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Strengths and Smiles

Recently, I took a personality test that is given out in companies to optimize team dynamics. I’ve taken many of these tests before but I loved this one in particular because it focuses on a person’s strengths while recommending tips for improvement. 586 more words


Study Suggests Optimists Live Longer

Optimists live longer.  Results from a government study showing nearly 100,000 women being followed adds to scientific findings saying that optimists live longer.  The report is from the American Psychosomatic Society meeting and the University of Pittsburgh.  118 more words



Being optimistic isn’t always being happy. It’s taking what the world throws at you and saying ‘I’m not going to let this get me down.


Feelings Tuesday. (Maybe this should be a Friday thing)

I’ve decided to do a theme on Tuesdays.
I will call it touchy-feely Tuesdays.
This will be where I will tell you about my problems. And I bet some of you are saying “you don’t have that many problems!” And that I won’t be able to make a thing about it. 442 more words

Peeved Pessimist

I’m not sure about you folks,  it in my world now and then it is expected that I will attend seminars and workshops.  I’m not against life long learning, but there are times that I think we go too far with things. 221 more words

Further Evidence

Optimism enhances good health. Several studies have already proven that optimists enjoy better health than pessimists. The latest study might be the one just carried out by Dr. 157 more words


11 Signs You're An Eternal Optimist

1. You have an indestructible belief that people are good

You’re way more Locke than Hobbes (high school level history class anyone?!). It’s this feeling you just can’t fight, like shimmying a tiny bit when “Shake It Off” comes on. 666 more words