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Audio journey through Binga…

…imagine yourself sitting in one of the local combi-taxies, watching the dry bush-land flying past, and listening to the echo of the women telling about their lives, Tonga culture, the history of displacement, basket weaving and fishing… including also voices from the other side of Kariba Lake, like artist/ researcher, Esnart Mweemba… and Bulawayo painter, Nonnie Mathe telling about her Grandma’s basket weaving and the inspiration of Tonga culture to her art making… … 143 more words


The Sham of "Knowledge Philanthropy": WikiHow and the Rise of the New Precariat

WikiHow claims to be a community of “knowledge philanthropists.” It’s a for-profit enterprise founded by Jack Herrick in 2005 that is designed for a social end: teach people how to do almost anything. 1,308 more words


Dear African Village Girl

Her delicate feet graces the dirt road as she winds up a steep hill. Her long lustrous legs catches the greedy hyena’s attention as it leaps out of the bushes and drools at her gaze. 1,266 more words

Memories of Thatcher’s fall

25 years ago this week the Conservative Party were in the process of electing a new leader after Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister for over 11 years, stood down. 592 more words


Tell Me A Story

Oral history is arguably the backbone of genealogy. “Every story has a kernel of truth,” I hear myself telling clients, “let’s figure out where the story started.” 252 more words

Histories Unwritten

“What happens to the history of a people not accustomed to writing things down? 1,036 more words