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Like what you see? Take care of your eyes

In the eye care business, we frequently hear our patients downplay the importance of contact lenses maintenance and scheduled replacement:

  • “I know I’m not supposed to sleep in my contacts, but… it happens.”
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Your best way to avoid these problems is to wear daily disposable contact lenses. Ask us about how they will improve both your hygiene and comfort today.Follow the rules for continued clear vision and healthy eyes. 20 more words


Start eating for kale and spinach!

Not only do they make you feel like Popeye, they have been shown to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. In other words they do wonder for your eyes!

Your Vision in Childhood

You’ve noticed your child squinting. Does he have a vision problem?

Squinting can be a sign of nearsightedness, or myopia, as your eye doctor would call it. 484 more words

Best Things About Optometry School

Here’s an article that will provide both entertainment and motivation!  It is the latest offering from ASCO’s Blog. The article features current optometry students in every year of their four year programs. 121 more words

Getting Into Optometry School

New Glasses with Mini Camera Could Help the Legally Blind Read

A new discovery could change everything for people considered legally blind. Scientists have a created a device called the OrCam which consists of a miniature camera that attaches to a pair of glasses. 403 more words


Adult Eye Exams

It’s important for adults to have eye exams on a regular basis to check for problems. Regular eye exams are critical for detecting: