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Oral History with Valeria Gelman

According to StoryCorps founder Dave Isay, “Listening closely is simple. When you’re curious, treat people with respect, and have just a little courage to ask the important questions, great things are going to happen.” 405 more words

THE HOUNDS OF HELL TURNED LOOSE Gainesville, Georgia’s 1936 Tornado part 2

While the destruction of property was dramatic, the toll on human lives made an accurate measure of the tragedy. The final body count revealed, two hundred citizens lost, and five thousand either injured or homeless. 1,507 more words

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Now available online: full interviews with former MPs from our oral history project

Since 2011, in partnership with the British Library, we have been interviewing as many former MPs as we can about their lives and careers in parliament. 414 more words

20th Century History

Trade Between the Interior and the Coast; Kalapuyans, Klikitats, Coosans

Previous to the Americans and the British In Oregon, the tribes had a millennium of interrelationships with one another. Trade was a major part of the lives of all tribes. 2,453 more words

THE HOUNDS OF HELL TURNED LOOSE Gainesville, Georgia’s 1936 Tornado part 1

For most Americans today, the idea of having to pick ourselves up and rebuild with no outside assistance is entirely foreign to us. For most natural disasters in the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the primary source for government aid. 1,130 more words

Historic Documents

Remembering Pearl Harbor Through Oral History

US responses to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor remade the Southern California landscape — from the incarceration of Japanese and Japanese American families living on Terminal Island to the rapid expansion of defense efforts by local aerospace companies. 154 more words

My grandparents' shocking first date.

“Once upon a time there was a farm girl — the youngest of six kids.  She was shy and thought she was ugly.  She had some very glamorous older sisters and some very rowdy older brothers. 505 more words