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Just tired 

It’s always rare to meet someone who gets me but so heartbreaking to realizing they don’t want to be in my life. It’s happened several times so far and the shit never gets easier. 98 more words

My Life

Busy Day

I thought I was connected to Facebook. But my first post (yesterday) did not link to Facebook. It took a lot of research to get to the FORUM and post a question. 82 more words

Counting My Blessings

While I’ve neglected this blog, I have been a busy little writer bee lately. I hit thirty pages for the new version of my ongoing novel project (I lost track of how many versions there’s been so far). 461 more words


Journal Update

It’s been a while…

Life has been quiet and incredibly interesting – the currents are changing nicely.

I have changed the way I teach the kids – I now use weekly plans instead of having it all in my head and having the kids practice math/writing/etc every day. 742 more words


The winning Mentality!!!

Attitude is everything.What you thinks you become.If you will have positive attitude towards the problems of life,you will unlock the doors towards the destination.Attitude is the thing which differentiate optimists from pessimists.attitude is the thing which differentiate champion from a looser. 452 more words


Joyful Tuesday ~ 28-Mar

Dear old world,” she murmured, “you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”

– L.M. Montgomery, writer

Spent the weekend with someone who likely does not have many more days in this dear old world, yet he found a lot of joy simply watching his young grandson, and having a laugh with family.  

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Thoughts And Questions