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Good afternoon, friends!

It’s Friday where I am, a dark and cloudy Friday afternoon. I am about to go into work – sad – but I get to work with great coworkers and super awesome clients – great! 100 more words


As I get older, my kinder side starts to take a backseat

The optimism I once had in hand now lays crumbled by my feet. 109 more words


Quotes - Abbie Hoffman - A sixties Revolutionary

Abbie was quite a character. Back in the sixties revolution the Yippies set a tone of theatre, lunacy and revolution.

We thought we were establishing a new attitude and rejecting the warmongering, profit-driven society and replacing it with something kinder, more caring and compassionate – based on sharing and camaraderie. 300 more words


Moving house - the saga!

Well we are in our new house.

We arrived without internet or phone and discovered our cell phone doesn’t work here either. Sod’s law. Our TV didn’t work, radiators weren’t on upstairs and we had the coldest day of the year. 119 more words


Lost in the Echoes

Watching the hills, I sat impatiently,

waiting for something extraordinary.

I watched as a bird flew right by me

and sat on a tree with not one single leaf. 140 more words



Have you ever had an Aha moment? A moment where time stands still, when an idea, a thought, a feeling hits you square in the gut or forehead. 505 more words


Tony Hilton's legacy according to his middle daughter

Don’t worry Honey, you can’t screw this up.

That’s what he always told us.Over and over as we were growing up, we’d confide in him all of our stress and our concerns about this or that and how we didn’t know if we were doing it right. 820 more words

Spiritual Direction