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Applying Optimism

Staying optimistic is hard-fought,

it’s enough to make you overwrought.

So many people get off on your unhappiness,

which causes you to welcome solitariness. 103 more words


Wolf Packs, Pizza, and Stars

It was the end of the party, and the wild thumping of the bass had died to a steady heartbeat. I’ve never been afraid of the night and the solitude it brings as I wait for the car to come around. 374 more words

Challenge 6 - to make your home a place for self-expression and not first impression (spring cleaning with purpose)

Your challenge this week: to spring clean a little space in your life and make room for something meaningful – a lesson in letting go and taking pride in what you consider important to you. 1,403 more words


What I have learned

I learned that love actually doesn’t conquer all the way I believed. I thought my love could save my husband from his bipolar disorder. It feels foolish when I actually type it out, but whatever, it’s what I believed. 124 more words


Trusting My Wings

Prior to coming over to Australia, I had determined that this trip was going to be a life experiment in letting go. If I could let go of my expectations and trust that the universe would provide everything I needed, then I’d be happier. 566 more words


The Case for Optimism: Episode Three

THE UU PATH: Fireflies in the dark

by Hallas Midgette

In the first two episodes of this four-part series on a talk to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Coumbus, Georgia on April 23, 2017, Hal told us why he believes the UU path is an optimistic way of navigating through life and explained how four books helped shaping his optimistic worldview. 1,641 more words