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Farewell to Fumi

This week we said farewell to Dr Fumi Tanabe, who is an ophthalmologist from Osaka, Japan. Fumi visited our lab for approximately 1.5 years with a special interest in glaucoma, and worked on a number of research projects using the high resolution optical imaging device in our laboratory (optical coherence tomography). 37 more words


Interview on Eyedolatry Blog

I recently reached out to the founder and editor in chief of an optometry blog in the US, Eyedolatry. Dr Jennifer Lyerly is passionate about the field of optometry and in particular, the challenges young women face in the workforce. 2,209 more words


Do you see what I see?

Hello, hello. Welcome back to my wonderful world of colour.

Or in this case, perhaps not?

I just took this test here.

Luckily for me, I am… 631 more words


Young man misses memo about transition lenses allegedly being solely for old people and pedophiles

A young Watsonia man has been left shamed and disillusioned after discovering that he’d missed the seemingly nationwide memo about transition lenses having a reputation for being designed for old people and pedophiles. 313 more words


Holding a Mirror up to Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a great part of a person’s life, as long as they are used safely and responsibly in accordance with the advice of a qualified professional and checked regularly in contact lens appointments. 366 more words

The real reason your kids need sunglasses

I purchased sunglasses for our son when he was just four months old. That summer they protected his baby blues on outdoor adventures from farmers markets to beach days. 445 more words


Quit Yer Whinin'

If you’ve ever worked in any customer/client/patient-facing role for any reasonable length of time, you’ve probably encountered a mad human or two (in both the angry and psychotic sense of the word). 817 more words