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Untold :: How Did She Turned My Life Around

Hello friends! I’m here again after a month. Hope you all are doing well in your respective lives. Oh I’m missing those all; the mind blowing, thought-provoking and the entertaining blog posts from… 819 more words


The Guide 21: The Self-fulfilling prophecy

I’d like to thank you for reading this stuff – it’s been a real labour of love to produce and I really love the fact that so many people are taking the time to click on it. 421 more words

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Hey Guys,

I know you are probably enjoying my blog hence why you have followed me and are getting this notification but I have come to a stand still as i don’t know what else to write about so go ahead and ask me questions or give me a topic to talk about. 6 more words


Regarding aches 

Your body reflects on the thoughts on your mind. Those neckaches and pains are some of the people you should leave behind. Think more positive because you ultimately become what you think. New.

[1: 1,612 of 10,000] People In Pain Get Irritated

Yesterday was a bit of a long day. I was wearing the wrong shoes for checking furnitures (2-inch heels may not be too hight but if you’re looking at the whole showroom and warehouse of IKEA, well you know what I mean), I wasn’t too happy about my slappy outfit, Dubai weather is still briskly hot, and I am anxious about some tasks that I want done smoothly (admittedly, perfectly). 220 more words


People Who Unapologetically Geek Out About Things Are Some Of My Favorite Kinds Of People (Same With People Who Hold Doors Open For You)

Yo yo yiggity yo (if you knew this was a Juno reference, I love you)

So this blog post is coming to you from my bed; Where I’m laying, propped up by all of the pillows I own, drinking hot lemon water (because, fun fact, I hate tea) out of my pink Disney princess mug because, surprise! 2,037 more words


6th October 2015

A favourite phrase in my family is “we’ve got the best of the day!”. A real sense of how lucky we were to catch a dry spell or a break in the clouds. 312 more words