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Variational Methods for Computer Vision

My notes for the course “Variational Methods for Computer Vision” from Prof Daniel Cremers: http://1drv.ms/1HAWXF8

Course Videos available from:

PS: I did not have access to the slides of the course, so I write down those notes. 24 more words


What Businesses Can Learn from These Social Media Optimization Mishaps

Marketing your brand on social media can definitely go far now that the number of social media users worldwide is increasing by as much as 1.8 billion users. 111 more words

Adventure with SIMD - Part 5 - Detecting legal SIMD instructions

When i first started looking into SIMD/AutoVectorization there were a couple of questions that first came into my head.

  • If the compiler is doing this automatically for me what version of the SIMD instructions is it using?
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Why You Should Run Your Own Privacy Audit (And How to Do It)

You’ve heard the stories, the nightmare scenario where an intern calls the office to say he’s sick, and then posts some party photos where he’s surrounded by laughing friends and empty shot glasses. 849 more words


Graphics Accelerator Chip

How often do you watch animated movies, play video games, or run graphical simulations on your computer?  Computer graphics is the science of converting 1’s and 0’s into colored pixels on your screen.   194 more words


On Affine and Convex Sets (Or On General and Special Cases)

Generally, it is said that a special class is a subset of a general class obtained by introducing some additional restrictions to the general class. So, an example belonging to the special class also belongs to the general class, whereas an example belonging to the general class does not necessarily belong to the special class, since it will not, in general, satisfy the restrictions imposed on the special class. 655 more words

Affine Set