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The Art Of Murdering Kevin Bacon: An Oral History Of How ‘Friday The 13th’ Became A Horror Classic

In 1978, the film Halloween changed the horror genre forever by proving that a low budget, independent movie could hit the jackpot at the box office. 9,583 more words


New Web Site Showcases Oral Histories of African-Americans Migrating in the Early 20th Century

A new Web site has oral histories of African-Americans who migrated from the southern US to the northern US in the early 20th century. “The oral histories were part of what was intended to be a larger project for the museum about the transformative effects of the influx of black Southerners on the city in the early 20th century. 46 more words

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Southern University Launches an Online Archive of Slave Narratives

Southern University has launched an online archive of slave narratives. “The collection is entitled “Opinions Regarding Slavery: Slave Narratives, 1822-1865.” It may be accessed through the library’s website. 39 more words

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Cultural divides

Over the past several months I’ve been conducting oral history interviews with Latino/a artists for one of my jobs. Some interesting and surprising conflicts have arisen that I definitely wasn’t expecting, and am even a bit bothered by. 694 more words


Archivists Hope to Digitize and Preserve Tapes of Navajo Oral History

Big thanks to Jessica G for the pointer to this one! Archivists hope to receive funding to preserve tapes of Navajo oral histories. “Misplaced for years, only to be discovered sitting in a jail cell, their backups destroyed in a fire, their entire contents never cataloged, the tapes must be preserved so that generations to come can hear the ‘knowledge, legends, stories, traditions stored on these tapes,’ advocates say. 32 more words

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WW II Oral Histories Going Online

Oral histories from World War II are going online. “Executives at the National World War II Museum say creating a vast online collection of 9,000 existing oral and written histories will take longer than the war was fought: 10 years and $11 million dollars. 46 more words

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