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Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Oracle

Principal Component Analysis (PCA), is a statistical process used for feature or dimensionality reduction in data science and machine learning projects. It summarizes the features of a large data set into a smaller set of features by projecting each data point onto only the first few principal components to obtain lower-dimensional data while preserving as much of the data’s variation as possible. 672 more words


Oracle Reading 10-26-2020

You are on a journey to your own greatness. Your soul is longing to find the way. Only you can choose your path.

Today I am confident in my life’s journey. 214 more words


Use network mapped drive in Oracle of windows

Use network mapped drive in Oracle of windows

Use of Network Drive of Windows in Oracle Database configuration with help of user which have mapped and having permission on X drive(mapped drive). 91 more words


SQL Tip – Update Many Records in One Table With Another

I did not wait a long time for the inspiration to write this next tip. The update statement can be confusing if you are not writing SQL on a regular basis. 492 more words


Detail! And don't forget the notes...

…and how sparse tables can mess up your dynamic sampling.

A little lesson to self about paying attention to the detail, the obvious frickin’ detail. Getting older and slower. 1,897 more words


Liquibase in Spring Boot project

Image by Roberto Bonomini

Initializing and managing data base is an old preoccupation and many solutions (like DbUnit, Spring SQL script handling, Flyway) have been proposed over time to manage database initialization and versions during development and testing phase. 1,660 more words


Oracle Reading 10-25-2020

No matter what happens you can find new wings. Rise from the past. Accept the positive change that is coming.

Today I will give thanks for my trials and recognize them for the many gifts they bring. 207 more words