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Undo for temporary tables

I was working on a case where we wanted to reduce the amount of undo (and redo) generated to get the job done more quickly. So I went throught the documentation and discovered something I didn’t know: 225 more words


Running Intel TBB On a Raspberry Pi

The usefulness of Raspberry Pis seems almost limitless, with new applications being introduced daily and with no end in sight. But, as versatile as they are, it’s no secret that Raspberry Pis are still lacking in pure processing power. 214 more words

Raspberry Pi

What you need to know about Lean Manufacturing

Currently, the Lean Manufacturing concept is being used in a lot of businesses under multiple names and for different industrial environments, but having always the same purpose: waste elimination to maximize efficiency. 815 more words


November Update

Hi, everyone!

I know I’ve been basically MIA for the last month, but I have not been idle. I started re-reading “4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and started to take the lessons to heart. 1,381 more words

The Basics of Conversion Optimization for Your Legal Site

The end goal of creating a law firm website is simple. Bring in visitors and get the largest percentage possible to convert and become clients. But there s a lot involved in the sales funnel process and a nearly infinite number of variables that ultimately determine what your conversion rate is. 23 more words

5 Techniques To Understand Machine Learning Algorithms Without the Background in Mathematics

@tachyeonz : Where does theory fit into a top-down approach to studying machine learning? In the traditional approach to teaching machine learning, theory comes first requiring an extensive background in mathematics to be able to understand it. 23 more words


Quick Review: Optimization

Optimization is an interesting application of derivatives and finding minima and maxima of functions. In my experience, students tend to struggle with turning the words in the problem into math. 528 more words

Applications Of Derivatives