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Until that day comes.

There will come a time when I will feel at peace again. That day is just not today.

I know somewhere down the road my heart will find rest again, and I’ll feel less weight on these shoulders. 178 more words


Don't be afraid, just look at yourself!

Look inside! You can reveal both beautiful and horrible sides there!

Isn’t it time for changes?


Coffee Cup Down

“Come take a look at this!”

Coffee cup down.

“We need to talk.”

Coffee cup down.

“Meeting. Five minutes.”

Coffee cup down.

“Everyone, stop what you’re doing and follow me.” 109 more words



I noticed that my blogs so far have been so negative and just focusing on all that is bad.  That is what I am projecting out to the world so that is what I am getting back.   222 more words

Self Sufficient 

I believe there’s little that I cannot do, but that little is not needed.
I feel there are a hundred reasons to be happy, and the ones otherwise don’t really matter. 72 more words


Embrace your $exyne$$

Today we live in a society where without thought, we are constantly being judged; but also judging others, not just by choices or actions but by appearance. 637 more words

Finding the Motivation

Starting a new venture or project can be overwhelming. It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming so stressed out about something that we talk ourselves out of some great ideas! 549 more words