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Why Do Different Practitioners Give Different Advice?

The other day I had a young patient whose mother wanted to know why I had recommended glasses while my colleague, who had seen this patient 6 months earlier, had said he didn’t need specs and we just needed to monitor. 755 more words


My Job As An Optometrist

What is my job as an Optometry?

Specialist of Optometry Professional

Specialists of Optometry (O.D.s/optometrists) are the autonomous essential medicinal services experts for the eye… 282 more words


The Optometrist Jack Thompson

I am Jack Thompson. The Optometrist in VA by some.

I will be writing mostly about Optometry in general, such as eye care, glasses and how often to get eye appointments and so on. 38 more words


Welcome To My Optometry Blog

Optometrist Cindy Here In Virginia

I’m Cindy, The Optometrist In Virginia. If you are interested in Optometry as much as I am, You are in the right place. 56 more words


Hello To All Optometrists

Hello again, to all of the people who have read my first post. I am back now to tell you about a few updates. I started a Diigo account for all of my Optometry Articles and Informational Posts. 53 more words


Welcome To My Optometry Blog

Hello to everyone reading this. I am Joana. I am a Optometrist Living In Virginia.

This weather is really nice to far and I’m really enjoying VA in general. 127 more words