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Festival Features Stories Of Immigrants Looking For New Life In North Texas

By Emily Trube | @KRLDEmily

This weekend, the Dallas Museum of Art and Oral Fixation will host an evening of personal story telling from immigrants who have made North Texas their home, as part of the… 308 more words


Alphabet April: X - Extra Large, Xenobiology , X-rated Video, Exhiliration

Tossed into the dark cavern without any clothing, the young man landed in a heap, rocks and hard dirt scraping him. By the time he’d scrambled to his feet the only exit had already been sealed by a heavy boulder he knew he wouldn’t be able to shove on his own. 750 more words


Alphabet April : o - orgasm denial, oral fixation, orientation play

He tried to shake his head, but the pressure didn’t move away. He twisted, he turned, but he still felt that… that something slowly stroke over his lips. 593 more words


Just when you think it can't get any better ...

… it does. HOLY FUCK. Eternal thanks to the person who posted this on his Facebook page. The boy is gonna give me a heart attack already, before I even get a chance to blow his … mind. 24 more words


At the risk of harping on something shallow...

(but let’s face it… eating disorders inherently harp on something shallow)

… I want to revisit this nail thing.  My whole life I bit them, which I now see was a reaction to anxiety, and recently have grown them beautifully without effort as a result of taking Prozac (Fluoxetine).   243 more words

The Best Pose

Seriously, do people not realize how dangerously alluring this could be to the orally fixated soul? Let’s say there’s a guy I like and a mutual attraction has already been established. 109 more words