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MIT neuroscientists reveal how 'face gender' discrimination occurs

All the neurons whose responses help in discriminating between the visual images of face from the other non-face objects, is a classical definition of face neurons… 332 more words


Friday Paper Post - Posted Thursday May 21st

That time of the year again. The birthday of the man himself :

I’m very sorry I have fallen so far behind. I can’t believe this is my first paper post in 2015. 934 more words

Friday Paper List

Optogenetics and Brain Theories of Operant Conditioning

I would like to start this off by addressing the concepts of reward learning and fear conditioning.  And I would like to address this concept with a recent optogenetics paper by Namburi et al.   645 more words


Optogenetics in the New Yorker

Excellent new article on optogenetics in The New Yorker. Optogenetics is a powerful, cutting-edge tool developed by Karl Deisseroth’s lab (profiled in the article) and is one of most significant advances in neuroscience research in decades. 81 more words

Basic Neuroscience

Sleep and Optogenetics

So my dissertation in some sort of twisted way (let’s call it fate, maybe good fortune though I’m not sure it’s good yet) is basically going to have a lot about sleep. 298 more words


Mice, Mind Control, and OCD

Dr. Susanne Ahmari on OCD, Optogenetics, and Mice

Susanne Ahmari bears an uncanny resemblance to The Matrix actress, Carrie-Anne Moss. Maybe it’s their dark brown hair, or their strangely comforting voices. 914 more words


Simply thinking can make most brain tumors grow

A conclusion of a paper in Cell published this week found activity in the cerebral cortex affected 80 percent of all malignant brain tumors in people.  149 more words