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The social importance of oral history

By Jen Grasso, Volunteer, Unlocking Our Sound Heritage

‘Oral history is a history built around people,’ explains Paul Thompson in his book The Voice of the Past, 1,039 more words


If you want an academic overview of conducting interviews (as a research method), this series of videos is quite entertaining.

Oral History

Oral History Part 1 - Benefits & Drawbacks

Most of us are familiar with the version of history that comes out of boring books and old documents. Yet, many of us are also familiar with the old family stories about our ancestors. 1,985 more words


Some Addenda to the History of the Historical Fencing Movement

The mysterious (and tracking-heavy and script-heavy) website historicaleuropeanmartialarts.com has a history of the current historical fencing movement. Although they don’t provide an email address, I would like to add a few lines to their chronicle. 752 more words


Nema nista - 'There's no Nothing' the expression of despair and realism.

I’ve been reading BesiegedLife Under Fire on a Sarajevo Street, by Barbara Demick over the last week. The siege of Sarajevo was my history, taking place when I was, (I thought) a reasonably well-informed adult, alert to current affairs and what was going on in the world. 748 more words