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Dating... You Don't Want My Advice

I’m asked on many occasions to opine on dating/romantic relationships… its actions, steps, missteps, etc. Recently it was suggested I run a continuous feature base on Dating. 1,984 more words


The Right Questions for Personalization Success

“I’m a guy, and I don’t ski. Why are you showing me pictures of a woman skiing?”

I wish I could remember the name of the man who said this, because it is a great summary of the customer perspective of personalization. 753 more words


10 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know – and When to Use Them

@tachyeonz : Programmers love algorithms. What’s an algorithm? Good question! In my academic days, we would have said, “An algorithm is a well-defined, self-contained process or set of rules to be followed in a data processing system.” 6 more words


Lagrange Multiplier and Constrained Optimization

Lagrange multipliers helps us to solve constrained optimization problem.

An example would to maximize f(x, y) with the constraint of g(x, y) = 0.

Geometrical intuition is that points on g where f either maximizes or minimizes would be will have a parallel gradient of f and g… 272 more words


C++ Vectorization Diagnostics

Vectorization is transformation of series of single operations into instructions which perform operations over multiple values simultaneously, by using the so-called “vector operations (or instructions) 1,545 more words


This book offers a welcome, fresh look at how financial markets work and why they sometimes fail.  It is ambitious work to say the least.  Lo first sets out to reveal the inadequacies of the long dominant and purely rationalistic efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) of finance. 

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Magic Squares (Part 1)

I was watching an episode of Penn and Teller Fool Us with my parents, if you haven’t watched this show, you really should. It’s extremely entertaining, though my girlfriend gets very upset that the show doesn’t tell you exactly how the trick is done. 386 more words

Magic Tricks