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The Kids From 'Kids' Discuss The Controversial Film That Changed Their Lives Forever

Kids opens with a teenage couple smooching in a manner so sloppy and uncinematic, viewers are perturbed from the start. The kiss alone is uncomfortable to watch but what follows is an increasingly disturbing and voyeuristic journey through the life of teenagers in mid-’90s New York. 8,393 more words

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Staff Stories: George James

When asked to describe his early life, George James responded: ‘I was born on Tyneside, a place called Hebburn on Tyne, County Burham. I was eleven years old when the war started.’ Like many children born in the early twentieth century, George’s life was inextricably bound with the events arising from and responding to the Second World War. 410 more words

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NOLA Hip Hop and Bounce Archive Expanding

The NOLA Hip Hop and Bounce archive is expanding with twenty more video interviews which will be added to the archive later this year.

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Staff Stories: Pam Baldock

During her thirty years working for Harefield Hospital, Pam Baldock proved herself a central figure in its development into the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the United Kingdom. 518 more words

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Kelly Slater V. John John Florence: An Oral History Of The Greatest Heat In Surfing History

On Aug. 25, 2014, Kelly Slater and John John Florence surfed against one another in a semifinal heat at the Billabong Pro Tahiti. It was everyone’s dream matchup — surfing’s most iconic champion versus the living embodiment of the sport’s new era. 5,924 more words


LGBTQ Oral History Archive Underway

In development: a digital archive of LGBTQ oral histories.

“ Brown, an associate professor at UTM, is director of The LGBTQ Oral History Digital Collaboratory, a multi-year research project that will create the largest collection of LGBTQ+ oral histories in North America. 112 more words

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