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Server Security Policies

Servers tend to house multiple applications while acting as significant engines for network traffic. They frequently carry numerous vulnerabilities; all things considered, they are prime targets for hackers. 351 more words


Notes from Poseidon, July 27th 2015

Image reads: You can’t stop the waves from coming, but you can learn how to surf. – Jon Kabat-Zinn


ADF Goodies - Conveyor Belt Component and Alta UI by Andrejus Baranovskis


It doesn’t seem to be announced, but newly released ADF is shipped with Alta UI support. All you need to do, is to set alta skin name in trinidad config file. 221 more words


Using SQL to querying USGS Data to monitor recent earthquakes

I live in Ohio which is fairly stable as far as earthquakes go; but I have coworkers and friends that live in other, more quake-prone areas of the country.  837 more words


element exists in a table

There are occasions where I want to check if a certain row exists in a table and use this information in a PL/SQL block. 159 more words


オリジナル化粧品通販のティーエージェント、「Oracle Service Cloud」で顧客満足度向上目指す [ #cbajp ]

日本オラクル株式会社は27日、オリジナル化粧品の通販事業を運営する株式会社ティーエージェントが、顧客サポート を支援するクラウドサービス「Oracle Service Cloud」を採用したと発表した。これにより、電話、Webサイト、メールといったマルチチャネルの問い合わせ窓口での顧客応対情報を一元管理し、さらなる顧客満足度向上を目指すという。



Importance of Data Clustering when Deleting in Batches

The inspiration for this post comes from  the OTN discussion “Bulk Deletes from a Large Table”  where I volunteered the idea that we can improve the performance by taking into the account the clustering of the data to be deleted. 450 more words