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Responding to Modern Innovation in Vision Correction

My 5-minute reunion with a previous classmate of mine got me browsing through the timeline of my career as an optometrist. Back in college days, I thought we already had enough management options in my field to the point  that I complain in getting all these treatment options in my system. 375 more words


2017上海国际机器视觉展览会暨机器视觉技术与工业应用研讨会(Vision China)邀请函

我们非常高兴地邀请您在上海国际机器视觉展览会暨机器视觉技术与工业应用研讨会(Vision China)展会期间参观我们的展位。慕尼黑上海光博会将于3月14日至16日在上海新国际博览中心(SNIEC)举行。 Opto Engineering展位号为2302,N2号馆。 49 more words


Making Moves

In case you didn’t know already, transitions suck. Like, really suck. Not the “aw man my teacher is giving us a quiz on the day before winter break” suck. 982 more words


Optometry School Orientation

My orientation didn’t consist of name games and fun group activities: it was actually orientation for the profession of optometry. The very first day of the 3-day-long program, we were presented with a layout of our next four years. 420 more words


Discover 281 new models of dual magnification telecentric lenses

Double the power of vision with Opto Engineering:
Discover 281 new models of dual magnification telecentric lenses TCDP PLUS series.

TCDP PLUS series integrate camera sensors from 1/3” to 4/3”. 255 more words