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Opto Switch Slotted Sensor Shield and Arduino

I intend to use this board in an NBTV project to measure the speed of the Nipkow disk. This is normally done by having slots cut in the disk and shining an IR LED through to be picked up by a photo diode on the other side. 352 more words


BSD lives, Atomiswave Guilty Gear X 1.5 does too!

So wish the help of some awesome community members, I was able to get BSD back up and running 100% again. Here’s what happened. At first, as you may know, was the issue with it spitting out too many balls or ending the game prematurely. 542 more words


Laser Ball Lives, BSD dies...

So I spent the day yesterday with my good buddy, and we got some serious stuff done. First, we ventured to another friend’s place to give him a hand with his games. 453 more words