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¡Sácate el kaftán!

En febrero pasado, escribí una columna titulada ¡Sácate la burka!  En ella, contaba de una conversación con una amiga que está a favor de la prohibición del burka… El fin de semana, mi amiga volvió a tocar el tema y a postular que se debe prohibir la burka e incluso el velo islámico. 1,122 more words


The Reason the Church is Here....

Devotional Thought of the Day:

17  When they saw him, they fell at his feet in worship, even though some of them struggled to trust Him. 774 more words


Benedictine Sisters Pray Together Morning, Noon and Night

Sister Charlotte Sonneville, OSB

As I was pondering why St. Benedict wrote 12 chapters of his Rule on the Opus Dei  (Work of God)  – what we now refer to as the… 323 more words

Victory! NYC’s Plans to Erect The Temple of Baal in Times Square Canceled!

[ Editor’s Note: Is there really any difference between the Temple of Baal and the Roman Arch Of Triumph built by the Romans 1800 years ago in celebration of the defeat of the Palmyra Empire established by Queen… 1,602 more words


Keine kritischen Fragen, kein Widerspruch... keine Ausländer

Das geschah lange her und seit dem hat sich in der CDU viel verändert – Dank Merkel -. Trotzdem ist es sehr gut möglich, dass eine Szene, wie ich sie hier beschreiben werde, sich auch heute irgendwo in Deutschland wiederholt. 385 more words


In House Bee Drive By Chronology

here’s a series of bees thats manifested itself in my apartment the last 3 years. from funky unrecognizable hairy beast models to huge psychedelic ones. 20 more words

Marriage Upgrade through Family Enrichment

One of the most common subjects when preparing for marriage, whether you have a religious background or not is communication.  Communication is brought up and cannot be brought up enough.   1,174 more words

Parenting 101