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Hope In The Dark

“It’s important to say what hope is not: it is not the belief that everything was, is, or will be fine. The evidence is all around us of tremendous suffering and tremendous destruction. 271 more words

Life Learnings

The Glass Half Empty Is The Glass Half Full: the sweetness of community

There’s something known to be proven in my experience of being in community.

If people gather together in a space and are asked to share their story over a bowl of chili, something holy will happen sooner or later. 412 more words

Glass Half-Full...

I waiver between being a half-full and half-empty person, myself. But an empty glass in the fridge person? Lord have mercy.


Night Dairy

Personal Space Invaders:

Have you ever come across a situation when you need to explode, vent out your frustration on something that disgusts you?. well, from the past two days I have been feeling the same. 324 more words


11 Ways To Find Happiness That Comes From Within (Because That's The Best Kind)

Most people spend their lives waiting for happiness. They cling to the idea that as soon as they get that job, as soon as they lose those last few pounds, as soon as they’re in a great relationships, then the gates will open and happiness will come rushing on through. 1,177 more words