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17 Things Only Chronic Optimists Understand

1. You know that being optimistic does not necessarily equate to being naive. It is possible to walk through the world each day with a positive attitude, while still understanding the way things work and the fact that sometimes, things are going to be difficult or painful or challenging. 689 more words

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

“You’re not qualified enough for that position.”

“You aren’t good looking enough”

“You are not good at intimacy”

“You’re in way over your head.”

Sound familiar?   543 more words


Are You a Realist?

I believe that most people fall into 3 different categories. There are those that are optimists; who see the glass half full, pessimists who see the glass half empty, and realists such as myself who see the glass half empty AND half full because well… realistically it is (but you can opt to disagree). 415 more words


For All Of The Optimists Who Pretend To Be Pessimists

I’m the girl who comes off as a pessimist. I often talk about how badly things are going to turn out or how I will never win. 840 more words

10 Poems by Bedtime: #10!!


We have seen the most gunshots

and we hide the most holes,

but our white soldiers still stand straight in our mouths

to great the darkness passing by. 179 more words


Cynicism and The Atheist Squirrel

  If you would have asked me a few years ago whether I was a cynic or an optimist, I would have told you I was the latter. 694 more words


Habits of optimists

Are you wondering what the secret to happiness is?  Well, I’ll give you a hint – it is a little different for each person.

Here are some additional clues and a great article: 59 more words