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Why The Beatles were the Best Band in the World – Pt 2

The next phase of the Beatles progress was their Teeny Bop years. Now this normally would be the kiss of death. Who can possibly take anyone seriously when they are catering for a bunch of prepubescent girls? 491 more words


Reasons For Optimism About Climate Hysteria — Watts Up With That?

From Manhattan Contrarian September 22, 2017/ Francis Menton Large numbers of my friends and acquaintances are climate skeptics, and many of them spend a good deal of their time feeling down in the dumps about the subject.

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Climate Matters

When you keep doing your best, your best keeps getting better.

Mental Illness

Looking beyond

Look beyond the fence. You will meet the scared little kid who longs for a playmate. Go play with him.
Look beyond the border. Make friends with equally beautiful humans who live a different life. 346 more words

Everyday Things

A Shot in the Arm

Y is for Yet*

I love the word “yet”                                                                  It’s full of promise and optimism

I haven’t learned Python …

I haven’t published my second book… 55 more words

Personal Success

Can you be too optimistic?

I know what the immediate reaction is – no. You should always aim as high as you can and think as positively as possible. There are a few things I’ve experienced that might contradict that though, depending on your opinion. 1,414 more words


Contagious positive energy

Today I met a person and the topic of the conversation seemed to go slightly negative. I decided to make it positive by asking her to describe the most awesome things that happened to her ever since she came to US. 376 more words

Peaceful Living