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Personal Testimony/ Oral History

I have been paralysed by the pressing need to get personal reflections on using chemicals at home. I planned to record interviews, conduct oral histories. I had a very reasonable plan and timetable, I obtained ethics approval. 248 more words

The Floreat Park Tennis Club - Giving Love a Real Serve

When you are driving along The Boulevard in Floreat you are more than likely to have spotted at some point the Floreat Park Tennis Club and possibly admired the tranquillity of the courts and surrounding park. 551 more words

Cambridge History

Imagined Oral Histories 2015

After more than a month of research and preparation, we are so proud to present our “imagined oral histories” to you today!  For this project, students worked in inquiry groups to research a particular immigrant or migrant group.   234 more words

Engaging with mythic material in the play

Back in September, I told the story of telling a story about mermaids. It was a way into writing about ‘myth-narratives’ and ‘oral histories’, which our modern selves may well have forgotten all about in our technological, world-unconnected modern ways. 1,142 more words


Book Review: Please Kill Me - Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain

An oral history of the punk movement, Please Kill Me is a gossipy, entertaining read but one with a small scope and stories that’ve circulated for years. 904 more words

Book Review

Sharing your family story -

The tables are turned on Louise Darmody who is the one who is normally asking the questions!

David Roy, a journalist from the Irish News reveals why Louise travels as far as it takes to unearth great family stories!

Building Relationships

The Value of Oral Family Histories

Teaching and learning can occur in varied locations. Last weekend Carol and I made the annual Memorial Day visit to family cemeteries with my sister Pat, her husband Skip and their grandson Nick. 787 more words

Family Stories