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A Holy Vocation

The new Postulant has entered the Abbey, welcomed and surrounded by her new Sisters, and no doubt with eyes like saucers, trying to take everything in. 836 more words

Laibach "Opus Dei" 1986

So began my incredible “winter of darkness” (as I remember it) in which I co-produced the albums Opus Dei by Laibach and Children of God… 361 more words

Komm tanz mit mir: Laibach in Berghain, Berlin

We’re a stone’s throw from the Berlin Wall and a blood-soaked axe-swastika is spinning behind five silhouettes in strobe-lit slow motion, grinding out 10 factories’ worth of industrial clatter. 1,070 more words

Live Reviews

James Casbolt (Michael Prince) the spy assassin admits he is working directly for Opus Dei (A Jesuit/Vatican secret society). Video evidence included.

Readers have been contacting me and asking for video evidence supporting James Casbolt/Michael Prince’s links to the Jesuit Order and Vatican. Below is a video where James Casbolt admits he is working for Opus Dei (A Vatican secret society which is controlled by the Jesuits and present Jesuit white Pope). 440 more words


New and not so New

I wrote this letter to the editor of the Inquirer which he promptly printed: it just took three days. It looks like it will take time for people to understand what Opus Dei really is: 514 more words

Authentically Looking at the Human Person III: A Real Reformation

We – or maybe I should say “I” – have been reflecting upon the way that we see other people as people.  One of the flaws underlying the mainstream culture is a confusion regarding who we are as human beings. 1,350 more words