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Common eye emergencies and how to react

Many people don’t give their eyes much thought until an eye emergency happens. Chances are, it happens on a holiday weekend at midnight when all doctors’ offices are already closed. 606 more words

BBC News: Dyslexia not linked to eyesight, says study #optometry

A study publicised via the BBC News website sheds doubt on previous research arguing that coloured filters placed over black and white reading material can help some people with dyslexia. 7 more words


So I made a Bucket List...

One of the things I knew I wanted to do when I found out I got into optometry school was make a bucket list. I know the next four years will be filled with late nights of studying, weekly tests and constant stress so to make sure I don’t get lost in all of that, I made a list of things I wanted to do between now and the time I graduate. 248 more words


I’m 16 & have kerataconis & it sucks. I used to have to wear hard contacts (rgp) and had problems alllll the time & they were very painful. 60 more words


Let’s talk discipline. A professor mentioned that I needed discipline in terms to study habits and it really stuck to me. Made me realize that this was not only just in terms of studying, but it was also reflected on my daily habits. 247 more words


Summer Semester OD2 Game Plan

I still find it hard to believe that second year starts this summer. It feels as if time fast forwarded, that things are going at full speed. 207 more words


First Year OD Recap

If there is anything I want to say about the first year at optometry school, I’d say it definitely wasn’t easy. I’m not sure if it’s the workload I’m not used to or just the mere fact that I’m also trying to adjust to a new environment and learning to take better care of myself and finding that balance between school play and health. 529 more words