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Optimization: Ceteris Paribus

We all love to optimize a convex problem. Why? Because the training always converges to the same optimum and even better, there is only one. That’s great, right? 365 more words

Why Final Fantasy XV Was Recently Delayed

(Source: kotaku.com)

As Kotaku first reported, Final Fantasy XV was delayed earlier this month. It will now be released in late November. (Fingers crossed!) If you were wondering why, director Hajime Tabata recently shed some light on the situation. 234 more words


Fuzzy Frontiers

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The goal of mean-variance optimization (MVO) is what all investors should be doing with their portfolios: finding the minimal amount of risk for their target return or conversely finding the maximum amount of return for their target risk. 685 more words


Are We Too Biased for Our Computer Overlords?

The starting NFL quarterback has had a great partial week of practice but, by the end of Wednesday, the coaches decided to tweak the next day’s drills in response to something they see in a sensory download report. 1,394 more words

Change Management

10 Crucial Beginner SEO Tips

SEO can be a bit of a hot topic in the world of internet marketing. Some people will tell you it’s dead, and others will tell you that it is alive and better than ever. 1,584 more words

Optimization startup SigOpt raises $6.6M

SigOpt, a company aiming to “optimize everything,” announced today that it has raised $6.6 million in Series A funding.

When startups talk about optimization, they often mean trying out a few different variations and then choosing the ones that get the best results. 222 more words