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Adams In The Jaw Crusher Design Optimization And Simulation

ADAMS in the jaw crusher Design Optimization and Simulation
Jaw Crusher is a mine production, construction materials and polymer processing equipment, chemical production of the main one is widely used in various metal and nonmetal mines, chemical minerals, and cement and building materials…

SEO, SES and SEM: revving the search engine

According to Stokes in eMarketing, 59 per cent of all Americans use a search engines daily; that’s a potentially huge market for your business. How do you steer these people toward your business? 701 more words


Understanding Facebook Ads: Pros and Cons

I recently did some A/B testing work through the Facebook advertising platform, and gave a quick presentation on the pros and cons of the platform. Here’s a summary. 2,364 more words

Yard Space #MPM1D/#MFM1P #PrBL

I took the typical “find the largest area given a specific perimeter” problem and created a hands-on, problem-based learning task for my combined grade 9 Math class (academic & applied combined): 198 more words


The 'Consciousness-Only' Paradigm

The ‘consciousness-only’ paradigm states that the ultimate nature of everything is nothing other than consciousness itself. This means that consciousness cannot be ‘known’ in any conceptual way since it has no definable characteristics that can be seized upon – 2,173 more words

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Speeding up large data-transfers over a db-link

Lately I’ve been working a lot with large bulk-loads of data between Oracle databases. The loading is done over db-links and we needed to speed up some of the loads since… 820 more words


Your Authentic Self

I have a student who moved here at the beginning of the year and is quite different from all of my other students that I teach.   895 more words