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If you want to Using the WITH-CHECK-OPTION Clause

You can ensure that DML operations performed on the view stay on domain of the view by using the WITH-CHECK-OPTION clause, but when we are using with check option clause in the view creation command after that we are not able to insert or update record against the where clause value. 549 more words


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Creating a Mobile-Optimized REST API Using Oracle Mobile Cloud Service – Part 1 API Design Oracle A-Team solution architect Steven Davelaar kicks off a new article series on how Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) can be used to transform enterprise system interfaces into a mobile-optimized REST-JSON API. 221 more words


IBM Joins Oracle on OpenJDK: Why This Matters

There has been some recent news about IBM joining the OpenJDK project. The OpenJDK project is an open source project aimed at creating an open source implementation of the Java Development Kit. 15 more words

Lyrics o'the Day-October 6th 2015

Some people ponder scripture, I ponder song lyrics in a similar fashion. The Gods sometimes send specific ones, sometimes I just pick something to pick apart. 59 more words


Why ex-Oracle exec Matt Mills joined MapR as president, COO

Big Data darling MapR remains committed to going public, but it wants to get a little bigger before taking the plunge. The company just hired former Oracle executive Matt Mills to beef up the… 1,221 more words


Script to Check Total No. of Blocks in Buffer Cache for each User Object

COLUMN object_name FORMAT A40

COLUMN number_of_blocks FORMAT 999,999,999,999

SELECT o.object_name, COUNT(*) number_of_blocks


WHERE o.data_object_id = bh.OBJD

AND o.owner != ‘SYS’ 8 more words

ADF BC Session Cached LOV - Understanding Expire Time by Andrejus Baranovskis


ADF BC offers LOV caching feature. There are two caching levels – application and session. With application level enabled, it makes LOV rows available for all users. 193 more words