more words

Inspirational Motivation

Day 24: Small Bits of Happiness

Day 24! Phew! Those last two posts were heavy but I am very proud of them. Even though I did not cover every detail, I still thought it was important to tell some of it. 331 more words