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Slow Oracle Database Performance on a NetApp (10g, 11g, 12c) Tips

If you have a NetApp storage appliance, device, SAN, whatever you want to call it, review this first (NetApp Best Practices for Oracle Databases – published March 2014): … 636 more words


The Spread

Tarot: The Hanged Man (Upright) – Letting time pass you by. Indecision. Opportunities missed.

Oracle: Orchid Priestess of Destiny

This morning, the cards remind me that no matter what my reasoning is, I need to be committed to my morning ritual. 76 more words

Climbing up the oracle merge statement eventually

Wanted to write this post for ages… More than ever to record my findings and sample applications of this, in words, really really powerful sql statement with all its options and, well, probable pitfalls. 955 more words


Fun with Dtrace: files Oracle opens on database startup

I’ve got Dtrace working (install story) and the party is started.

You can write your own Dtrace programs in the D language, but there are also a load of Dtrace one-liners. 806 more words


I Only Wish To Whisper Good

Can you hear this?

Of course I can ~

Can you channel kiss?

Why certainly ~

Of depth and plan

How about hydrate

Is your conscious clear… 15 more words


Coherence 12.1.3 New Features by Craig Blitz

Oracle’s Coherence product management director, Craig Blitz, introduces the 12.1.3 release and its two key themes of developer productivity and developer agility. New features such as JCache and the recently added support for the MemCached API are also mentioned. 73 more words


オラクルとMirantisが協業し、迅速なプロビジョニングによりプライベート・クラウドの導入を迅速化 [ #cbajp ]

オラクルは、Mirantisとの協業を発表した。これにより、「Oracle Solaris」と「Mirantis OpenStack」を使用しているユーザーは、OpenStackのアプリケーション・プロジェクトである「Murano」を使用して、プライベート・クラウド環境へのアプリケーションとデータベースのプロビジョニングを迅速に行えるようになるという。「Oracle Solaris」上に導入された「Oracle Database 12c」と「Oracle Multitenant」が、オラクルのクラウド対応製品として「Murano」に提供される。