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So what?

So what,

If what you desired didn’t happen?

If all your expectations shattered in a moment?

If all the efforts seem going in vain?

So what? 69 more words


Never Fully Empty

I’m never full.

And I’m never fully empty.

So there’s always room for more.

More love.

More fun.

More angst.

More surprise.

More sadness.

More questions. 109 more words

Life Chatter

The Big Move Part I: Optimism

If there is only one universal truth to life, it is surely this: You are never really prepared to move.

You can have a plan laid out, you can do as much ahead of time as possible, you can watch all the tips and tricks videos that exist, but you will never truly be prepared for the physical, mental, and emotional shitfest you are about to embark upon when you decide to uproot your entire life and trek it across the country. 779 more words


10 tips to reduce stress and anxiety

I’m an anxious person by nature. One of the main reasons I love to bake and take time to cook is that by putting all my creativity in it, I can relax. 462 more words


It's time we learnt from our history!!

I’m always angered by what I see in our history. The wealthy lived in such ridiculous extravagance in stately homes with droves of servants, huge gardens, banquets, coaches and clothes and jewellery and a lavish lifestyle that was unbelievable. 153 more words



We are lazy-eyed romantics

Who, slothful, deign to leer

At sexy ghosts like future, past,

But seldom now or here.

We seek the worldly pleasures… 62 more words


Tory Policy on UniversityTuition Fees is Just Putting Money into the Pockets of Fat Cats!

Back when I was at college we had our tuition fees paid for and received a small maintenance grant on top of that. It wasn’t much. 297 more words