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Roy Harper - Today is Yesterday - another of those newly discovered videos.

It is strange to hear Roy do this one. It was not one of his great songs and not one that he ever played much. It was recorded at Abbey Road but left on the shelf as it was considered to be not too worthy. 331 more words


Roy Harper - Hell's Angels - A song recorded as an impossible single.

When Roy signed to the prestigious Harvest label set up to accommodate the burgeoning Underground talent, EMI was confident that they could make a big deal out of Roy. 577 more words


Roy Harper - One for All - an instrumental showing off his amazing guitar technique.

Well it is not completely an instrumental – but near enough. It was written for Albert Ayler and ambiguously titled ‘One for Al’

This is great to see up close Roy’s technique, great guitar-work, fabulous chord changes and a unique style. 421 more words


Roy Harper - Forever - the most beautiful love song

This was a very early love song. Roy isn’t all vitriol and caustic social comment. He writes the most beautiful love songs too.

This one appeared on his first album – Sophisticated Beggar, and was rerecorded for the Valentine album. 497 more words


Roy Harper - How Does it Feel? - a song about hypocrisy and playing society's game.

This was always one of my favourite Harper tracks. I used to love it live and it was recorded well on Flat Baroque and Berserk. 928 more words


Reality Dreams - My Sixties Surreal book - Chapter 15 - becoming very surreal and controversial. Shock!!

Jumping ahead a bit. This is where it starts becoming surreal and controversial. No holds barred. I was twenty when I wrote this. My mind was raging. 1,174 more words