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Vertical "Tiny House" Optimization

The project is based on two fundamental ideas pf parametric approach and liveable space. The parametric approach to this project is based on the columns of Gaudi’s “La Sagrada Familia” and the complexity of the division within a linear object. 223 more words

math optimization in general

1. Linear regression
x = sort(rand(20,1));
y = 2 + 3*x + randn(size(x));
title ‘A linear relationship with added noise’
M = ; 965 more words


How To Make Money For Your Business Using Search Engine Optimization

Figuring out how to use SEO is going to be hard for you when you first start out. It takes a calm temper and a little bit of know-how to get the results you want. 535 more words

Ride The Search Engine Optimization Train To The Success Station

A clear understanding of seo or Search Engine Optimization is a fundemental action in continuing to be affordable in the electronic market. No issue exactly how significantly time initiative as well as outstanding material you use to your companies internet site, if your internet site does not reliably come up in a search you’re. Learn more …

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Programmatic and Native Advertising: Stalking and Lying?

If you’ve learned anything from my blog, it is probably that traditional marketing is becoming less relevant as I continue to type. Inbound marketing is a strategy that is becoming more and more universally accepted. 653 more words

Fast Fox devlog #1: Game Optimization, Texture Packer, Prefab Evolution

Hi all!

We decided that we should tell about everything that happens to us during the development of Fast Fox game :) Better late than never, so we  started our devlog where we will talk about the things we are doing at the moment. 765 more words

Anaplan Scales Up, Adds More Apps

AnaplanHub15 Event Report: Is your business headed for disruption, or are you going to be a disruptor? That’s the question Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Anaplan, put to the more than 1,300 attendees of the company’s AnaplanHub15 event this week in San Francisco. 1,043 more words