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I Choose Optimism

Today I want to talk to you about optimism.

It is something that has changed my life and I really want to share it with more people. 666 more words


Lies Lies Lies - From the White house and Trump! Big Brother is Watching You!!

There seems to be a concerted effort from Trump and his Administration to lie and put out false information. The press were threatened and misinformation put out. 352 more words



In life there are two kinds of people, the optimists and the pessimists. If you belong to the latter group of individuals, chances are you find it really hard to acknowledge the little victories climbing up the ladder to success. 702 more words


A Bob Marley Day!!

In a week I will be signing off and taking a break from blogging! In the meantime I aim at making my voice heard. I shall focus on the genius of others! 117 more words


A Great Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote.

I love this quote:-

Great news about Saturday’s March.

I love that he almost has Opher at the end!



“Every positive thought is a silent prayer, which will change your life”


One of the biggest blessings and a life-changing action is to start having positive thoughts. 77 more words


day 7.

JOY, day 7:

sacrament, a supportive love, slowing down with a power outage, community coming together, joyful talks on the phone with my love, santa fe pear gorgonzola salad, family trip planning, joseph smith: prophet of the restoration.

90 Days Of Joy