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Editing brain activity with holography

Originally posted May 2018

“What if we could insert non-existent scents into memory?” Can we remove them, too?  I nominate the removal of microwave fish and patchouli.  8 more words


Stanford's rice-sized implant treats diseases by zapping individual nerves

Originally posted April 2018

Stanford researchers serve up a side of rice for Bioelectronic Medicine.  Early concept proofs out through in vitro demonstrations.  The Stimulator can function at 10.5 cm depth with ultrasound for external comms.  15 more words

Bioelectronic Medicine

Translational Neurophysiology

Originally posted February 2018

Howdy!  I’d love your help finding an RA, Postdoc, or Staff Scientist in Translational Neurophys to join our Bioelectronic Medicine team.  Must have rodent stereotaxic brain surgery, histology, optogenetics, recording, stim experience.  12 more words


Optogenetics Wednesday

Originally published February 2018

It looks like today is Optogenetics Wednesday.  ‘Given the frequency-modulated nature of activity-dependent calcium signals, neural frequency or ‘strength’ in a pathway can be inferred’ 11 more words

Peripheral Nerve

Optogenetics with Scanbox

The latest version of Scanbox includes a panel to allow uses to perform 1p optogenetics with 2p imaging.  The panel provides an interface to the… 709 more words

Combining Optogenetics and Drug Delivery: Remote-controlled dissection of neural circuits

Michael Bruchas, PhD, is an interdisciplinary scientist at Washington University in St. Louis, with departmental affiliations including Anesthesiology, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, and Biomedical Engineering. His work aims to dissect how G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) systems function in the contexts of stress, depression, addiction, and pain. 426 more words


Tasting With Your Brain

May 15, 2018

Sarah Reitz

Imagine biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie, or eating a salty potato chip. Now imagine drinking milk that has been sitting in the refrigerator for quite some time past its expiration date. 1,566 more words