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Orange Snowman provides design thinking services to enthusiastic customers in a mentoring environment. We strive to bring out our clients’ most authentic voice, helping them feel happier about what they do while increasing their bottom line. 59 more words

How I Optimised My RPG In Unity

Last year I was working on a big RPG project as part of my studies. It looked great and ran fine on PC but didn’t run so well on the ps4 dev kit.  680 more words


Performance Tip In Ruby

Today performance is what that comes first, both from the end-user perspective and from developers point of view. So in this blog, I’ll be covering some simple things which we developers should follow, in order to optimize performance of our ruby code. 465 more words


Are you confusing Optimization with Growth?

In a startup, there are always many things that aren’t working as efficiently as they could be – acquisition funnel conversion, manual processes, customer acquisition costs, etc.  753 more words


Learning DPDK: make your data cache friendly with pahole tool


Taking into account orders of magnitude between speed access to different cache levels and RAM itself,  it is advised to carefully analyze C data structures that are used frequently on cache friendliness. 152 more words


Untangling Webs: Extended Cognition

Context: Does a Spider Use Its Web Like You Use Your Smartphone?

On the topic of extended cognition: The notion that a spider’s web may be part of it’s cognitive apparatus reflects more generally on tools and technologies as distributed phenomenological facilitators rather than as disembodied awareness or intelligence.

80 more words

Is a movie review positive or negative? Five different classifiers decide

As part of the Machine Learning in Practice course at Radboud University, I took part in two Kaggle competitions in a team with five other students. 1,834 more words

Text Mining