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A Cockeyed Optimist

When the sky is a bright canary yellow
I forget ev’ry cloud I’ve ever seen,
So they called me a cockeyed optimist
Immature and incurably green. 627 more words

Tum balalaika - 48th Anniversary

When Ruth and I were dating many years ago we sang this song together. She had learned it in elementary school in Northern Alberta, Canada, and shared it with me from recall. 221 more words


November 4th, 2017

Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

(Number 1551)


Social Commentary

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Optimists - Do They Really Have A Future?

Yes, I know, but Smiley McSmileface is not related to Moai McMoaiface, except for the face bit, and the Scottish connection. You try coming up with names for every single person who passes your Martian door and see how you go, pal. 88 more words


Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen

Originally published: 2017

What it’s about: A teen girl who is working through the grief and guilt of losing her baby sister.

What made me pick it up: 170 more words


Half Full or Empty

Is the glass half-full or empty,” I ask her as I fill it.

She said it doesn’t really matter, pretty soon you’re bound to spill it. 881 more words

Change Management

WOW #14

When a couple get married, they march down the aisle, stop at the altar, and sing a hymn – and that’s what the bride is thinking – … 346 more words