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Oracle Candle Kit and Eye of Horus

“Dear Bethea,

Thank you very much, I got the Oracle Candle Kit, and I already had tried once. It brought me some peace and hope that my wishes may come true, and I m on the right path. 26 more words

Oracle Candle Kit

"Thank you for giving me so much hope about a brighter future"


The Oracle Candle kit was lovely.  I preformed the ceremony over a week ago.  I lost the stone that goes inside the candle, but I am sure that it will turn up sometime.  31 more words

Oracle Candle Kit

I've gained clarity and strength with my Oracle Candle

“Bethea, I just wanted to let you know that the Oracle Candle Kits have blessed my life. The guidance and clarity that each ceremony brings has helped me to tap into my strengths and identify my weaknesses. 16 more words

Oracle Candle Kit

"Much love and luck" - Oracle Candle Kit

“I just wanted you to know that I have had much luck and love with these ceremonies. ”

From Ginger Laureen

Oracle Candle Kit

Thank you for Tarot Reading and Oracle Candle

“My Dear Bethea,
Thank you for all your emails and a lovely card and holiday wishes. :) Also want to thank you for the latest Oracle Candle Kit which I ve just received yesterday. 111 more words

Oracle Candle Kit

Oracle Candle Kit miracle

“Hi! Bethea First thing i wish to thank you and tell you that i appreciate the astrological readings. Now this is about the candle oracle kit. 93 more words

Oracle Candle Kit

"Awesome! Unbelievable"- Oracle Candle Kit

“Hi it s Gail I just got the candle set Friday the same day I sent the other letter I just started to read it I can t believe how great the readings are they are right on the money it s awesome and all of the gifts I have received all work it s unbelievable thanks for everything. Thank you Gail”

Oracle Candle Kit