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A Fan Favorite

Stock up on our top picks this season with eyeglasses from the Amadeus 2015 Collection. Featuring a fan favorite – A991 in a Blue Brown Stripe… 33 more words

The aging eye

Age is never a diagnosis. Although certain eye conditions may become more common with increasing age, you should not assume that they cannot be corrected. It can be confusing for a patient to know what part of the normal aging process is correctable and what is not. 793 more words

Eye Color Probability Chart

This chart offers an interesting look at the likelihood of babies having certain eye colors, depending on the eye colors of the parents.

Let's Stand Out from the Crowd

Be a trend setter, not a trend follower. Sport something new for your customers this summer in these well refined, classically designed eyeglasses. Featuring Amadeus A971… 43 more words

Summer Shades

Baron BZ109 pays a tribute to the classic summer shades. (Baron BZ109 rinde un homenaje a los tonos clásicos de verano.)

Stock up today! Contact us more more details. 7 more words