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Our deeper basis for optimism! A SATURDAY THOUGHT

Here is the complete hymn – Hymn 359

Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather,

When joys of daylight seem so like a dream; 

God the unchanging pities like a father;  128 more words



Stone Mountain, Georgia’s budding singer/rapper, Raury is a gem in the rough!

I’m impressed with the growth in every new release, and the attention to lyricism in his raps. 39 more words


Biking Without Pedals: Memories of John and ALS

It’s ironic to consider that I work for the provincial government—an organization well known for its love of acronyms—and yet the one acronym that impacted my life the most was one that I was uninformed of: ALS. 1,164 more words


A milestone - I think? 100,000 views!

Now I know that compared with Justin Bieber 100,000 views is nothing. He probably gets that number every single hour. But for me that seems quite impressive. 843 more words


Fate Vs. Hardwork

Isn’t it sickening when you continuously fail despite putting so much efforts?

Frustration, anger and emotional imbalance. This is what happens to me when no matter how hard I try I still fail and the worst thing is there isn’t one thing I’m failing at, there are many which I’ve been trying to do since a long time, maybe more than an year yet I fail. 318 more words


Belle had it right...

The world has been dark lately. I feel pretty helpless and sad a lot of the time, but in the past week something beautiful has happened. 117 more words


Ruminating on Roy Harper - Chapter 19 - an extract

I am currently rewriting this book and have worked my way through to Chapter 19 – all 80 pages in. I’m enjoying the rewrite.

It tells the story of my life as it interweaves with that of Roy’s. 564 more words