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6 Conversion Optimization Tips For App Sites

Many app creators are faced with a challenge. They have two places that they need to market their app — in the app store, and on the web. 804 more words


St Louis Media, Social Media Optimization Services, St Louis SEO, Online Marketing

Our platforms make it possible, in fact, easy to start your own advertising agency from home. It is a great home based business especially for mothers that still have kids in school. 39 more words

St Louis Media, Social Media Optimization Services, St Louis SEO, Online Marketing

St Louis Media is offering two of our proprietary platforms to larger companies that have their own in-house PR department, marketing firms and advertising agencies that will increase your margins and reduce your work load by offering more products at a more competitive rate and from one platform. 9 more words

NonSARGable predicates #2: about nullable columns, ISNULL, IS NULL and COALESCE

This post discuss how query complexity can be reduced and query performance can be improved by simply using mandatory columns (NOT NULL) instead of optional (nullable) columns. 458 more words


Travelling Salesmen and Hot Metal

The “Travelling Salesman Problem” is a very challenging computational problem, and in fact, for sufficiently many cities, the search for the optimal solution becomes (even with todays best branch-and-cut algorithms) hopeless. 751 more words


Cruise itinerary planning using R, LPSolve

Now that nearly every company collects data about its operations, it’s possible for decisions to be made in a systematic data-informed way, minimizing the use of heuristics. 191 more words

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What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media is now over a decade old and is already central to people’s internet habits. With this trend a well-established fact, do marketers need to optimize for social media—and if so, how can they? 523 more words