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Depression is Depressing

Bonnie Kirkpatrick, 37
Bonnie does not hide her problems with depression. She says it helps her deal with it. Otherwise she she would be ‘hiding from the truth.’ But she does wonder if  perhaps her ‘truth’ does make it more difficult for others, including her young daughter. 468 more words


The Quaker in Me

Don Quayle, 47, is a man of faith. Sort of. He is not an ordained minister, but he does have a church. And a congregation.  According to Quayle, there is only thing missing: The Presence of God. 905 more words


El Sueño Americano

Dora Explora (not her real name) and Dr. Sinclair Mahlon (his “American alias”) emigrated to the United States from Panama when they were in their early 20s. 1,019 more words


On the Road with Aretha Franklin

Juan Carlo, 68
Juan grew up in Canada but traveled throughout the US for many years. He came to think of it as his second home.
1,580 more words


Born Out of Wedlock

Maggie Beaumont, 76
Maggie does not accept the notion that she has had a hard life. It is just life, she says. Sometimes things are good and sometimes they are bad. 1,898 more words


The Last WWI Pilot from Wyoming

As a young man, Herman Kreuger dreamt of being

a pilot.  During World War One, he got
his wish – serving in the U.S. Aviation Service piloting Italian bombers in northern Italy. 500 more words

Wyoming At War

Keeping it Real

“Betty”, 58
She calls herself a ‘single mother’ but she was not single when her daughter was growing up. She was with her husband until ten years ago. 1,464 more words