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Recover your Optimism/Recupera el optimismo

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Enjoy life/Disfruta de la vida,

Jessica J. Lockhart

Jessica J. Lockhart

A more personal post...

I’d like to touch on why  bloggers hold such meaning in my life. Back in 2013 my niece set me up on wordpress as an escape from illness, so-to-speak, and to be able to communicate with others. 512 more words


Tuesday, Feb 9th.

I feel really bad tonight. I shouted at my baby a few times while getting her ready for bed. My tiredness is not a valid reason to go off the way I did. 169 more words


The First Adjustment


The first adjustment was at 6 weeks. The orthodontist added four brackets (to the molars in the very back.) He replaced my top with a thicker wire, and I kept the same wire thickness on the bottom. 269 more words


4 Steps to Becoming an Adult Brace Face

Wow! Do you see that perfect smile? Well, it’s definitely not mine, yet!

Step 1 – Working up the nerve.

Do you raise a hand to cover your mouth when you laugh? 812 more words



When you ask your nurse to take a picture of you so everyone can see your smile, you know you’re feeling confident. (Disclosure: they read me the riot act for being out of my room afterwards, but hey) It’s little steps of progress like these that matter. 18 more words

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