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Pedro Punk Book Review

Oral histories and punk r0ck go hand in hand. No scene lends itself better to this anti-hierarchical literary form than my little town of San Pedro, whose music scene has had a steadfastly populist vibe since before the Minutemen. 32 more words

Evelyn's Articles

Out the Window

 photo by KSK

The windows in my office were 15+ years dirty.

I recently got a grant from the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Program… 79 more words


Mother's Day Reflections

I was not surprised, but disappointed, when my mom announced that she was not working on her vegetable garden this Spring-Summer. She has recently had knee replacement surgery, and our family was relieved to hear that she was taking it easy. 818 more words


Ecuador: From Cuenca to Queens (Book-from-every-country #68)

One of the things I remember from my trip to Ecuador several years ago is how nearly every Ecuadorian I met there asked where in the United States I was from. 452 more words


Aya Gooin' Down De Mont? The First Time

If, like me, you grew up in Leicester in the 1960s, then there’s a pretty good chance your first visit to the De Montfort Hall was over Christmas to see a… 1,206 more words

Thoughts From The Guv'nor

Born in the Wheel of a Wagon: Portraits of Life and Leisure on the Road

This was my first ever exhibition. Created with my fellow students of Museum Studies at Bournemouth University, the exhibition opened at the Atrium Gallery in Bournemouth in 2011. 39 more words