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What is Optimization?

Opened my notebook. Navigated to my WordPress. Clicked on Compose. And paused over the keys.Fingers midair. Waiting for my brain’s commands. And waiting…

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GNU/GCC Optimization Trick

GNU/GCC offers tons of optimizations flags, which are grouped in the ‘-O’ flags. It does that by gathering the most information about the source being compiled as possible, cutting off “useless” branches, simplifying loops, etc (not an expert here). 452 more words


Blogging Journey of Lesly Federici from Power Affiliate Club — MyQuickIdea

“I’m going to be the next Picasso” I firmly announced to a group of adults at the age of 16 who were questioning my future. Yes.

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Business Rules and Tacit Knowledge

Listening several recent presentations of Pragmatic Dave Thomas (see this and this), I cannot help getting back to the fundamental decision modeling problem:  Rules vs. 725 more words

Decision Management

Is Analytics losing its competitive edge?

John Poppelaars just published a paper with this title. He refers to the review recently published by MIT Sloan Management “Beyond the Hype: The hard work behind analytics success… 91 more words


5 Must follow SEOTips to Boost your Online Business — 3nions

5 Must follow SEOTips to Boost your Online Business.SEO is becoming even more popular these days. It has right now turned out to be the major tendency in improving site rankings as well as generating traffic to your website.

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