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Pope Francis Calls for Broad Front Against Tyranny and Savage Capitalism

Dandelion Salad

TheRealNews on Feb 18, 2017

Matthew Fox and Paul Jay discuss the Pope’s message to social movements and comparing the European far right and the rise of Trump to Hitler.

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Knights of Malta: Pope writes to stress order's sovereignty

ILLEGAL NEWS: We oppose all violence, including all abortion and all “birth control,” both of which murders children.  We also oppose all organized crime, including the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, the Knights of Malt, the Jesuit Order, Opus Dei and all other organized crime secret societies. 2,310 more words

Religião e Política podem se misturar?

Eu já havia sido convidado pelo David para escrever algum artigo para o blog Espaço do Diálogo. A inspiração não surgia e eu sempre ia adiando o envio de um texto que pudesse deixar o máximo de pessoas pensando e refletindo. 3,287 more words


Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz named Prelate of Opus Dei

The Prelature of Opus Dei has released the following statement:

ROME — This evening, Pope Francis named Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz Braña the new prelate of Opus Dei, after confirming his election at the third elective congress of the prelature. 461 more words


Sf. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer – „Drum“

Editura Galaxia Gutenberg, 2011

Drum… Al cui…? Al tău, cititorule. De fapt, al oricărui om. Lung…? Hmm…, nu ştiu. Nu ştiu nici eu, nu ştii nici tu. 1,243 more words


Am I Appreciated? Are You? Does it Matter if We Aren't?

Devotional Thought of the Day:

1  “Make certain you do not perform your religious duties in public so that people will see what you do. If you do these things publicly, you will not have any reward from your Father in heaven. 572 more words