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The Extinction of Fear

This post was originally written for and published in the Winter edition of the student newsletter at my university

More often than not, individuals are seen to grow up with certain fears or phobias regarding things that they may have had a negative experience with as kids. 468 more words


**Can Optogenetic Tools Determine the Importance of Temporal Codes to Sensory Information Processing in the Brain?

There is no doubt that optogenetic tools caused a paradigm shift in many fields of neuroscience. These tools enable rapid and reversible intervention with a specific neuronal circuit and then the impact on the remaining circuit and/or behavior can be studied. 566 more words


**A thalamic input to the nucleus accumbens mediates opiate dependence

Stanford researchers manipulated the brains of morphine-addicted mice and allowed the animals to overcome withdrawal symptoms. The finding could offer a new approach to quieting symptoms that often lead to recurring drug use. 659 more words


**Optogenetic Stimulation of the Thalamus Alters Activity and Alertness in Rats.

A new study shows that a circuit in a brain structure called the thalamus acts like a radio, with different stations operating at different frequencies and appealing to different “listening” audiences. 202 more words


Acute and chronic neuroscience

Those who know even a tiny bit of toxicology, are well aware about difference between acute and chronic effects of xenobiotics. Some chemicals (or other factors, for that matter) seem to be harmless at the first touch (acute) but tend to develop terrible effects if taken continuously over long time (chronic). 235 more words


Short-Term Brain Experiments May Mislead on Long-Term Impacts

Many neuroscience studies in animals involve some type of short-term (or acute) manipulation of the brain, followed by behavioral tests. When manipulations of a specific brain circuit are followed by behavioral changes, neuroscientists generally conclude that the circuit contributes to the behavior that’s been changed.

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A Toast to Optogenetics

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“This seems rather far-fetched but it is conceivable that molecular biologists could engineer a particular cell type to be sensitive to light.”

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