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Optogenetics: Controlling the Brain with Light

What if we could suddenly cease cravings caused by addiction or turn off feelings of depression with the flip of a switch? To better understand “one of the hottest areas of neuroscience research,” the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) welcomed three guests to discuss the latest developments in the field of optogenetics. 249 more words


New science: Does positive thinking cure depression?

Last Thursday, an article published in the internationally renowned journal Nature piqued my interest. This paper, titled “Activating Positive Memory Engrams Suppresses Depression-like Behavior… 2,082 more words


Lost memories aren’t gone forever; they are just inaccessible

Amnesia remains a controversial subject in the field of neuroscience, with majority of the researchers arguing that it occurs when cells are damaged and memory cannot be stored; while others believe that the memories are simply blocked and cannot be recalled. 640 more words


Need a Drink?

After taking your dog for a run on a warm sunny day, it’s likely that your first instinct upon returning home is to gulp down a whole glass of water. 222 more words


Stimulation of Larynx Muscles by light: Research from the University of Bonn

Muscles help in locomotion and gives structural support to vital organs. Also internal organs of the body are partially or completely composed of muscle tissue,  that helps in their function. 542 more words


Scientists Have Figured Out How to Recover Forgotten Memories Still Lurking in the Brain

All might not be lost. Researchers recently announced a discovery that could have significant implications later down the road for helping people with severe amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease. 513 more words


Blindness and Amnesia cure using Optogenetics


Recover lost memories using light

Scientists have recovered lost memories using light, a feat they said can help shed light on severe amnesia and help people suffering from the condition overcome it, according to a report by the Independent. 557 more words