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Business Tips: Social Media Optimization Strengthens Brand Awareness

Businesses live and die on their reputation. If no one knows about your business or knows it only because of the bad press related to the brand name, then you’re going to have problems getting customers. 90 more words


Getting a program done sooner - Part 2 (the right way)

In part 1, I talked about the reasons that it is so hard to squeeze more work out of programmers and a few common approaches that yield bad results. 1,138 more words


Unity tips: objects (not so much) destroyed


Hello again! In this post I’ll show a not-so-obvious source of memory leaks in Unity: when objects referenced by destroyed MonoBehaviours stay in memory… 1,782 more words


The baseline measure

Before we can talk about enhancing, improving or augmenting our mental capacities, we first need to first understand what’s normal, what’s the baseline function of our mental capacity. 343 more words



GL is taking optimization to a whole new level. It has evolved into a comprehensive, fully integrated program designed to maximize productivity, minimize waste, and above all, reduce your per unit cost. 45 more words