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it’s a human condition

we can fix the world;

in the hands of young people

a balance can be restored.


The greatest detective

We all know him as…Batman…

But no, seriously I began to think one day about my pessimism and how fundamentally my hyper pessimistic outlook on life is the root of many issues I have psychologically. 478 more words


All is well that ends well - The jinxed start to sailing trip

Mussanah Race Week Oman. I have so much to say. This week went faster than any week I have had in a long time. We had a troubled start to our journey. 1,390 more words


Sand Timers

We get ONLY one of the same year, same day, and same moment. The big question that lies between that is: How are we utilizing it? 201 more words


Optimist and Pessimist 

People has different personalities, motivation, statement and interest and in this world it has become HIS-destiny there is something in pairs and there are also opposites, for example : day and night, black and white, big and small, up and down or maybe opptimist and pessimist. 767 more words



My head hurts less than my life —

It’s probably just allergies.

I’m allergic to bullshit.

My hands hurt less than my head,

ragged nails, I taste my own blood, 81 more words

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