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Searching for aboriginal history along the Derwent River; rethinking my approach

Thanks to the clarity of writing in Greg Lehman’s chapter ‘Telling us True’ (Manne, R Ed. 2003 Whitewash On Keith Windshuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History… 641 more words

Derwent River

Pilottown Memories - Joan and Tutt, Part 1

Maw Maw Joan and Aunt Tutt (Delores) talk about living in Pilottown in the 1940s — including a run-in with Nazi U-Boats in the Gulf of Mexico!

Oral Histories

Pilottown Memories - Joan and Tutt, Part 2

Maw Maw Joan and Aunt Tutt (Delores) talk about transportation to and from Pilottown, getting around once on the island, going to school, and what it was like for Delores moving to Pilottown, getting used to “island living,” and having kids.

Oral Histories

Pilottown Memories - Joan and Tutt, Part 3

Maw Maw Joan and Aunt Tutt (Delores) talk about hunting alligators at night, pilots changing shifts, the difference between bar pilots and river pilots, playing baseball, and the bachelors of the island.

Oral Histories

'You Try Driving In Platforms': How 'Clueless' Created The Style That Made It A Pop Culture Icon

Rarely does a year goes by that people don’t celebrate the greatness of Clueless and its impact on pop culture. Twenty years after the film was released, people of all ages still use phrases popularized by the film like “As if!” and “Whatever!” in casual conversation, and we’re willing to bet that there are quite a few people who still reference Monet when it has absolutely nothing to do with art. 6,867 more words

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A Horder of Stuff

I am a horder. There. I’ve said it. Admitting it is the first step to healing, right? No, I’m not one of those people who would be on the TV show. 419 more words



Not much. I’ve popped into shops for chats, trawled blogs, enthusiast’s websites and forums. I’ve been mysteriously banned from a gardening forum (a first!) after an attempt to talk to people about chemicals, which they did on many other threads *grumble*. 137 more words