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New Study-Deep Brain Stimulation Reverses Cocaine-induced Changes in the Brain

An interesting new study published in Science used deep brain stimulation (DBS), a technique approved for treatment of some psychiatric disorders but with an unknown therapeutic mechanism, to reverse cocaine-induced changes of the reward circuitry in the mouse brain. 145 more words

Drug Addiction

Visual interface for eyes !!

According to H+ Magazine, DARPA scientists has developed a Direct neural interface chip,  which can lay up as a heads up display for our neural vision. 81 more words


OCD and Optogenetics

University of Pittsburgh researcher, Dr. Susanne Ahmari, is using optogenetics to study obsessive-compulsive disorder. In optogenetics, scientists insert genes for light-sensitive proteins into the brains of animals. 415 more words

Mental Health

The Sentry (Bob Reynolds) and the Brain

Optogenetics. It sounds like genes being lit up in neon colors, like a flashy Las Vegas sign.

But what is it really?

Optogenetics is a technique that takes advantage of proteins found in certain algae species that respond to different wavelengths of light. 643 more words


Compulsive overeating isn’t your fault after all

Fighting hard to put down that pack of chips or chocolate? Blame it all on a pathway in your brain! Compulsive overeating and sugar addiction are major threats to human health. 488 more words


We know how to make a mouse dream when we want

Everybody knows abut Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM sleep) now. It wasn’t always that way. I found out about it in med school when my wife pointed me to a fascinating article in the New Yorker, concerning the work of Dement and Kleitman. 471 more words

Neurology & Psychiatry

Fear, PTSD, and newly found neural circuits in the brain

People with anxiety disorders, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), often experience prolonged and exaggerated fearfulness. Now, an animal study suggests that this might involve disruption of a gradual shifting of brain circuitry for retrieving fear memories. 529 more words