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Masculinity in crisis? What is a man? One man's view!

Men – what use are they? Some women would happily do away with them.

They are big, smelly, violent, aggressive, silent, unemotional, twerps.

The problem as I perceive it is that we are such a new species, and civilisation is so recent, that the habits we have are stone-age. 877 more words


Note to self

The sun’s not disappeared
The sky’s not crashed yet
Don’t spend life
With that long face
Don’t spend each day
With drooping shoulders

You have air to breathe… 69 more words



I work dedicated afternoons, which means by the time my work day is over, it will eventually get dark. So, I like to sit by the Princess Patricia Light Infantry Fountain & enjoy nature & reflect on my day. 765 more words

My New Life As Me

The ABCs of Fostering Optimism

This post originally appeared on WeAreTeachers.com.  File this one under “Accomplishment” concepts.

We’ve all seen it. A high achieving student shutting down after a few minor mistakes. 774 more words


Maybe It All Worked Out for the Best

This has been a favorite saying of mine since I heard my job was closing. It’s more than me trying to make myself feel better. If you look at all the pieces, you wonder how everything fit together without any planning. 682 more words

Grind Now - Grind Later

In a sales role it’s important to understand that the hustle, the everyday grind, never truly ends.

For many, this is the reason why sales will never work for them. 429 more words



When I was a kid talking about the future was the coolest thing or simply because I’m picturing Marty McFly’s car and shoes back then, I thought the future was that cool but now I just want to stay here and wish that the time would freaking stop or just at least slow down. 6 more words