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Whistling Dixie

There is no easy way around it.

Revising a novel that is.

Writing is the easy part (for me anyway)

I have written 2 novels now and have to say, I love turning up for the page.  498 more words


Edwina Hayes at the Ship Inn 2015 - with support from Alistair and Stevie.

Edwina Hayes has the most delightful voice, writes great songs and can play beautifully. She deserves to be playing stadia with huge crowds and selling CDs by the ton. 141 more words


Danny Landau Band - Photos and review - 2015 Cottingham Civic Hall Springboard Festival.

The Danny Landau Band gave a rousing performance at the Civic Hall in Cottingham as part of the Springboard Festival.

They got all the crowd rockin’ and cheerin’. 57 more words


Poetry - Flashes - A poem about the briefness of life.


Between the forceps and the soil

We have one brief flash

To illuminate the soul

With the note of a song

Surrounded by the ghosts… 151 more words


Poetry - Wishes - a poem of hope for a love that lasts a lifetime.


I wish you sunset skies

And golden dreams

Warm fires to cuddle by

Arms and lips

And love enough

To weather the roughest storms… 187 more words


Eternal sunshine of the grass-is-green mind

When I pace myself with my peers in regard to the cycle of life, I lose the joy in the little things that make my life my own.

352 more words

Weeds or Wishes

I remember when I was a little kid, I would pull the dandelion’s out of the front yard and make wishes on the seeds as I blew them into the breeze so they could float away and make my dreams come true. 118 more words

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